55 Best Affiliate marketing Program to Earn Actual Money 2021​

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Best affiliate marketing program where you can join to earn actual money in 2021. There are tons of best affiliate marketing programs where you earn actual money in 2021, whether you do it part-time or full-time, as long as you dedicate yourself to learning how to start an affiliate marketing business. You can also check out my blog on how to start your affiliate marketing business starting with the basics.

Now let’s find out the 55 best affiliate marketing programs where you can earn actual money in 2021. And highly recommended because they not only offer actual money but some of them allow you to earn thousands of potential income.

Affiliate marketing is promoting a product or service, and when someone purchases from your link or if someone signs up from your link, the company that has that affiliate marketing program will pay you a commission.

When you apply for an affiliate marketing program, you have to make sure you know the product or services well to promote it better. Also, make sure you read their policy because affiliate marketing programs have different policies in promoting their products through affiliate marketing. Let’s take a look at some of the policies on every affiliate marketing program and the commission you will get once you make a sale. 

For example, Amazon Affiliate Program.

In the Amazon Affiliate program, they require all affiliates to put a disclosure statement in their blogs. Their standard disclosure statement is: “As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.”

note: As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Another example, Bluehost Affiliate program.

“I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.”

You must follow their affiliate marketing program rules so that your business will run smoothly and effectively.

Before we dive into the 55 best Affiliate marketing programs you can join right now, let check first your earning potential in an Affiliate marketing business. 

Here are the lists of people who earn in the line of affiliate marketing business.

1) Pat Flynn has earned roughly $ 3 million in affiliate revenue (source)

2) John Chow’s estimate earnings in affiliate marketing is between $ 40000 – $ 50000 a month (source)

3) Jeremy Schoemaker’s estimate earnings in affiliate marketing is between $ 2 M to $ 4 M in five years (source)

4) Neil Patel has earned $ 381,772 per month in just one blog. (source)

5) Adam Enfroy, has earned over $ 80 k per month as an affiliate marketer. (source)

These are just 5 of the top affiliate marketers who have made results in the affiliate marketing business and if they can we can too.  

In these 55 best affiliate marketing programs blog, there are various methods on how to make money here.

There are affiliate marketing programs where they offer a pay-per-click commission, but usually, these are the lowest type of commission. Pay-per-click is when someone clicks your link and the more clicks you get the more commission you earn. 

We also have the per-per-lead rule in other affiliate marketing programs. The pay-per-lead is when there is a lead generated using your link, it is when a user clicks your link and signs up. Advertisers will only pay you every time your visitor or audience clicks your affiliate link, and then he/she will sign up using their contact information.

Another method to earn in an affiliate marketing program is pay-per-sale. This is the most lucrative one, in which you will earn either a fixed commission or a percentage commission. Some of them offer up to 100% commission percentage. 

Here are the 55 Best Affiliate Marketing Programs you can join and start earning actual money from.

1 ) Amazon Affiliate Program – Amazon is one of the best affiliate marketing programs that offer not just physical products but also digital products. You will earn a percentage commission between 4% to 10 % where the Luxury Beauty, Luxury Stores Beauty, and Amazon Coins leads with the highest commission percentage.

Other than physical products, the Amazon affiliate program also offers a special commission income. One of them Is the Bounty Events. Bounty commissions are a fixed price ranging from $ 2.50 to $ 10.

In Amazon Bounty Program, you will still earn even if your customer just registers a free trial.

2)  Involve Asia One of the pioneers in affiliate marketing that started in 2014 They are a marketing company that partnered with multiple merchants where you can choose any products you want to promote. They offer percentage commissions from 2% to up to 12 % each sale.

Involve Asia has four types of earning methods:

Earn per action (CPA) – this is where someone clicks your link and lands the advertisers homepage. The publisher will get a payment once the visitor takes action using your link such as, signing up or registering. 

For example, you share the link of Involve Asia publisher referral program, a user then clicks your link and landed Involve Asia’s referral sign up page, then the user registered successfully, he/she then gets activated on his/her account, then he/she started promoting products. That is considered a lead in which Involve Asia will pay you a commission.

