Content Marketing Strategy | Your Ultimate Guide in 2021

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Introduction: Content marketing strategy

Content marketing strategy on the internet started back in 1996, all internet users back then could create and share their content. Until the emergence of the industry of social networks or social platforms around the early 2000s, so also emerged the creation of contents, this is where technology began to thrive. 

Apps and software began to boom with over 8.93 million Apps worldwide  (RiskIQ), various sectors or businesses keep on innovating, new technologies keep on shocking the world. By the end of this article, you will discover a different content marketing strategy that you can use to build your brand and increase your leads.

In today’s fast-growing industry, every business is trying to keep its pace so as not to be left behind in the trends. Many business owners outsource various roles to speed up the work and speed up the result. Almost all entrepreneurs outsource their jobs to make work easier and better. 

When it comes to content marketing, content should be valuable and high-quality and it involves the distribution of this content to various platforms where millions of prospects/audiences can see it. With this method, you have more potential to grow your business, make your brand known to a lot of potential prospects, and eventually increase your sales conversion. You might want to check my blog on how to boost conversions like crazy!

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The average pay of a content marketing strategy expert

The average pay of a content writer in the United States is $ 46,662/year and the average pay of a content marketer in the United States is $ 51,630/year. There is a high demand today among content writers and content marketers, about 70 % of companies increase leads due to the efforts of content marketers and their content marketing strategy. (

It is one of the very effective marketing methods, especially in today’s era. As a content writer and content marketer, it is very important that we produce optimized content, content that has the potential to convert an audience, and has an effective strategy to reach the right audience on the right platform.

“If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others: read a lot and write a lot.”

~ Stephen King ~

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Content Services Global Data

16 % is the expected growth rate of the global content marketing industry this year, 2021. (

✓ The Content Marketing Industry is expected to be worth $412.88 billion this year, 2021 (

Content writers are one of the leading professions today on Fiverr, one of the popular freelancing sites with over 7 million users. (

55% of marketers stated that their #1 inbound marketing priority is content creation. (hubspot)

Potential Industries that need Content services:

✓ Real Estate
✓ Education
✓ Coaching
✓ Copywriting and Advertising
✓ eCommerce
✓ Boutique
✓ Healthcare
✓ Fitness and Wellness
✓ Business-to-Business
✓ Business-to-Customer
✓ Technical
✓ Fashion
✓ Finance
✓ Public Relations
✓ Culinary
✓ Travel & Tourism

Why is content marketing important in this digital era?

Why is Content Marketing still one of the most popular strategies today, especially now that people are so immersed in technology and some companies are innovating so fast? As a consumer, when I buy or invest in something I first look at its full details. You too, right? If not reviews, sometimes you look at or read the detail of the product or service you want to get, its features, its benefits, its specifications, its pros & cons, and product comparison.

And by creating the content of your products/services you can build trust with your customers, improve your connection with your customers, and it has great potential to generate leads. So many brand owners and business owners hire content creators, content writers, & content marketers for their products or services because they know the potential ROI that such services  bring.

Based on data from over 1500 business-to-business (B2B) & business-to-customer (B2C) companies, marketers, and other marketing groups. (

✓ 84 % uses the content marketing strategy
✓ 89 % are relying on an organic search as one effective distribution channel
✓ 51% have said that their content marketing strategy is Good.
✓ 51 % stated that they have challenges in creating contents that generate quality leads

✓ 75 % said that the most efficient content marketing strategy is SEO
✓ 37 % of companies have spent not more than $10000 in content marketing in 2020
✓ 92 % of the content produced online is a blog post
✓ 36 % said that Facebook and LinkedIn is the most effective platform for distributing contents.
✓ 81 % of the employer’s responses have said that marketing is the most crucial skill for a content marketer.


Want to learn a step-by-step and simpler guide on How to start to write an SEO-Focused content copy?

Do you have a business idea but you want to start to create a blog or content on it? Let me give you my FREE Guide on how to write a blog or content with SEO in mind!  👇👇👇

So many marketers are actually investing in content because purchasers are now smart, they are researching about a product, service, or brand they are going to buy. If you want to create your own content writing and marketing business check this guide on How to start a blog, this will guide you on how to write your own content starting from scratch.

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Content marketing strategy that attracts audiences

Do you still remember the viral video ad in the Philippines last year that garnered mixed reactions from netizens and even won a silver award at ADFEST? The ad has resulted in a 67% spike in sales of the said Softdrinks company. (

How about trending Queen’s Gambit on Netflix, and resulted in a spike in sales of chess boards, 87% in the US, and chess book sales hit 603%. (

And who can’t forget the most viral campaign Elf Cosmetics’ ‘Eyes Lips Face’ challenge on TikTok? This viral campaign garnered over 7 billion views, the largest in the history of TikTok. This is where the ELF Cosmetics brand was further developed. In May, 2021, ELF reported that in the full fiscal year their net sales reached $ 318.1 million, an increase of 12% compared to the previous year’s $ 282.9 million. (source:

 Also one of the viral ones in 2014 was the ice bucket challenge, where many video creators or content creators took this challenge and some celebrities and famous personalities like Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Kim Kardashian, Matt Damon, Benedict Cumberbatch, and many others also took the challenge. The ice bucket challenge is offered for those with ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis), after the ice bucket challenge went trending, The Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) organization raised more than $ 220 million worldwide.

