How to Boost Google Site Speed By Hosting gtag.js Locally

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Google Site Speed. As you are reading this right now, you might be struggling with your google site speed that causing you to lose your customers and dropping your business’s conversion rate. Don’t worry, you are not alone! In fact, this is one of the problems most website owners are experiencing. With slow Google site speed, it could greatly impact your business or online store. Matter of fact, 64% of shoppers who are not satisfied with their online shopping experience will most likely find somewhere else to shop online.  (Source: websitebuilderexpert)

How important is google site speed to rank your website?

Do you want to rank at the top on Google’s search engine results page? I hope you said yes because many website owners, SEO specialists, and business owners would fight just to get to Google’s top 5 results. Not fight. .  fight, like physical fight though, but they would do everything to be top 5 or top 1 in the search results page.

They would improve their SEO scores, they work on their page experience and user experiences, they focus on working on their Core Web Vitals, their backlinks, their traffic, and their website speed. These are the main ranking factors that Google will score you. Just a head up though that Google has over 200 metrics that they would use to rank your site but these are the main ones.

Google processes approximately 63000 search queries every second and that’s millions per month. If you could reach the top of Google search engine and with the right keywords and right offer, you could potentially reach millions of high-quality leads that can become your paying customers or even loyal customers. Whether you have an eCommerce website, or blogging site, or whatever brand or niche it is, you can have a share of the pie of massive potential customers.

But first, you have to work on your SEO scores, Page experience, user experience, Core Web Vitals score, and website speed.

Website speed is very crucial if you want to rank in the Google search engine, it is also very crucial in your conversion rate and website traffic. According to the latest survey, in every additional second of load time, the site’s conversion rate will drop by an average of 4.42% (Source: Portent) and 1 in 4 visitors will abandon a website if it takes more than 4 seconds to load. (Source: websitebuilderexpert)

So, if you want to keep your customer and if you want to keep the sales coming, you have to really work on improving your google site speed.

What is gtag.js?

Google Analytics is utilized by millions of marketers or digital marketers, online business owners, website owners, entrepreneurs, and many more. Analytics are data and insights from the events that are captured on your website. It is a collection of data and insights from your visitor’s behavior across your web pages, also the demographics, interests, and it also collects data from your site’s performance including SEO and google site speed.

Once you implemented Google Analytics on your website, scripts such as analytics.js or gtag.js will be loaded in your website to track and collect the data or information from events on your site.

Gtag.js script is a set of javascript variables, functions, and programs that you can load on your site, it is used in the analysis between different products or any Google products and it’s also used to send events data to Google Analytics. (

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How gtag.js slows down your google site speed

The analytics scripts or Gtag Javascript could slow down your website. Any additional code or Javascript on your site have a negative impact on your page loading time but Javascript is the reason why we could collect information from our site’s visitor or events.

It is also used so that your visitors/users can interact with your web pages however a heavy Javascript can add weight to your website’s file that’s why it could slow down your google site speed.

How to boost google Site Speed By Hosting gtag.js Locally

DNS or Domain name system is a system that keeps records of domain names and translates them into IP addresses. It’s like a phonebook of the internet and DNS lookup means that every time a user/visitor looks for a particular domain name, this request will be forwarded to the DNS server and returns with an IP address associated with that domain name. As a result, users or visitors can now see the site’s web pages. (techopedia)

Let’s take your website as an example, every time a user search your domain name, a DNS lookup process will take place and this DNS lookup process will be the responsibility of the browser, so before your user could see your web pages, it would take some time to load or until or until the DNS lookup completes. And based on the YSlow data, DNS lookup could take an average of 20 – 120 seconds for it to complete. (keycdn)

This process alone could highly affect your site’s load time.

‘leverage browser caching‘ issue with your page speed score. This is one of the common issues every time website owners test their google site speed or site speed to any page speed testing tool. Page speed insight tool will often display this error if there is no browser caching rules or expiry times are set too low on your web server.

There are many reasons why your google site speed is slow and these are just 2 main reasons.

What if I tell you that you can now stop worrying about your Google Analytics tracking scripts that slow down your website? Because you can now shorten the page loading time of your site by hosting your gtag.js locally on your own server.

By hosting your gtag.js locally you will reduce the extra DNS lookup, you’ll have full control with the caching of your file, and fix leverage browser caching, improve your page speed score.

With MonsterInsights recent update, you now have the option to host gtag.js locally on your own server to boost your google site speed. The performance addon feature of MonsterInsight give you the option to host your gtag.js script locally in an easy way. 


To start hosting your Gtag.js locally, you need to install the MonsterInsights plugin on your WordPress site, click here to get the plugin. 

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links and I may earn a small commission from qualifying purchases on these links at no cost to you.

MonsterInsights update to boost your google site speed

With the recent update of MonsterInsights where you can host your gtag.js locally to speed up your website, monsterinsights plugin can now also be integrated with AIO SEO, a WordPress SEO plugin to help your website rank in Google. See this How to Increase Website Traffic with Keywords and MonsterInsights.

MonsterInsights has also seen the issue of google analytics scripts that causes slow page loading among websites. So, along with the recent update, they have also updated their plugin to ensure faster scripts loading on your Google analytics scripts. These updates will help you improve your Google Page Experience score and Core Web Vitals score which is required for you to pass to rank in Google’s SERP.


MonsterInsights WordPress plugin is the #1 Google Analytics tool that provides detailed data and useful insight that you can use to improve your marketing campaign to properly target your audience according to their interests and personality and it can also provide insights about your website’s performance and your Google site speed and provides recommendation on how to improve and optimize your website to attract more customers and to increase your site’s traffic.

But it’s not only limited to that because with the latest update from MonsterInsights, you can also now improve your Google site speed and shortens your page loading time because the update of MonsterInsights performance addon feature will allow all website owners to host their gtag.js locally on their own server to reduce the DNS lookup time and to fix issues with ‘leverage browsing caching’ that could slow down website speed.

Improving your Google set speed will help you improve your page experience and boost your Core Web Vitals score to increase your chance to rank at the top of Google search engine page results.

In addition to the update, MonsterInsights and AIO SEO (All in One SEO) does have an integration already and with this integration AIO SEO focus keywords and SEO score are already added to your Google Analytics report so that you can further optimize both your site’s performance, speed, and SEO. 

You can  check my review on AIO SEO in this article: How to Increase Website Traffic with Keywords and MonsterInsights

To enable these features on your site, get the plugin here MonsterInsights and install it to your WordPress site to start hosting your Gtag.js locally.


This post may contain affiliate links and I may earn a small commission from qualifying purchases on these links at no cost to you.

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