Pay-per-click– Involve Asia also pays their publisher for every visitor brought to their website using your link. The more user clicks your link, the more income you’ll get.

Pay-per-Sale – every time you promote products from Involve Asia and someone clicks your link and buys the product, you will get a commission with that sale.

You can join Involve Asia Affiliate program here:

3)  E-Bay Affiliate program  – Once you join their program you can start promoting their product and eBay Partner program offers a commission percentage rate from 1% to 6% of the sale price of the product. The higher the price, the higher commission you earn.

Though not all products are commissionable, for example, gift cards. But you can find a lot of products to promote in the E-bay dashboard. Please check their terms and conditions as well to make you’re doing your affiliate business with them the right way.

4)  Bluehost Affiliate Program –  If you still don’t have a website yet, you can get one from Bluehost, check how amazing Bluehost web hosting here. You can also apply as an affiliate in the Bluehost affiliate program, one of the 55 best affiliate marketing programs where you can earn between $65 – $100 in every sale coming from your affiliate link. 

For as low as $2.95/month, you can start a website for your business.

Get your website with Bluehost now!

Join Bluehost’s affiliate program here.

5)  Hostgator Affiliate – You can also get a website from Hostgator for as low as $2.75/ month as their introductory offer. Check out my blog about HostGator web hosting here: Hostgator Web hosting: Starting your business website. They offer a  commission of $65 per sale you made on their plans. Join Hostgator affiliate programs here.

Start your website with Hostgator!

Join the Hostgator affiliate program here.

6)  Greengeeks Affiliate – If your want to be part of the change, you can get your website through GreenGeeks. They are the #1 eco-friendly web hosting provider that offsets 300% of renewable energy for every 1 Kwh they consume from the grid. That how committed they are to protect the environment from too much carbon emissions.

For as low as $ 2.49/month, you can get your website from GreenGeeks and start your affiliate marketing business. You can apply as one of GreenGeeks affiliate marketers and earn $100 for every sale using your link. They also offer amazing rewards and bonuses. Right now, they are offering $500 cash prizes where you have a chance to win, this is on top of your $ 100 commission per sale, as long as you made a sale for a given period of time.

Get your website now with GreenGeeks and start your own affiliate marketing business. Join Greengeeks affiliate program here

7)  Dreamhost Affiliate – The Dreamhost company offers reliable web hosting to all business owners that offers bigger savings for only $ 2.59/month you can start your own WordPress website. Check the deal here. They also offer .com domain name registration, VPS Hosting, managed WordPress hosting, marketing services, and more. You can check my blog on Dreamhost here. 

If you join their affiliate programs, you can get as much as $150 commission for any Dreampress sign up. They offer a range of $30-$150 commission depending on the plan you’ve sold.

Get your website from Dreamhost now and start your own affiliate marketing business!

8)  Hostinger Affiliate – Hostinger also offer web hosting plans at a very affordable price. For as low as $ 0.99/month you can start your own website with FREE Domain, SSL, & Cloudflare for a Single Shared hosting, while $2.19/month for a PREMIUM Shared Hosting with FREE SSL, FREE DOMAIN AND FREE CLOUDFLARE. They also have a 30-day money-back guarantee. Please check out my blog about hostinger in here.

You can get at least 60% commission on every sale for all Hostinger Plans.

Get your website from HOSTINGER today and enjoy up to 90% OFF on their web hosting here!

Join Hostinger Affiliate Program here!

9)  GoDaddy Affiliate – GoDaddy is the world’s #1 domain name registrar, they also offer web hosting services, search engine optimization, digital marketing , email marketing, WordPress eCommerce hosting, web security, and more.

They have over 17 million customers worldwide and powered over 73 million domain names. See more features and services of GoDaddy here.

They also have an affiliate program and you can earn a 10 % commission on every sale with GoDaddy. Join their affiliate program now!

10)  Interserver Affiliate – Interserver has one of the cheapest starting rates in web hosting. They have an exclusive offer. 