Are you also one of those who debated what color the roman originals dress really was in 2015? This dress is just a trending day and the whole world is confused about what color people really see, some say blue and black and some say white and gold. Even celebrities like Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian are confused as to what color that dress really is. 

Within 48 hours immediately had 3,622,960 visitors to their website, and 2,214,343 used #TheDress, and in just 34 minutes immediately sold #TheDress.( The #TheDress suddenly got a total of 1800 orders and a 560% increase in their sales. ( 

These are just a few of the trending content, videos, social media posts that have introduced a certain brand to the world and have generated sales to some business owners. These campaigns or contents have different purposes, goals, or reasons for creating these viral content. So the combination of effective marketing strategies and great and compelling content can attract multiple audiences and at the same time gain some sales. Tips on how to boost your sales and leads conversion, in this blog, you’ll know the best strategy to boost engagement and boost conversions. 

Want to learn a step-by-step and simpler guide on How to start to write an SEO-Focused content copy?

Do you have a business idea but you want to start to create a blog or content on it? Let me give you my FREE Guide on how to write a blog or content with SEO in mind!  👇👇👇

Here’s the content marketing strategy in 2021 that you can look closely and study thoroughly:

1) Building Communities for your Content

One of today’s effective content marketing strategies is to create a community online, especially on social media. Today 32% of B2B marketers have online communities and 48% of B2C marketers have online communities  ( Why do some marketers consider online communities, because in online communities you can share and exchange digital content with your members and you give them the opportunity to share their ideas or contents as well? It’s a win-win. 

You have the same interest as your audiences or members, the same content/idea interest, you can get more ideas/opinions for your product research, you also have the opportunity to encourage engagements in your communities, and this content marketing strategy is even cheaper.

Questions you can ask in your online community:

• What topics would you like to know about real estate?

• What questions do you have in SEO?

• What topics would you like to discuss about Facebook marketing?

Once you’ve captured some of the topic interests of your community, you can optimize your content or use it to better inform your audiences about your brand. 

2) Content experience

If you want your content marketing strategy to be effective, you must also improve the content experience of your web pages. There should be no big ads blocking the main page or main content, minimize the popups because popups are annoying to some visitors if you can put embedded video tutorials, video courses, webinars, podcasts, infographics, and smart call-to-action it would be better.

The only purpose here is to keep your visitor on your website or web page, to keep them engage in your web pages or content. So if you can improve your content and optimize it to improve the content experience of your pages, you have the advantage for your content marketing strategy.

Check out these Top 13 significant metrics for page ranking, this is needed so that your web pages will be on top of Google’s search engine. 

3) Live videos and webinars and live events.

In 2021 if you notice a lot of live videos, live events, and live webinars are emerging. Because this is one of the most popular strategies today when it comes to content marketing. With live events, videos, and live webinars, you have the opportunity to engage and get to know your audience, you can interact with them, if you’re in the coaching industry you can directly give them value through teaching them or giving them information that they want to know.

Or if you are in the eCommerce industry you have the opportunity to provide tips /hacks related to the product you sell, you can also easily demonstrate to your audience the benefits of your product /service, in other words, in live videos, live webinars, or live events can give you a great opportunity to build your brand and deliver the message to your audience or prospects.

4) Give more focus on your products or services.

When you focus well on the product or service you offer, it will be easier for you to explain your product/service to prospects or audiences. You can easily demonstrate its benefits, its advantages, potential losses to your customers if they do not avail one of your product/services. 

And of course, since we already mentioned asking your communities what they want, you can leverage it, so that you can improve your products/services even more, or if you see an opportunity in another community or forums, you can introduce your offer. You can’t do these if you’re not focused on your product and services and if you don’t know them well. It will be easier for you to create content that converts and effective.

5) Repurposing your content

This is also one of the most effective content marketing today, the more you can maximize the reach of your content and the more audience you can reach, the greater your opportunity to grow your brand significantly.

When it says repurposing your content, it means that when you write a blog/article on your website, you can make a video recording or tutorial that you can upload to Youtube, Vimeo, or other video platforms, and you can download an audio copy of your video on Youtube and you can upload it to your Podcast account, you can now start podcasting.

