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Get to know Liquid Web

Liquid Web a web hosting company that provides the Best Managed Dedicated Server Hosting. They provide web hosting services, cloud services, VPS, and more. The company has served over 45,000 professionals, website builders, developers, designers business owners, & more. It has managed over 500,000 websites and they have ranked as #1 as the best-dedicated server hosting this year 2021. (source)

The liquid web got a high score of 64 in a customer loyalty metric where they get a  high net promoter score from their customer.

What is a Managed Dedicated Server Hosting?

It is a type of hosting where your system is managed by the service provider but the server is dedicated to you alone. So, it’s not shared with anyone, unlike the common hosting services. (source)

There are a lot of advantages when you get a Managed Dedicated Server Hosting, the security of your website is ensured, its performance is great, its reliability is strong, & you have control over the entire web server because its exclusively yours including the disk space, RAM, bandwidth, and more. Your server is being monitored, troubleshooting, and more

With managed dedicated server hosting, you don’t have to worry about fixing hardware issues, network issues, troubleshooting, setting up on server applications, installation of some programs,  server configurations, firewall configurations, optimization, and monitoring the security more. Because the hosting provider has a dedicated team to do that for you where they monitor the performance of your  Managed Dedicated Server Hosting 24/7.

Why choose Liquid Web Managed Dedicated Server Hosting?

Liquid Web Managed Dedicated Server is Intel Xeon Processor.

It offers great performance and it has passed the benchmark of individual core performance

Intel Xeon processors has a higher cache which is best in optimization, it also has advanced security technologies, and it provides the best performance. It also has more PCI lanes which are important in handling high volume traffic.

For more information on Intel Xeon processors, please go here

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Reasonable Price for an amazing service

Intel Xeon Processors Price can go between $ 391- $ 452 in the market. In Liquid Web you can go with their Managed Dedicated Server Hosting under Intel Xeon processor for as low as $ 99/month for new Liquid Web customers only. Get it here.

The $99/month with Liquid web managed dedicated server hosting can provide you:

1 )  4 [email protected] GHz max. With 4 cores, it is already enough to smoothly execute multiple programs and applications, run multiple processes without compromising your website’s performance, high-resolution gaming, video editing, video rendering, graphic designing, animations, and more.

You can also try their 8 cores @ 2.1 GHz and 12 cores @2.4GHz. Check here.

2 )  16GB RAM. The average RAM in a computer is 3 GB.  A 16 GB RAM is already enough to run 5 times an eCommerce business website pretty well. You can also try Liquid Web 32 GB RAM dedicated server for as low as $ 189/month. See it here.

3 )  250 GB SSD Software RAID-1. You don’t have to worry about storage anymore since this combination of SSD and RAID-1 will protect your data from being lost in case of error plus it can also help boost the performance of your server. They also have dedicated servers with 500 GB SSD Software RAID-1. Click here.

4 )  1TB SATA Backup Drive 1TB is already enough backup drive for your large files.

5 )  5TB Outbound Bandwidth. Bandwidth is one of the factors responsible for the speed of the server, in the transfer of data between you and your client, it will also speed up the uploading of data or downloading data of your users. With 5TB of bandwidth included in the Liquid Web package, the speed of your server is definitely needed for the performance of your website to further enhance the user experience of your clients.

Let’s say an average GB needed for a single blog site with a thousand visitors a day is 10 GB Bandwidth, in  1 TB Bandwidth it’s like 500 times of a  Blogging website. With $99/month, you can have this 5 TB outbound bandwidth in your dedicated server with Liquid Web.

5 ) You have an option to choose between Linux or Windows if you purchase a managed dedicated server hosting with Liquid Web.

For Windows, please check the price below:

Here’s the difference: 

Linux is an open-source operating system so users can change source code as per requirement, it easily detects bugs and much more secure, much faster.

Windows OS is a commercial operating system so the user doesn’t have access to source code, it’s less secure and it’s much slower than Linux. (source)

6)  Plesk, InterWorx, or cPanel Available.

You can get a managed dedicated server with Liquid Web for as low as $99 but they also offer promos for new users for up to 12 cores, 32 GB RAM, and 500 GB SSD software RAID-1 for only $ 189/month. Get it here.

But for higher Cores RAM and an SSD Hardware RAID-10. With SSD RAID 10 this can improve the performance even more and it can provide more protection in your data. For as low as $ 149/month you can have a managed dedicated server with Liquid Web with 4 cores, 32 GB RAM, 4 X 250 GB SSD Hardware RAID-10, and more. See the list below. 

Get the bundles here.

For more info on hosting plans with Liquid Web, you can check it out here.

Getting your managed dedicated server hosting with liquid web

With Liquid Web’s managed dedicated server hosting, you no longer have to worry about the performance of your business because Liquid Web is committed to their Service Level Agreement (SLA). The response time is 59 minutes where if your ticket exceeds 59 minutes with them, they will give you a credit of 10 times the time they exceeded. They also have an SLA agreement with guaranteed 100% uptime and  30 minute of hardware replacement plus a 24/7 amazing live chat support.

Liquid has a Core managed service where you opt out of the control panel. The service includes 24/7 unlimited access to their level 3 technicians, full network management, complete hardware support, core software installation, core OS updates, security enhancements, & full web server support for both Linux and Windows.

Their level 3  technicians monitor your server 24/7 for security, and to ensure the power system stability and maintain its high performance.

And you can always chat with their customer service they’re available 24/7, you will have all the support you need from their very accommodating customer support team.

As you purchase Liquid Web managed dedicated server hosting, you can choose between Linux or Windows and your package includes :

Getting your managed dedicated server hosting plan with Liquid Web is really worth it because as you can see you will get the best add-ons and software included in their package. The company will ensure you of greater performance for your site and for multiple sites you’re hosting. Doesn’t matter if you’re an eCommerce site, Dropshipping site, Blog Site, Affiliate site, B2B, B2C, and even for sites receiving tremendous amounts of traffic.

Liquid Web ensures the stability of their service and maintains their commitment with the SLA(service level agreement) to their clients. . Your only job really is to focus on scaling your business to make it successful, you don’t have to think about other complicated things in your hosting plan because with the managed dedicated server hosting of Liquid Web, it is considered taken care of by the experts guarding your server 24/7.

Get your managed dedicated server now with Liquid Web here!

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