 For as low as $1 in 3 months you can have your own website under their server. With their standard web hosting, you can have Unlimited Ultra SSD storage, unlimited email accounts, 30 days money-back guarantee, 450+ cloud Apps, Global Content caching, Free website migration, sitepad website builder, intershield protection, and FREE SSL certification for your sites protection. Check out more info here.

Purchase your website from Interserver here!

The Interserver’s affiliate program is also a very good option, because they offer $ 100 on each sale you make using your unique affiliate link. Join Interserver’s affiliate program now!

11)  Weebly Affiliate – Weebly is a website and eCommerce, service provider. They offer professional websites for entrepreneurs who want to launch online stores or eCommerce sites. They also have software that helps business owners and entrepreneurs with their website to function better. Please check my blog about Weebly here.

Weebly Affiliate program allows you to earn 30% commission per sale with no limit. They also have a 120 Day Cookie Window, which means that if the user visits the merchant through your affiliate link if the user will make a purchase within that 120 days cookie window, you will still get a commission on it. Weebly also offers bonus opportunities, in which you’ll get up to $ 80 with their high EPC(earnings-per-click) program.

Get your professional website with Weebly! –

Weebly – Websites, eCommerce & Marketing in one place.

Join the Weebly affiliate program here!

12)  Cloudways Affiliate –  The company offers a managed cloud hosting platform for website owners such as bloggers, digital agencies, E-commerce, and other businesses. They offer tools, systems, and software to improve a website’s performance/speed, customer support, reliability & uptime, security, and budget management system. For more information about the products and services offered in Cloudways, click this blog.

Get your Managed Hosting Plan at Cloudways and enjoy the benefit of a faster website for your business

Cloudways affiliate program allows you to earn $ 125 per sale or $ 30 CPA + 7% recurring lifetime commission.

13)  Sellfy  –  Sellfy is a platform where you can sell your digital products, merchandise, or subscriptions and you can start a 14-DAY FREE TRial with Sellfy. NO Credit card required. The platform is easy to use, you can create your own store as quickly as 5 minutes and you can start selling anywhere. 

Create your Online Store with Sellfy and start earning. ENJOY FREE TRIAL here!

They also offer additional cash bonuses if you get a specific number of sales in a month.

Sellfy Affiliate program allows you to earn from 25% up to 40 % commission.

Start earning with Sellfy and join here!

14)  Ysense – This survey company allows you to earn 30% of recurring commissions on what your referrals can make. In every, a referral that signs up through your affiliate link, you’ll get a commission of $0.10 or $ 0.30 depending on your location. And once your referral earns $ 5.00 you will also earn an extra $ 2.00 bonus.

Also, you will be paid for every completed survey you take, you’ll also earn another 20% commission of what your referral earned from every completed survey he/she takes.

Join Ysense today and start earning from surveys!

15)  Lurn Affiliate – Offers FREE SIGN-UP and you can access a lot of FREE TRAINING and FREE COURSES. When you join this affiliate site you will earn a 40% commission for all sales you referred. Lurn Affiliates offers tools, training, and premium courses for entrepreneurs, freelancers, solopreneurs, and business start-ups.

They offer these resources to help aspiring entrepreneurs transform. Their coaches are highly trained and some of them are already successful in digital marketing sectors and some are already successful entrepreneurs.

Join Lurns Affiliate in here.

16)  Swagbucks – These survey platforms allow you to earn $ 5 to $ 250 commission. You just have to take surveys and refer friends. They pay you via PayPal or Amazon gift certificates.

Join Swagbucks now, take surveys and earn commissions.

17)  WpForms – When your sign up and get approved in their affiliate program you’ll get two of their great products (1) wp forms – easy-to-use drag-and-drop WordPress plugins where you can utilize to build your email list, conversational forms, and more. (2) WP Mail STMP -a reliable tool where you can send WordPress emails to your client directly to their inbox. You will get a 20% commission on every sale made from your unique affiliate link. Check out these 7 powerful features of WPForms plugin

18)  Stripo.emails – Stripo.email is one of the best email builder fro WordPress. Using their drag and drop email template builder, you can create professional looking and responsive email and integrate them with multiple ESP (email service provider). They also offer advanced tools for building Dynamic AMP emails where you can easily create using their drag and drop AMP blocks. For more info on Stripo.email, check it here.

