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Payment forms to accept payments online and checkouts

One of the biggest industries today in the world is the eCommerce industry, #1 here is Amazon. That is why many are entering this industry, one of which is B2C and C2C. Business to consumer(B2C), where businesses directly sell products or services to customers just like Amazon, Walmart, and more. Customer to Customer (C2C ), is when a customer buys products from his fellow customer. An example of this is Dropshipping and Reselling.

With the number of online activities now, almost everyone is now buying a product online, all students are also benefiting from the convenience of online classes or online training, and even office work is now done online (virtual task). There’s just a lot of online opportunities today and things are evolving so fast. So if you don’t want to be left behind, it’s very important that you keep up with today’s technology.

According to statistics, in 2021, over 2.14 billion people worldwide are expected to buy goods and services online, up from 1.66 billion global digital buyers in 2016. (source)

With the increase in the number of people shopping online, the competition of some online stores has also intensified and they have each improved their platforms or tools in their online stores. One of these is to improve and innovate the checkouts of each store, to make the processing of purchases online easier and faster.

In the recent 2021 study, 18% of US adults said that they abandon their cart once the checkout process is too complicated or too long and 17% said that they didn’t trust the site with their credit card information. (source)

It is important to choose your payment forms and checkout process, it has to be simple, fast, and optimized.

Interesting Statistics you might wanna know

✓ As of December of 2021, there’s an average of 69.80% abandonment rate on the eCommerce shopping cart. (

✓ In about 4,329 respondents, 18% have said that they’ve abandoned their cart because the checkout process was too complicated or too long. (

✓ Around $260 Billion worth of orders can be recovered if checkouts are optimized carefully. (


✓ It is estimated by Worldpay that digital and mobile wallet payments accounted for 44.5 % of online transactions worldwide. (

✓ Asia-Pacific region has made 60% of eCommerce payments through online wallets, which is the highest market share in the region. (


How does accept payments online?

With, the checkout process of online businesses is easier and faster. They help online businesses come up with a simple method of accepting electronic payments and credit card payments. Right now they are one of the largest in the online payment processing industry. They have over 430,000 merchants and handle over 1 billion transactions and $ 149 billion payments per year. (source: can be really useful especially in online stores because their process is so simple and so fast. Credit card information is also secure because they have PCI compliance, a requirement of major card brands to install and maintain a firewall configuration to protect cardholder data, encrypt the transmission of cardholder data to all open or public networks, use anti-virus software, tighten the security of systems and applications and much more. (source:

They also have a built-in fraud tool with which it filters suspected transactions using their 13 configurable fraud filters to prevent the processing of fraudulent transactions.

With their Automated Recurring Billing (ARB) it’s faster and easier to set up your recurring payments form for your business.

source: (

They also support many payment types such as:

• Visa

• MasterCard

• Discover

• American Express


• PayPal

• Visa SRC

• Apple Pay

• E-check

With, it is easier for you to accept donations, online payments, or subscription fees, whether one-time pay or recurring pay. And it is easy to set up in your online store. 

1)  Create your form with  WPForms, customize them, put the necessary fields, set up notification emails, and more. Check for more info here.

2)  Integrate your WPForm to Check for more info here.

3)  You can now start accepting online payments from your customers, subscriber, or donors.

Why should you utilize WPForms to accept payments online?

WPForms is the #1 Drag & Drop WordPress Form Builder today with over 4 Million professionals or website builders utilizing it. This is because WPForms is the simplest yet fastest form builder plugin in WordPress. One of the things most people like is the super easy-to-use form, it’s very easy to create a form, even in just a few minutes you can create any form you want right away.

WordPress WPForms is also a lightweight plugin, meaning you don’t have to worry because it doesn’t take up a lot of bandwidth in your site which is one of the reasons why a website slows down. Check my blog on different speed hacks to boost your site’s speed and vitals score.

WPForms are popular as the source of most for their contact forms, payment forms, survey forms, newsletter forms, registration forms, and much more. They also share over 100 templates that you can use on your website.

With WPForms Add on features, you can integrate your forms across different platforms, such as:

✓ ActiveCampaign Addon
✓ Authorize.Net Addon
✓ AWeber Addon
✓Campaign Monitor Addon
✓ Conversational Forms Addon
✓ Custom Captcha Addon
✓ Drip Addon
✓ Form Abandonment  Addon
✓ Form Locker Addon
✓Form Pages Addon
✓ Form Templates Pack Addon
✓Geolocation Addon
✓ GetResponse Addon
✓Mailchimp Addon
✓Offline Forms Addon
✓ PayPal Standard Addon
✓ Post Submissions Addon
✓ Salesforce Addon
✓ Sendinblue Addon
✓Signature Addon
✓ Stripe Addon
✓ Surveys and Polls Addon
✓ User Journey Addon
✓ User Registration Addon
✓Webhooks Addon
✓ Zapier Addon
✓ Constant Contact

The more you can integrate with WPForms, the easier and faster your work will be. And because this plugin is lightweight, fast, and optimized, it’s super effective to increase your leads conversions and sales conversions even more.

