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Content Writing is one of the most in-demand jobs nowadays and it is also one of the most overlooked jobs. The average income of a content writer can sum up to $$50,109/ year.

Many companies are looking for content writers all over the world and some of them are even willing to pay $200-$1000 per content copy. That’s how in-demand this job is.

You don’t need to get a diploma or certificate for your writing skills because content writing is easy to learn and with the help of a writing tool, you can easily write a content/article that can attract a large audience and help you even more to easily reach the top of Google’s SERP.

But How do you even start writing content that sells or how do you earn money from content writing?

By the end of this article, you will discover how to write content that sells products and how to easily write content with SEO in mind using a content writing tool?

Before you start your content writing career, you have to ask yourself first.

Do you think you have what it takes to become a writer?

Do you love to educate people by writing?

Do you have the patience to research the topic that you’re to write about?

If all is yes, then this article is for you!

Content Marketing and Writing Statistics 2021

✓ $51,883/year is the average salary of a Content Marketing Expert. (

$50,109 /year is the Average Salary of a Content Writer. (

5,785 content writers currently employed in the United States. (

47% of businesses say they increased their content marketing budget by over $10k annually which is higher compared to the 38% in 2019. (

70% of marketers are already investing in content marketing. (Hubspot)

95% of Google searcher’s stay on the first page of Google that’s why SEO is very important in your Content. (Curvearro)

✓ The Content Marketing Market is expected to grow by USD 417.85 billion during 2021-2025. (


What do you need first before starting your content writing career?

If you have a product(physical/digital) or an affiliate product you will need a landing page or a website where you can post all your content online.

Before getting a website you need to make sure that the web hosting is reliable, fast, secure, and already established.

Bluehost is the #1 most recommended web hosting by WordPress, and it is one of the highly recommended web hosting among website designers because of its fast and reliable server.

You can check my blog on How To Start an Online Business with just a Website, to learn more about Bluehost Web Hosting and to check which plugin and tools you need to install and integrate into your WordPress website to achieve the optimal performance and improve your site’s speed.

Once you activated your website from Bluehost, the following are the things you need to check before writing content.

Content Writing Rule #1: Research your Topics

There is approximately 1.86 Billion websites in the entire world as of June of 2021. (source:

With this number of websites, imagine how many millions of them write content consistently for their websites every day.

There are about 7.5 million blog posts are published every day. (source:

So, in order to stand out among the rest, you have to create content that is search engine optimized and you have to write content that stands out.

Rule #1 – You have to research your topic first before writing content.

You have to ask these questions about your content topic:

Is there a market for my chosen topic I will do?

Is there anyone who can enjoy and learn the topic that I will do?

Do people search for this kind of topic?

There are ways to check if there’s a market for your topic

Using Semrush Tool, you can sign up for their FREE version or you can sign up for a 7-DAY FREE TRIAL for their GURU PLAN to have access to all their features.

After signing up in Semrush Tool, you just have to enter the keyword/s for your topic and you will be brought to the keyword overview page where you can see the number of volumes of the total searches of that specific keyword/topic in a certain location.

If you check the image below, the keyword ‘digital marketing’ has 60.5 thousand searches in United States and a Global search of 639.8 thousand. This only means that people are searching for a topic like this and that there is enough market for this topic.


Imagine if you create content about digital marketing, you optimized it, and you manage to reach the top of Google’s search engines page result.

That’s how many prospects you can have if your content tops the Google search engine’s result page. Imagine if so many people read your content, it’s a huge opportunity.

So, rule #1 is to research the topic using Semrush Tool to check if it receives a lot of search engines searches.

Content Writing Rule #2: Search for your keywords or keyphrases

Keywords and phrases are important in content writing. You will need to carefully choose your keywords to reach the top of search engines page results.

There are a lot of keyword research tools but if you want a tool with marketing in mind, you can sign-up for free with the Semrush tool.

How do you search for your content keywords?

Tip#1 – Use keywords with less than 50 KD (Keyword Difficulty)

Using the same tool, Semrush, enter the keyword for your content. For example, ‘digital marketing’, as you can see in the ‘KD’ tab is it numbered from 1-100 where 100 means that it is very hard for you to rank on search engine using that keyword/s.

But if you use keywords with less than 50 KD, you will have a better chance to rank in search engine as long as you write a unique and well-structured content.