Ready to increase your sales conversion with email marketing? Get Stripo.email now!

Stripo.email’s affiliate program allows it affiliate marketers to earn between 20% – 30% commission per sale depending on store. Join Stripo.email here.

19)  Liquid Web – Liquid Web company provides managed hosting products for businesses, software, and tools to help businesses grow and improve their services to the users. Learn more about Liquid Web in this article.

Get a managed hosting plan with Liquid web and start growing your business here.

Liquid Web Affiliate program – One of the affiliate programs that pay a high commission is the liquid web affiliate program. In every sale you make through your affiliate link with the liquid web, you will earn $150.You will also earn $ 50 for every referral you make in their hosting plans and up to 150% commission on each sale minimum of $ 150,  your commission can go as high as $7000.

Join the Liquid web affiliate program here!

20)  Nexcess – Is a Liquid Web Brand that offers hosting services and store builder tools specially made for the leading industry nowadays. That eCommerce and content platforms. They ensure that their hosting services are optimized with scalability, security, speed, and customer support in mind. Check out Nexcess best hosting services here

They also offer an affiliate program where allows their affiliated to earn between $1 – $ 20 and up to 150 % of the total order sale amount. Join the Nexcess affiliate program and start earning commissions.

21)  Livechat Affiliate – It is an online customer service software that helps over 31,000 businesses in their customer support system. Livechat offers services such as online chat, help desk software, and web analytics. They also have an affiliate program for affiliate marketers. They also offer a 30-day free trial to new customers. 

In the Livechat affiliate program, you can earn a commission of 20% repeated commission for a lifetime in every live chat or chatbot subscription you brought in as long as the user is still active.

Get Livechat for your business and start leveraging. Click here.

They also have a second-tier program where you can earn a 5% commission of the total sales your referral has made.

You can join the LiveChat affiliate program here!

22)  Groove DigitalsGROOVEFUNNEL company offers software products for businesses to help them grow in the online world by building landing pages and sales funnels for their websites. They have a groove marketplace where you can select physical and digital products to promote on your site.

They also create software such as SSL’s and they’ll have API  integration. They offer a lot of the best products you can check them out here. The program allows you to earn from 20% to 40% recurring commission on every sale you make. The percentage commission depends on what GrooveFunnel account you have.

✓BASE – you’ll get a 20% commission on every sale

✓ Silver – you’ll get a 40% commission on every sale

✓ Gold – you’ll get a 40% commission on every sale

✓ Platinum  – you’ll get 40% + 10% 2nd tier commission in every sale

Join the GrooveFunnels Affiliate program here!

23)  SeedProd – The #1 Landing page builder for WordPress. They offer high-converting landing pages and it has served over 1 million website builder all over the world. Seedprod allows you to create coming soon pages, sales pages, opt-in pages, maintenance pages, webinar pages, and they have over 100 templates of pre-built pages. 

You can use all of these for your website and their tools are very easy to use.

You can try SeedProd here.

They have an affiliate program where you can earn 30% commission on every seedprod purchase and 20% on the Rafflepress plugin, the most powerful WordPress giveaway plugin to create contests, giveaways, and rewards in WordPress.

If you want to join their affiliate program you can click here.

24)  WebTalk – In Webtalk Affiliate Program you can earn money in three different ways, Free member, Pro Customer, and Ad Rewards. Register in Webtalk here to start earning through engagements. 

✓ FREE Member – You will earn points when you referred a user to webtalk and Once a user clicks your link and signs up in webtalk you will earn points every time your referral earns a point as well. Points are base on the activity or engagements you have made in webtalk that includes, posting, likes, shares, comments, referrals,  etc So, the more active members you will refer, the more earning you’ll make.


✓ Pro customer – Every time a user clicks your link and registers as a PRO Customer or in a PRO version of webtalk, you will earn $ 48 per pro customer and you’re gonna earn it per year.

