9 Must-Have plugins for affiliate marketing website 2021

The 9 Must-Have plugins for affiliate marketing website!

Table of Contents - 9 must-have plugins for affiliate marketing

There are 9 must-have plugins for an Affiliate marketing website. If you’re just starting your own affiliate marketing website it is important to install plugins that help your site with its speed, optimization, design, and more.

These 9 Must-Have plugins for a new Affiliate marketing website I have listed are highly recommended for a website especially in an affiliate marketing site.

And they are not just recommended for an affiliate marketing site but also for every niche website and in every sector. Most Businesses, large groups or small groups, entrepreneurs, digital marketers, bloggers, and affiliate marketers used these 9 must-have plugins for affiliate marketing to attain the best performance of their website.

As an independent or solopreneur you will be competing with these large companies and infamous affiliate marketers or bloggers all over the world, so it is important for us independent affiliate marketers to stand out and it will start with our website.

We have to make sure that our website is optimized, the speed is great, the design is amazing, and so on. You can check out my blog on how to start an affiliate marketing business starting with the basics of 2021.

Before we dive in with these 9 must-have plugins for affiliate marketing, check out these data first. These are the data to help you decide and plan your affiliate marketing website.

57% of internet users will depend on the design of the website whether to recommend it or not.
38 % of people will leave a website if the layout is not appealing in their eyes

✓  39 % of people will leave a website when the images are taking too long to load.
47% of people said that your site should load a maximum of 2 seconds


Here are the 9 must-have plugins for affiliate marketing website

1) MonsterInsights

MonsterInsights is the best Google Analytics plugin for WordPress. The MonsterInsights plugin is widely used by over 3 million professionals and businesses all over the world.

If you have an affiliate marketing website or affiliate marketing business, it is important that you get a plugin that gives you accurate and reliable website analytics to further optimize your site.

What is website analytics?

The term website analytics is widely known in affiliate marketing, digital marketing, online marketing, eCommerce, online stores, and more. In simple term, website analytics is the data collected from your website that includes its performance, its visitors, visitors behaviors, and more.

Why do we need website analytics on our site?

We need the data from our websites that include: bounce rate, average session duration, click-through rates, visitor engagements, visitors behavior and characters, and more.

These data are analyzed by a website analytics plugin to guide you on how to improve your website’s performance. It also has an important role to improve the website’s SEO ranking.

With MonsterInsights you can easily connect your Google Analytics in a few clicks and you can instantly see your data straight on your WordPress dashboard. With its real-time reporting on analytics, you can easily track important data that you need to correct or improve for your website performance.

Some of MonsterInsights Features

Universal tracking – Sets up universal website tracking on all devices and campaigns

eCommerce tracking – Tracks and record your shopper’s activity and all eCommerce data in your online store. MonsterInsights is easily integrated with Woocommerce.

Outbound link tracking – Monsterinsights tracks your site’s outbound links to where you’re sending your visitors to.

Affiliate link tracking – This is very applicable and important especially for an affiliate marketing site since Monsterinsights accurately tracks our affiliate link as an affiliate marketer.

✓ File download tracking – Monsterinsights can also track which file is getting the most downloads from your site.

Scroll tracking – It allows you to check which part of your site or content your visitor has lost interest in so that you’ll be able to improve that part of your site.

Enhanced link attribution – This feature of Monsterinsights allows you to check which call-to-action or landing pages are getting more engagements.

✓  Forms tracking – Monsterinsights will track all kinds of forms to get all the important data for your conversion rate.

SEO score tracking – Allows you to check your SEO score in Yoast.

Post type tracking – Gives you data on which content you’re getting most of your visitors.

✓ Tag tracking – Gives you the data of the most engaging topic in your website

Media tracking – It will let you know who watches your video, who re-watched your video and it shows how long they are in your video.

Focus keyword tracking – MonsterInsights helps you track focus keywords in your Seo data, such as in tags, categories, searches, and more.

Install and connect MonsterInsights to your affiliate marketing website now!

2) OptinMonster

The Optinmonster for WordPress plugin has helped over 1.2 million websites to increase their sales through lead generation and it is the #1 most powerful lead generation and conversion tool in the world.

Using the Optinmonster plugin you can create eye-catching, attractive, and attention-getting offer campaigns to increase your website’s leads, subscribers, and eventually sales conversion rates.

Optinmonster gives you the option to personalize your campaign to properly target your audience or visitors.

It has hundreds of free customizable templates for your campaign and you can personalize the campaign, you can choose what page to show to your visitor, what location your visitor is coming from, if the visitor is new to your site, and more.

The plugin is easy to use, once you install the plugin to your website,  you can set up your campaign in these easy steps:

First, click Campaigns under Optinmonster plugin in your WordPress dashboard.

You will then routed here, which is 100% customizable. You can personalize this part here for your Campaign.