So it is highly recommended for your payment forms because most customers leave their shopping carts because some of the checkout processes are too complicated, if you use the WPForms form, it is easy to use and fast. You won’t have to worry about your clients or customers having difficulties with the payment forms. This way, your sales conversion will increase even more because your checkout system is optimized.

Get rid of Cart Abandonment with WPForms addon

Get rid of total cart abandonment and start elevating that sales conversion rate starting today. What can you say about the 18% who left their cart due to complicated checkouts? Get simple and optimized payment forms with a secure payment gateway. HURRY NOW!


What can you get in WPForms Authorize.Net addon ?

With the Addon of WPForms, you can connect to your WordPress website. You can use it to collect fees from your customers, receive donations from your followers, or receive subscription fees or plan fees that you can set up as recurring payments. With just a few clicks, you can immediately connect your payment forms to using the WPForms Addons field. Just go to your WPForms plugin, click on Addon and you can integrate them.

The powerful combination of WPForms and is sure to make you feel at ease, with optimized payment forms from WPForms plus a payment gateway that is reliable, trustworthy, and with tight security that can protect credit card information and personal information of your clients/customers. WPForms is the #1 WordPress plugin for a variety of forms and is trusted by over 4 million professionals and has also been awarded several times:

• 2020 Highest Authorization Rate Award
• ACE 2019 Awards Achievement in Customer Excellence
• 2018 API integration award


For more information about WPForms best features and deals, check their website here.

How easy it is to connect WPForms with to accept online payments?

Integrating WPForms with is very easy, you can do it in just a few minutes.  Once you get your WPForms plugin, go to your WordPress Dashboard and look for your WPForms tab on the left side and you can either click ‘All Forms’ or ‘Add New’. Check out the steps below.

Adding in your WPForms Payments form in just easy steps.

After you put in some fields in your form, Click on Field Options and scroll down.

If you have a subscription site or if you’re offering a plan that requires recurring payments, you can also add a recurring payments option in your WPForms along with This is also applicable to the donations site that also applies for recurring payments. Check the steps below.

Another smart option that you can add to your WPForms payment form is by adding a  conditional logic in your WPForms with You can add an option to your customers or donors if they want to automatically renew their plan subscription or donations in a month or a year or they can also opt-out in the auto-renewal. Please see the steps below.

In this example, you can add a multiple choice field in your Payments Form, add some choices.

In this example, you can add a multiple choice field in your Payments Form, add some choices.

Then go to the Payments tab, make sure the ‘ Enable recurring subscription payments’ was ticked, and in the recurring period you Enter here the number of times he can be charged.  If its monthly payment then set this up for monthly.

Ticked on ‘Enable conditional logic’ to apply this monthly recurring payment condition.

So, every time the customer chooses the auto-renewal option, this condition will apply, it will automatically process a monthly recurring payment for your customer’s subscription or donation. 

The default of WPForms is to send out a notification email right after the customer fills out a form, but if you only want a notification email after payment is completed you can tick the box for ‘Enable for completed payments’. Once you tick this, you will only receive an email if the customer’s purchase has completed.

It’s really very easy to integrate WPForms and and it’s even very easy to create a payments form with WPForm. In just a few minutes, you can create a smart form that you can put smart conditional logic and integrate with, and anytime you can receive payments from your customers.

Why WPForms and is the best and secure way to accept payments online?

If you want a forms builder or plugin that is super lightweight that won’t slow down the speed of your web pages, and forms plugin that is fast and easy to use, or payment forms that are optimized so you don’t have to worry about cart abandonment and payment forms that can be integrated into a super-secure, fast and reliable payment gateway. The combination of WPForms and is highly recommended, it will not only increase your leads conversion but will also increase your sales conversion.

You can also check out my other blog about the 7 power features of WPForms. It details the functions and features of WPForms and why it is still the #1 form builder of WordPress.

To further boost your conversions aside from the lead conversions that WPForms can bring, you can also check out this blog if, How to Boost Conversions Like Crazy with Coupon Popups.


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