✓ Ad Rewards – Webtalk offers a revenue share of its ad revenue every month as long as you’re qualified to get a part of it. They offer up to 50% of all the ad revenue to be rewarded to its performing members.

Coming Soon!

Self-service advertising platform –  you will earn 10% commissions when your referrals purchase ads for their business.

Marketplace – you will earn 1 % on every member-to-member product and service transaction. This is applicable to both freelancers and online retailers, in which in every successful product or service transaction you will earn a 10% transaction fee with every transaction and another 10 % of that fee(1% of the transaction fee) will be paid to you as a referral reward.

✓ Travel – In this upcoming program you will earn 10% referral rewards on every flight, hotel, and car rental purchase by your referral.

Join Webtalk here and start earning income!

25)  Fiverr Affiliates –  The affiliate program commission of Fiverr has different types. You can earn $15 – $150 commission through Fiverr CPA And Fiverr CPA Pro and you can earn between 10% – 50% commission on every plan or course ordered by the user using your link.


You can join the Fiverr affiliate program here!

26)  Site123 – Site 123 allows you to create your website on all kinds of niches for FREE! Yes! You can actually create a website for free with site123. They also have other plans to create a professional business and e-commerce website where you can enjoy benefits included in the package such as FREE Domain for 1 year, up to 90 GB Storage, 45 GB Bandwidth, and more. Check out more information about site123 in this blog.


Get your website from site123 for free! 100% OFF! Click here.

You can also join Site123 affiliate program where you can earn between $35 to $ 241 commission each sale

Join the Site123 affiliate program now!

27)   Lemonads – Lemonads is an affiliate marketing network that helps businesses increase their conversions and revenue through affiliate marketing. They have a large affiliate network of different products. You can join the network and select a product to promote. 

The Lemonads affiliate program offers varieties of product and they will also send you a recommended products to promote that matches the Geo-Targeting you indicate during the registration process.

Their commission varies on each product, it could go from $ 10 to $800 depending on the product.

28)  ReferralCandy –  offers a referral program for over 30,000 stores to help these businesses increase their sales. You can easily integrate your online store in Shopify, woocommerce, Magento, and a lot more with referral candy. It has increased sales of businesses through a referral program and because of its easy-to-use integrations of some tools and software.

In ReferralCandy you can get $ 20 in cash for every online store you refer to referralcandy.

29)  AliDropship –  A dropshipping company that helps millions of dropshippers in their dropshipping business. They offer not just physical products but also digital products like tools, plugins, software, and more. Please check out my blog about Alidropship here. 

The company also has an affiliate program where you can earn up to 50% of the commission on each sale. You can earn up to $ 869 from a single sale in AliDropship.

30)  SuperbThemes–  They offer premium and high-quality WordPress themes with great designs and optimized themes. They also offer page builders, landing pages, free WordPress themes, and free WordPress plugins.

SuperbThemes Affiliate program allows its affiliate marketers to earn up to 60% commission, recurring commissions, and they also have rewards for their top-performing affiliate marketers.

31)  Themeisle WordPress Themes – They offer Premium WordPress themes with great designs for your business website’s aesthetics. They also offer free themes for your website and plugins. Check for more information on ThemeIsle WordPress Themes here.

ThemeIsle WordPress Themes allows you to earn 55% commission per sale and a 90 day cookie for conversion tracking. They also have deal commission of 60% via their select deal creatives.

Join ThemeIsle WordPress Themes affiliate program here!

32) ElegantThemes –  Elegant Themes is one of the most popular and powerful themes in WordPress.

They helped over 700k website builders, designers, and business owners design their websites and build pages.

One of their popular theme is DIVI which have been on of the favorite of all WordPress website builder.

They offer a Web Design toolkit that includes the Divi Theme builder, Divi WooCommerce Modules, 100+ pre-built websites, online marketing, lead generation, social media marketing, sell unlimited products online, access to over 1000 open-source photos and illustrations.

With just a one-time payment in ElegantThemes you will have unlimited access to their website, with access to themes like divi, extra, Bloon, & Monarch, you will also have access to hundreds of website layouts of different categories, and a 30 days money back guarantee.