You can also bundle your videos into video courses, you can record webinars, and sell them, there are many online platforms you can sell your stuff;  Teachable, LearnWorlds, podia, teachery, click4course, kajabi, kartra, lifterLMS, Udemy, Uscreen, and many more. You can also sell it on your blog site or website. And of course one of the things that can improve your blog/article is photos, graphics, infographics, etc.

If you design your own graphics for your blog or thumbnails on Youtube, you can also sell them as collections of templates. You can also sell a lot of graphics and templates, there is Fiverr, Etsy, Deviantart, 99 designs, creative market, or your own blog site. So repurposing your content is also very important, so that your brand will be exposed to a lot more audience and to get the greater opportunity.

Would you like to have a robot Social Media Manager? Or an automatic social media poster? All you need to do is to schedule them all at once and you can focus on some important things.

6) Personalized your content

You can only personalize your content if you have the data of your prospects or audience. What are their characters, what are their behaviors online, how old are they, what is their job, what are their issues online, what do they usually search online, where do they usually hang out online? 

And you need solid data or insights so you can know what your customers are interested in and get to know them better. Because your audience/customers trust you more if you make it engaging and personalize your content, and you can earn even more loyalty from them when you build a relationship with your audience/followers.

So it is very important that the data or insights you have in relation to your audience or visitors are solid, accurate, real-time, and detailed so that you can make a great messaging for your prospects or audiences. More personalized, more engaging, more trustworthy, and more valuable contents are the most popular to consumers.

7) Commit more on your SEO

The ultimate strategy to make your content more known to millions of prospects or audience is SEO. There is nothing more fulfilling feeling for a content strategist than to be number 1 in the search engine. There are Billions of searches Google has every day, It has over 5.6 billion searches a day ( So it’s a great opportunity if your content will rank number 1 in Google Search Engine, make sure you focus on the SEO of your content.

It’s not just about Google ranking, because the more you optimize your web pages, the more your visitors will improve their navigation of your website or web page, the more they will see the value of your site and they will visit your site more often, you know to earn their trust and loyalty and they might bookmark your web page or website. So SEO is also very important in content marketing.

8) The power of a "Story"

Many of our customers or prospects are entertained by stories, which is why this is one of the most effective content marketing strategies because it involves emotions. In today’s era of the super-fast pace technology, innovations of companies are soaring high, almost everyone is so busy, wherever you go there is stress, pressure, fun, sadness, calmness, anxiousness, and much more emotions.

It is very important that we deliver our message to our customers or prospects with the right emotions. So creating stories relevant to your brand has a huge impact on content marketing.

9) Feature the experts

One of today’s challenges of marketers is how can we convince our audiences or prospects that we can be trusted? That our brand is trustworthy? So if you notice, most marketers offer free ebooksfree webinarsfree video tutorials, and whatnot for free, and you can just ask for their reviews or testimonials.

These will help you build your brand and gain credibility from your audience. You don’t necessarily need an expert to review your product or services, non-biased and honest testimonials are enough for your content marketing strategy because the impact of testimonials or reviews of your products or services is huge. Some prospects depend on testimonials before they enroll in your program or depend on product reviews before they actually buy the product. 

10) Google Discover features

Google Discover is just like SEO but it is much more sophisticated. There are many audiences that can be reached if your content can be found on Google Discover, but like SEO, there are also criteria that need to be met if you want to be featured on Google discover, there is mobile-friendliness, engaging content, page experience, optimized images, and real-time content.

11) Utilizing AI-powered content marketing

There are a lot of AI-powered content tools out there today but you shouldn’t worry because even though AI is faster to produce outcomes than humans, the human brain is still smarter than Artificial Intelligence. You can utilize these AI-powered content tools for your content, just type in your headlines and it can generate content for you. You can also leverage such automation tools. Here are some of the lists of AI-powered content tools contentyze, marketmuse, Quill, Wordsmith, Article Forge,, and many more.

Want to learn a step-by-step and simpler guide on How to start to write an SEO-Focused content copy?

Do you have a business idea but you want to start to create a blog or content on it? Let me give you my FREE Guide on how to write a blog or content with SEO in mind!  👇👇👇

Platforms to distribute your content to gain audiences for your content marketing strategy?

1) Facebook

Facebook has 2.85 billion users, so most advertisers are focused on Facebook marketing. (

Of the billions of Facebook users, 12.8 % of them are women aged between 25-34 years old and 18.8 % of them are men aged between 25-34 years old. (

• 18.8% of Facebook users are male ages between 25-34 which is the highest in the group.
• 12.8% of Facebook users are women between ages 25-34, which is the highest in the girl’s group
• 14.2% of male Facebook users are between 18-24 years old
• 9.6 % of female Facebook users are between 18-24 years old
• 9.6 % of the Facebook user is male between ages 35-44 years old
• 7.3 % of Facebook users are female between 35-44 years old

• 5.5% are male ages between 45-54 years old
• 5% are female between 45-54 years old
• 3.3 % of a male between ages 13-17 years old and  3.3 % female between 55-64 years old
• 3.1 % Facebook users are a male between 55-64 years old
• 2.6 % of female Facebook users belong to ages 13-17 and 65+
• 2.3 % of male Facebook users belong to 65 and above the age.