Tip#2 – Use Keywords with high CPC

In Semrush’s Keyword Overview, you will see the CPC (COST PER CLICK). CPC is the average price the advertisers will pay if a user will click their ad with that keyword.

A high CPC only means that there is competition in that given keyword. It means that advertisers are bidding high for that given keyword because they know people are searching for that keyword and they want their ad to be shown first when a user searches for that keyword.

Tip#3 – Use Keywords with high volume

Some keywords have lower KD(Keyword Difficulty) but the search volume is low. You have to make sure that other than the low KD, you also need to check if the keyword has a lot of search volumes.

Tip4 – Use long-tailed keywords

Using long-tailed keywords are more specific keywords that are very important for your content’s SEO. It can help you increase your organic traffic because most people use long-tailed keywords to enter into search engines.

Content Writing Rule #3: Research your Competitors

Researching your competitor’s content will give you an opportunity to optimize your content even more and to make content that’s even better than your competitors. You can use Semrush Tool to search your competitor’s keywords, SEO information, Advertising strategy, and content marketing strategy. 

Using the same keyword, ‘Digital Marketing’. In Semrush Keyword Overview, look for the URL that tops the Google search engines results page.

For my example in the image below, you can see the top 10 URLs with the same ‘digital marketing’ topic.


You can check their contents and make your own version of it but much better. You can put some graphics, embedded videos from Youtube or Vimeo, put some infographics, and a much better structure.

Sign-up for a 7-Day FREE Trial with Semrush to access this feature.

In the Semrush Dashboard, Click on the SEO Content Template under Content Marketing.

Enter your keyword.

Once you enter your keyword, Semrush’s SEO Content Template will give you recommendations on the SEO of your content.

I tried it in my content keyword, in this example below as you can see, Semrush provides SEO recommendations for my content using SEO Content Template features. These analyses are base on Google’s top 10 rivals.


Recommendations such as:

Semantic Keywords. You have to include semantically related words in your content because it can increase the quality of your content, more related words in your content increase its value not just to Google bot but also to your readers.

Backlinks. These are the domains that are linking to your competitors, so Semrush recommends domains that you might wanna reach out to acquire backlinks.

If you want to increase your domain’s authority you need to work on building your backlinks. An increase in domain authority(DR) will give you a chance to rank in Google SERPs.

Readability & Text Length. Based on Semrush’s analysis of the top 10 URLs with the same keyword as yours. SEO Content Template feature will provide you the average readability score of the top 10 URLs. And it’ll also give you recommendations as to how many words you can write for your content or article.

Using this feature from Semrush, it is much easier for me to look for domains that I can reach out to guest post for my backlinks and I don’t have to search for semantic words since it’s already given by this tool.


You can also see how your competitors use your target keywords. How they use them in their titles, First paragraphs, second paragraphs, etc.

img src="24.png" alt="content writing"
img src="25.png" alt="content writing"

By knowing this information, you’ll have the opportunity to optimize your content even more. You can write a much better and more optimized title and content.

And lastly, this feature from Semrush also provides a basic recommendation for your on-page SEO.

See the sample recommendation below for my keyword:

> Page Title

  • Add at least one of your target keywords, don’t use each target keyword more than 1 time: digital marketing
  • Don’t use each target keyword more than 1 time.
  • Optimal title length: 55 characters.

> Meta description

  • Optimal meta description length: 160 characters.

> H1

  • Add at least one of your target keywords, don’t use each target keyword more than 1 time: digital marketing

> Text

  • Add all your target keywords at least one time: digital marketing
img src="26.png" alt="content writing"

You can try this SEO Content Template feature from Semrush and check it for yourself by signing up for a 7-Day FREE Trial and discover for yourself how efficient and effective this tool is.

Let’s do a quick recap:

✓ You have researched you topic

✓ You have researched your keywords

✓ You have researched your Competitor’s content

The next stop is SEO . . .

Content Writing Rule #4: Write an Optimized Content

Using Semrush SEO writing Assistant, as you can see in the image below, you can write your content and beside it, you will see a real-time analysis of your content.

Semrush’s SEO Writing Assistant Quick Checker field will ask you ‘What are you writing about? This is where you will enter your keywords and keyphrases.

img src="web-photo-10.png" alt="content writing"

Just enter your keywords and as you write your content you can see your SEO score, target keywords, keyword recommendations, title issues, and other On-page SEO issues and recommendations.

img src="web-photo-11.png" alt="content writing"

Content structure is also important in SEO content writing, you have to properly use your H1, H2, H3, position your links (outbound links and internal links), adding images and infographics can also increase your chance to rank in Google search engine, and you can also embed videos from Youtube or Vimeo.