ElegantThemes are constantly improving, so, while you’re at their membership you’ll get access to product updates and you can be at ease with their 24/7 premum support team.

For more info on the features of their products and services, you can see it here.

They have an affiliate program as well and you will get 50% commission on every sale to bring using your affiliate link. Join their affiliate program here.

33) WPAstra – Another powerful theme in WordPress is Astra with over 1.6 M Websites served. Astra has received 5 stars on 5,678 real users review.

Astra offers over 150 pre-built websies, optimized page-builders, customizable WooCommerce themes designed to increase your sales conversion, and more.

You can see all features offered by WPAstra in here.

This popular WordPress theme also offers an affiliate program that allows you to earn $210/per sale and up to $5k/month additional earning. Join WPAstra Affiliate program here.

34)  Elementor – Elementor is the world’s leading WordPress website builder utilized by over 5 million users and builders.

They offer multiple website designs that are easy to use and fast loading websites.

With Elementor you can have over 80 design elements, you can create effective lead and sales conversion pages and call-to-action.

It is also a theme builder, popup builder, Woocommerce builder that works fine with any other theme and plugins. And with over 90 widgets you can create your pages buttons, headlines, forms, and more

Check out more Elementor designs here.

Elementor also has an affiliate program that you can join in here!

35)  Envato Elements – Envato Elements in another platform where you can create unlimited creatives for your website. In Envato Elements you can download over 55 million creatives, that includes : video templates, audio, presentation templates, graphic templates, fonts, photos, WordPress, 3D, sound effects, and more.

With a total worldwide subscriber of over 300,000 , envato elements has been the go-to WordPress plugin and platform for a lot of website builders.

To check for more designs and features of Envato Elements, visit here.

Envato Elements has an affiliate program that allows its affiliate marketers to earn between $ 20 – $ 120 on each subscription made through your affiliate link. Join their affiliate program here.

36)  Really Simple SSL – is a WordPress Plugin that offers security for your website by enabling HTTP strict transport security in your website. Their developer also created a stand-alone plugin, Complianz which is free to download with over 10000 active installations. Please check out my blog for more information on Really Simple SSL. 

The company’s affiliate program allows its affiliates to earn 20% of the price of every plug-in downloaded through your affiliate link.

Join Really Simple SSL affiliate program here.

37)  SEOPress – SEOPress is one of the most popular and powerful WordPress plugins that enables you to improve your traffic with its quick and easy optimization feature. 

With an active installation of over 150,000 and a rating of 4.9/5.0 of over 720 users who reviewed SEOPress people are happy with the plugin’s all in one feature, easy installation set-up, and takes care of your titles, metas, sitemap, social sharing, and more

Check more amazing features of SEOPress here.

The WordPress plugin also has an affiliate program that lets you earn 20% commission on each sale, Join their affiliate program here.

38)  Semrush – Semrush offers tools and software to businesses for their websites that they could use particularly in digital marketing. They offer solutions in digital marketing and in SEO. 

In the Semrush affiliate program, they allow you to earn $ 200 for every Semrush subscription through your link and up to $ 10 for every new trial activation.

39)  EasyAffiliate – Is an Affiliate program plugin for WordPress that helps you create a self-hosted affiliate program. In EasyAffiliate you can withdraw your commission as low as $ 50.

40)  Sucuri – Sucuri is a website security service that served business website’s to protect and secure their websites data , remove the websites malware, prevents future attacks on websites, and more. 

Get Sucuri for your websites security here!

Sucuri Affiliate program allows you to earn between $ 29.97 to $ 209.79 per order. Learn more about Sururi in this blog.

41)   OptinMonster  is a lead generation software for marketing agencies, bloggers, digital marketers, entrepreneurs, online stores, and all other businesses. They help businesses get more leads and conversions. Learn more about OptinMonster here.

You can join their affiliate program and start earning 20% commission per sale through your affiliate link.

42)  WP Rocket – Wp Rocket is a great WordPress caching plugin, used by thousands of website owners or developers to improve the speed of their site. 