There are also many opportunities that you can do on Facebook to get your brand known, there is a marketplace that you can sell your products in, if you love games there are streaming features of Facebook that you can also leverage for your gaming products, there is Facebook live if you want to sell live on Facebook, conduct free live webinars, promote your services live, and organize a Facebook live events.

You can also create video content for your product and services, you can create your own community through Facebook Groups so you can network your brand, and there are many other features of Facebook that you can leverage for your brand.

2) Youtube

Second, with the most users is Youtube with 2.3 billion users ( Most of the people today are getting their source of funds through Youtube because the income from being a Youtuber is a real deal. Ryan Kaji is the highest-paid Youtuber, with an income of $29.5 million U.S. dollars ( 

So advertisers are also focused on promoting their brands or products and services on Youtube because of its huge audience reach. If you plan to market your content, also focus on creating valuable content related to your brand. You can make video tutorials, video hacks, informational videos, how-to videos, etc.

3) WhatsApp

WhatsApp has over 2 billion users worldwide ( It’s one of the most effective platforms to market the content of your brand, products, or services. You can create a broadcast list on a topic and you can broadcast it to your contacts, you can put your broadcast message with links to your web page or landing page. 

You can also join group chats, you can post your content there for your brand or products, you can also create your own promotions or offers on WhatsApp, and it also has messaging features that you can use for quality content and be able to send quality videos, images, and audio related to your brand. WhatsApp has many features, it has great potential that you can reach many audiences for your products and services.

4) Messenger

Messenger has 1.3 billion users worldwide but is expected to grow to 2.1 billion users by 2021 according to data. We can’t deny that with the advancement of technology today, almost no one uses a sim card to send messages and make calls because most of us are more comfortable using messenger. It’s very easy to use, messages come in and out quickly, and even calls are through the messenger. 

Most of the people hang out on the messenger so some of the advertisers are advertising using the messenger. Messenger has great potential in terms of content marketing, as long as your message is delivered well and not creepy, you can get prospects or audience using this platform. You can also create your own creatives and promote them in your group chats on messenger. So this is one of the platforms that most online marketers consider.

5) Instagram

Instagram has 1.074 billion users worldwide based on its latest update of 2021. You can market your content here, just make sure your content is compelling and your captions are captivating.

If you notice many have also focused attention on instagram marketing because usually influencers and famous celebrities are hanging out on instagram so fans of these influencers and celebrities are of course also hanging out on instagram.

So the Instagram platform can also provide a great opportunity for your content marketing strategy. Note: Your Instagram must be switched to a Business account if you are going to do your content marketing here.

6) TikTok

It’s one of the most popular favorites today, no matter what generation you belong to. It has over 689 million users and the marketing on this app is not very saturated so it is one of the focuses of some digital marketers ( But most of the users of Tiktok are generation Z so make sure that the content you offer them is popular with Generation Z. Make a compelling and captivating copy and if you target correctly then you may be able to reach a portion of that  689 million users of this platform.

7) Twitter

Twitter has 192 million active users of which 63% are aged 35 to 65. 66% of users are male and 34 percent are female ( Often celebrities from various sectors are also on Twitter. If you want your brand to be known in the Twitter community, just make sure your Twitter posts are consistent and also make sure they are engaging. You can use some of Twitter’s features like ‘Twitter polls’ and ‘Ask Questions’.

There are many other platforms you can use to distribute or share your brand/product content. There’s Medium, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Pinterest, Reddit, Viber, and many more.

If you are consistent in posting and uploading your content across these platforms, your brand will definitely be known to the world. Just make sure your content is engaging, has value, helps people, and is customer-driven. And of course, don’t forget to make your content relevant to your brand/products/services.

Whatever other strategy you use to achieve your goal in your content marketing, the important thing is that it provides value to your readers. It is also very important that there are lessons to be learned from your content and help the audiences of your niche. They say, “it’s all about what you do for them that matters”.

Want to learn a step-by-step and simpler guide on How to start to write an SEO-Focused content copy?

Do you have a business idea but you want to start to create a blog or content on it? Let me give you my FREE Guide on how to write a blog or content with SEO in mind!  👇👇👇

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Disclaimer: This review contains my Semrush affiliate link & other affiliate links which may provide a small commission to me for every sale generated on this link at no cost to you. However, they are the number one tool I wholeheartedly recommend to anyone looking to improve their business performance and generate more leads and sales on their brands.

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