If you notice when searching in Google, sometimes the top result is the videos from Youtube. This only means that adding videos from outside sources can increase your ranking in the Google search engine.

You need to separate long paragraphs to improve your readability score and this feature from Semrush also provides insights if you have issues with your Content. Take a look at my example below:

img src="website-photo-1.png" alt="content writing"

You have to be consistent with the tone of your text to improve your tone of voice and you also have to write engaging and high-quality content to attract more of your target audience and to increase your Google ranking.

You will also have to check each recommendation on the right side to create great content and to get a perfect 10 score in terms of Readability, SEO, Tone of Voice, and Originality Scores.

img src="web-photo-12.png" alt="content writing"

What I like most about this SEO Writing Assistant feature of SEMRUSH is that it is very easy to use and very easy to understand.

You can easily check your readability status, SEO, Tone of Voice, and you can even check the Originality scores of your content.

Originality in your content is very important to rank on Google that’s why you have Semrush’s SEO Writing Assistant Tool to check your content for plagiarism and to avoid any issues in Google ranking and maintain its relevance and value. It’s a very efficient tool to use for content writing and SEO.

You can also use Semrush’s SEO Content Template and SEO Writing Assistant feature in creating copy for your Video Content, Social Media Captions, and even Google Ads Copy.

To be on top of Google’s search results, sign-up for a 7-Day FREE Trial in Semrush to access their SEO Content Template and SEO Writing Assistant Tool. You can start attracting more prospects, generate more leads and increase your sales conversion rates.


✓ You have researched you topic

✓ You have researched your keywords

✓ You have researched your Competitor’s content

✓ You have written an Optimized Content

Content Writing Rule #5: Automate your Content Distribution

You have two option to deliver your content to your target audiences

1) Facebook Ads/Google Ads

However, many of our advertisers today are burning their money in advertising because of the algorithm update. The IOS 14 update makes their ads not giving quality leads and not reaching quality audiences and their ads are bleeding them.

But you have other options. . .

2) Content Marketing

Using Semrush Tool, you can utilize their Social Media feature to automate the distribution of your content across all social media platforms. As you can see in the image below you can schedule your social media post in advance.

img src="web-photo-14.png" alt="content writing"

You can choose what date and time to post it on your social media accounts. These social media platforms include: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Ad Campaigns, and Youtube

If you want to improve your brand awareness you need to repurpose your content to reach more audiences on all social media platforms.

I have laid down different content marketing strategies that you can apply for your brand and content. Check out this Content Marketing Strategy article.


Now you see how this Semrush’s SEO Content Template and SEO Writing Assistant provides you an instant analysis of your content’s On-page SEO by giving keywords and semantically related keywords recommendations, backlinks recommendations, and shows you how your competitors used your target keywords.

And gives you analysis and recommendations on your readability score, tone of voice, SEO Scores, and your Originality Scores.

Every time I write a blog or article, it is so hard for me to fix my readability using a different WordPress plugin, but by using Semrush’s SEO Writing Assistant I can easily identify my readability issues and identify which lines or paragraphs needs to fix to make sure that the text are optimized for the clarity of reading.

It’s also easy to identify the lines or paragraphs that need improvement on the tone of voice and I am more confident now that my texts are easy to understand and easy to read because of Semrush’s SEO Writing Assistant.

And with Semrush’s SEO Content Template, it’s very easy for me to check the top domains for my chosen keyword, and the tool is very organized, I can easily identify how my competitors are using the same keyword, and it’s easy for me to study and research my competitors content.

You just have to properly implement these 5 Content Writing rules and use Semrush’s Tool Features such as SEO Content Template and SEO Writing Assistant to write search engine optimized content.

You don’t need to get an additional tool or automation software to write your own content and automate your content marketing and the distribution of your relevant content across your social media accounts.

You don’t need to hire a content writer and spend thousands of dollars on every article because you can also order content writing in Semrush.

Just click the button below to order content writing from Semrush.

Disclaimer: This review contains my Semrush affiliate link & other affiliate links which may provide a small commission to me for every sale generated on this link at no cost to you. However, they are the number one tool I wholeheartedly recommend to anyone looking to improve their content SEO and to help them write and optimized content for their website to top the search engine results page and attract more audience for their website.

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