To improve your website’s performance. Get WP Rocket now

In WP Rocket, you will earn between $ 9.80 to $ 49.80 commission or 20% of the amount per sale.

43)  Monsterinsights – Monsterinsights is a WordPress Google Analytics plugin that provides computed analysis of the data captured in your website and helps businesses analyze the data and used them to grow their business. 

Monsterinsights affiliate program will pay you 20 % commission for every sale made through your link, between $ 7.80 to $ 199.80 per sale depending on the plan purchased by the user.

One  of the best features of MonsterInsights is its real-time and accurate Insights which is helpful in boosting your sites speed, conversion and core web vitals, check this out: Easy Tools And Speed Hacks To Boost WordPress Site Vitals Score

44)  RafflePress– Raffle Press is the #1 WordPress Giveaway Plugin that allows you to create an engaging Giveaway campaign that is effective in getting people’s attention. I mean, who loves to join a raffle, right? Anyway, RafflePress is very easy to use with their drag and drop giveaway builder you can create a campaign in just a few minutes. This is also effective in getting more leads, website traffic, and social media followers as they offer Viral Giveaway Templates with their users.

For more info on Raffle Press features and if you want to try Rafflepress now, click here.

Raffle Press also has an affiliate program that allows you to earn a 20% commission on each sale.

45)  Namecheap – Namecheap is known for domain registration but they also have hosting plans, and domain management service. They also offer security for your website with their SSL certificates, premium DNS, and more. Learn more about Namecheap services here!

Get Namecheap for your website now! 50% off 2 years of Shared Hosting!

Namecheap affiliate program will let you earn between 20% to 35% commission per sale

46)  Domain.com – In Domain.com you can register your domain name and they also have a web hosting service.  

Domain.com offers an affordable domain name registration bundled with other benefits including FREE SSL, email forwarding, DNS management, and transfer lock. They also have Domain Privacy+protection that prevents any kind of identity theft and fraud. It also scans for any malware, monitor blacklists, and you’ll receive urgent alerts for any critical status.

Their web hosting plans assures you of a 99.9% uptime, stability and security. For as low as $3.75/mo you can have your website with unlimited storage, scalable bandwidth, FREE SSL, 10 databases, and 5 FTP logins.

Get your website with Domain.com here.f

They also have an affiliate program where you can earn between $85 – $ 110 for every sale of some plans and 30% commission of the same amount of some items. To learn more, join their affiliate program here.

47)  Netim – You can avail services of Netim such as domain registration, transfer of domain name, web hosting, email hosting, SSL, and more. For as low as $ 1.81 / month, you can start your own website with Netim. 

Netim affiliate program will let you earn between $ 1.21 to $ 58.01. Depending on the type of plan your referral purchased.

48)  PureVPN – PureVPN offers the fastest VPN service assuring their subscribers to receive the best VPN service even in their high-speed streaming and browsing. In PureVPN you’ll also get security features with their military-grade encryption, anonymous VPN IPs, and global network of VPN servers.

They also have a dedicated high-speed VPN server with over 65000 and over 300,000 IPs all over the world to ensure a fast-speed browser from their VPN.

Try PureVPN here and avail of their 7-days trial for only $ 0.99. Click here to avail their promo.

Join the PureVPN affiliates program now and get 100 % commission on monthly plans, 40% of the other plans, and 35% lifetime recurring commissions on all plans. Join here.

49)  StrongVPN – StrongVPN offers a fast and secure VPN on all devices. They have 950+ servers in 35 countries, 59 cities, and ensures every subscriber that there will be zero-logging in connections and activity and no speed limits. For as low as $2.33 /month, you can avail of their VPN service with 250 GB of Sugarsync Secure Storage and Strong DNS. 

Their VPN applies to Apps for iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, and a lot more. StrongVPN has 59,500 VPN IPs, up to 12 simultaneous connections, WireGuard®, L2TP, SSTP, OpenVPN, IPSec, and IKEv2 protocols.

Get your VPN now with StrongVPN and be part of 12000+ satisfied customers of StrongVPN. Check here.

