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What is VPS (Virtual Private Server)

VPS is a virtual machine that runs its own Operating system. It has the same function as the physical dedicated server. It is much cheaper because it is software-based, easy to create, and easy to configure compared to physical servers. (source)

How do VPS works?

VPS hosting providers will extract resources from a physical server, thus cloning a server with VPS, then give their clients access to that VPS  or virtual machine. Since VPS is a clone of a physical server, it has its own OS but has limited access to the physical servers’ compute, memory and storage. (source)

A physical server can be rented by several virtual machines, however, each one of these VPS is private so they can’t touch each other’s VPS(virtual machine). In VPS, you can have full control of your OS with no restrictions,  you’ll have enough bandwidth and higher resource it means that with unlimited traffic you’ll have faster load time and since you have full control of that virtual server, you can also host multiple domains/websites, you can create unlimited emails, databases, FTP accounts, your CPU, RAM, and storage are all dedicated to you it’s not shared with other sites so that can give you an optimal performance.

There is also a disadvantage to a VPS server because you share the same physical server with other VPS owners, there is a possibility that the performance of your website can be affected especially when there’s a need to maximize the distribution of the physical server’s capability. The capability of the physical server will be divided.

Two types of VPS hosting

Unmanaged VPS hosting – In this type, you administer your VPS plan in full, you control your server,  you will have to configure your server but you can choose your own OS(Operating system),  you set up and configuration your DNS, SSL installation, HTTP/2 server configuration, SQL server express installation, email client set up, php module install/upgrade, MySQL optimization, WordPress  setup, disk space audit, firewall rules configuration, and manage Linux box.

Managed VPS hosting – The hosting company will take care of the hardware, core server software, network, security configurations, patches/updates, provides troubleshooting assistance, and more.

Here are some interesting statistics on VPS:

Powerful features to look for the Best Managed VPS hosting

VPS features

More features

Liquid Web Managed VPS hosting

This is what you can get with Liquid Web Managed VPS hosting

Managed VPS hosting with Liquid Web also includes:

Here's the pricing details of Liquid Web Managed VPS hosting

Liquid Web’s managed VPS hosting has amazing features and tremendous benefits at a very affordable price, for only $15/month you can have a managed VPS hosting with Liquid web with 100% guaranteed uptime for your website and server and you can enjoy unlimited hosting of websites with InterWorx.

For more information on Liquid Web managed VPS hosting, check LiquidWeb here.

Customer Satisfaction!

Liquid Web has a high score of 64 in their NPS (source), this means that they have received a high score in terms of customer loyalty metric. 

Technology / Other companies with similar Net Promoter Score (source: )

Why choose Liquid Web managed VPS hosting?

If you want a reliable managed web hosting provider that can guarantee 100% power and network uptime, advanced security features, and has 24/7 real-time monitoring that can ensure the security of your website and the performance of your server and website.

Liquid Web managed VPS hosting is highly recommended, due to their SLA commitment to maintaining 59 minutes response time at the helpdesk, 100% guaranteed uptime, 24/7 customer support anytime if you need them, and real-time server monitoring from their tier 3 technicians on-site. In addition to that are the features and benefits that you will receive from their Liquid Web managed VPS hosting that includes full management, fault tolerance and resiliency of their data centers, and their uninterrupted power systems.

Their services are really ensured and reliable, so you don’t have to worry about problems with your system because Liquid web will take care of you. You can really focus on your website and business and whatever market you are in whether eCommerce, dropshipping, online shop, blog site, subscription site, affiliate site, B2B site, B2C, and more. You can assure your website’s best performance and that you can bring the best service to your clients or users.

To get your Managed 2GB VPS hosting with Liquid Web for as low as $15/month!!! Visit Liquid Web and Hurry now! 

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