Here, you will see the different options of the layout for your Campaign. Optinmonster has several pre-built layouts and templates where you can choose for your campaign.

First, click Campaigns under Optinmonster plugin in your WordPress dashboard.

Then, you can click the display rules in the upper portion. 

Here, you can set rules as to when to show the campaign to your visitor. 

You can also set who to target on your Campaign. 

And you also have an option to set the time and date when to show your campaign to your visitor.

Then click on save in the upper right-hand corner.

Increased your lead generations and sales conversion. Install Optinmonster in your affiliate marketing website now!

3) WPForms

WPForms is a free WordPress plugin, used to create your own contact form in just a few clicks. It has multiple form templates such as newsletter form, suggestions form, payment forms, survey forms, and more. WPForms Lite has pre-made form templates of great designs that you can use for your website.

It has been used by over 4 million website builders because of its easy-to-use & drag-and-drop form builder, quick creation of forms, responsiveness in every device, multiple pre-built form templates, and a lot more Power Features of the WPForms plugin.

Check all features of WPForms here:

Get WPForms in here:

4) Sucuri

Sucuri is a WordPress plugin that provides security on your site to prevent any future attacks or hacks. They also offer a powerful CDN(Content delivery network ).

What Sucuri does is monitor your website 24/7 and scan it for any malware, monitors your DNS & uptime, checks your files for any signs of malware, and speeds up your site with their website speed optimization tool.

Sucuri also protects your website from DDoS attacks, they block layers 3, 4, and 7 DDoS attacks.

Level up your site’s security by connecting it to Sucuri. Click here.

5) Semrush

Is a powerful SEO tool for WordPress. This tool helps improve your website’s on-page SEO, local SEO, Keyword research, link building, social media management, content optimization, and more.

Semrush tool is designed to help your business increased its online visibility by improving your site’s SEO.

It also provides market analysis and competitor’s winning strategies to help your business develop a content marketing strategy to boost your online presence.

Not only that, because Semrush also helps you monetize your website with its powerful tools for AdSense publishers, bloggers, and affiliate managers. And with the help of Semrush’s keyword research tool, it could maximize your ad budget by optimizing your PPC campaign.

This tool is helpful for all kinds of niche websites, especially for affiliate marketing websites. If you want to be practical and wanted to start monetizing your website, get Semrush now for your website.

5) WP Rocket

WP Rocket is a powerful WordPress plugin for caching and speeding up your website. Speed is a very crucial factor in every website’s performance.

According to a recent survey, 47% of internet users said that your site should load a maximum of 2 seconds and 39 % of people will leave a website when the images are taking too long to load.

The plugin WP Rocket has a happiness score of 92% of 2,311 ratings and over 1.5 million websites served.

People choose the WP Rocket plugin because it improves the loading time of your images with its Lazy-load technology, it optimizes your CSS and Javascript without giving you a headache, automatically caches your content, easy integration with CDN, and more.

You can connect your site with WP Rocket in this easy step:

If you want a high-performing website or affiliate business website, connect your site now with WP Rocket.

WP Rocket - WordPress Caching Plugin

6) Resmush.it image optimizer

Resmush.it is a FREE WordPress plugin that has optimized over 13 billion images. It optimizes your images to improve your site’s loading time.

7) Stripo.email

It’s a free drag & drop email template builder for your website. You can create a professional email using Stripo.email to connect with your visitors and customer and to effectively promote your product or services.

With FREE Stripo.email account you can easily build your email with just a drag and drop option, they also have over 550 free ready-to-use and fully responsive email templates, an email testing tool to check the responsiveness of your email, and advanced tools for building dynamic AMP emails, and more.

Stripo.email has served over 500,000 users.

Avail of Stripo’s 500+ free email template and start creating your email campaign with Stripo. email. Click here to join!


Elementor is the #1 FREE WordPress plugin that helps your website to be visually appealing to your visitors. According to statistics, 57% of internet users will depend on the design of the website whether to recommend it or not.

It is important that your website is visually attractive to your visitor. The first impression lasts. With elementor you can design your website with over 300 amazing templates, over 90 widgets, 10+ full website template kits, theme builder, landing pages, woocommerce builder, responsive layout, and more.

This WordPress plugin is used by over 5 million professionals, website builders, and designers all over the world.

Design your website professionally to build credibility. Get Elementor for your website here!

9) Envato Elements

This powerful WordPress plugin helps you design your website with optimized templates and great style. The Envato Elements has been used by over 300,000 website designers and professionals worldwide.

Envato Elements has over 3,221 web templates, thousands of WordPress Themes, plugins, & Elementor Template Kits, 4,551 actions & presets, 5,682 add-ons, thousands of font styles and types, with over 2 million royalty-free stock photos, an additional 50 million photos in coordination with Twenty20, and a lot more.

Using Envato Elements, you can create as many as creatives you want for your website’s design.

Start designing your website with Envato Elements. Get it here.


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