You can also be part of their affiliate team. You can start earning $20 for monthly subscription sales and $40 for annual subscription sales. 

50) NordVPN –  NordVPN secures up to 6 devices and it is compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, and WI-FI router. It also offers an ultra-fast VPN with over 5489+ servers all over the world. NO bandwidth limit, groundbreaking NordLynx protocol, and a safer online activity with zero-logs assurance.

For as low as $ 3.71/ month, you can enjoy all the benefits of NordVPN. See it here.

The VPN company also has an affiliate program. Join now.

51) SurfSharkVPN – SurfSharkVPN offers VPN for ALL Devices, yes, it’s unlimited devices, plus an AdBlocker, 30 Netflix libraries, 24/7 supports, and an affordable price. For as low as $2.49/mo, you can avail all VPN benefits from surf shark.

Additional features includes:

✓ Prevent malware or phishing attempts
✓ Works for banking
✓ No-logs policy
✓ Industry-leading encryption
✓ Kill switch that disables your internet connection if your VPN connection drops. This will shield you 100%.
✓ 1 subscription for unlimited device

Avail up to 81% off today. Get SurfShark VPN now!

You can join their affiliate program and start earning up to 40% commission per sale here!

52)  Bidvertiser –  Bidvertiser is a direct advertising network where you can create your own campaign as an advertiser or you can apply as a publisher and monetize your website’s traffic. 

This advertising company helps businesses increase their conversion rates through state-of-the-art advertising and real-time optimization.

Using their different kinds of Ad Formats you can easily create your own campaign for your website or product. Ad formats include:
Native Ads, Push notifications, direct navigation, pop under, and XML

Now, as a publisher you can earn through your website’s traffic as well as their referral program where you can earn between $ 5 to $ 40 commission per sign up. Learn more here.

53)  AdCash – AdCash is an online advertising platform for both advertisers and publishers. With more that 200 million users per day, 250K conversions per day, and they have remove fraudulent traffic removed in 2020.

 You can reach large audiences with highly targeted campaigns worldwide at a less budget. Your business will be visible to approximately 200 Adcash supply partners and their exclusive publisher’s network.

Their Ad technology is designed for a single reason, and it is to optimize your campaigns and to further expand the ROI of your business.

Start advertising with AdCash now.

They also have an affiliate program where you earn 5% extra commission on your referred publishers’ lifetime revenue who register in Adcash using your link. And if you want to display some Ads on your website you can apply as their publisher too and start monetizing your website’s traffic. Click here to apply as a publisher.

54)  PopAds – PopAds specialized in popunders advertising on the internet and they are the best paying advertising network. You can start advertising your business or products with Popads with no risk sicne you can request a refund anytime you want, you can also decide your rate on the popunders, and they offer high security for your deposits.

They have more than 40 countries which include North America, Southern Asia, India, Western Europe, and Australia.

Start advertising with Popads and increase your ROI. Join here.

Popads offers an affiliate program where they allow publishers to earn 10% of the referred publishers revenue and 10% of how much the referred advertisers spent in they advertising.

Apply as Popads publisher here!

55)  Shareasale – Is an affiliate marketing website with over 15000 merchants and 211000 publishers. They help advertisers grow their brand through affiliate marketing and they help affiliate marketers connect with the brand or product they wish to promote using shareasale.

Shareasale has a lot of merchants where you can choose to join the program to and start earning money by promoting their products.

BONUS! – These companies also offer an affiliate program. Join them now!

So, these are the 55 best affiliate marketing programs where you can apply today and start your own affiliate marketing business in 2021. In these 55 best affiliate marketing programs you will earn actual money as long as you do it right and with hard work, you will achieve what you can achieve in the affiliate marketing business.

Thank you for reading this blog,  55 best affiliate marketing programs. I hope you enjoy this blog and learn something here. If you have any suggestions or recommendations don’t hesitate to dm me or email me. 


We sometimes use affiliate links in our content. This won’t cost you anything but it helps us to pay our writing team. Thanks for your support.

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We sometimes use affiliate links in our content. This won’t cost you anything but it helps us to pay our writing team. Thanks for your support.

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