Do You Need To Check Email Logs In WordPress?

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The importance email list building

A great philosopher once said, “If you’re not building an email list, you’re not building a business.” This is the main reason why most businesses today will even pay a high amount just to get a high-quality email list. This is how important building an email list is.

Because if you in an online business for quite some time and you’ve done all kinds of marketing for your business or brand, Whether that’d be email marketing, social media marketing, SEO, and digital marketing, the main dilemma among marketers is the change in algorithm of these major platforms. Youtube, Facebook, Google.

Every now and then these major social media platforms changed their algorithm and with each of these changes, the efforts of some marketers to develop a marketing strategy can be wasted or can even survive if they are lucky.

That’s why it is important to keep in mind to build your own email list if you ever start an online business. Why? Because regardless of all platforms will change their algorithms, your email list will always be with you, it is your own property. Email lists are part of your business’s lifeblood.

Here’s the updated statistic about emails in 2021

1) There are 3.9 billion active email users (source)

– Imagine if you have at least 1 % of these 3.9 billion active users, and all of them are high-quality, meaning they are interested in what your niche is and what you’re about to offer to them. 1% is just a small portion of the pie and even if it’s just a tiny portion that’s already 39 million people. This is the main reason why most marketers include email marketers as part of their focus in digital marketing.

2)  American workers will receive an average of 126 emails a day. (source:

–   Email Inboxes of our prospects are becoming more and more saturated, that’s why every email sent it should stand out starting from the subject line to the message itself and how optimize our email is. Also, if you’re starting to build an email list and our email inboxes are becoming saturated, it is crucial that we track our emails if it was sent or not. 

3)  Nearly 60 billion junk emails will be sent each day in the next 4 years. (

–  Because of the spam laws and the rise of spam filtering, it is very important that we configure our emails correctly so that they will not be put under the spam folder of our email recipient. One best solution to fix these deliverability issues is to use and install this WordPress plugin on your site, WP Mail SMTP. We’ll tackle more of this in the next section.

4)  82% of workers check email outside of normal business hours. (source: 

–   This statistic is helpful for email marketers to know when will be the best time to send emails where our prospects are reading it and where there’s little competition. According to other data, weekends have the best open rates and click rates. It is important to track the time our emails were sent and these data can be used in our email analysis.

5)  87% of marketers use email campaigns to nurture their audiences. (source:

–  You can use to create your email campaigns, they have over 600 email templates you can use without a need for any coding. And if you don’t want your emails to be routed to the spam folders, WP Mail SMTP is the most recommended SMTP plugin by the business owner.

With this being said, there are 3 main problems most business owners face right now.

  1. They find it hard to scale their online business because of poor marketing implementation and a lack of an effective system
  2. They struggle with their email marketing campaigns because their emails are poorly built, not optimize, and it has lesser open/click rates.
  3. Most email marketers struggle because their emails are being sent to the recipient’s junk mail or spam which will give them fewer conversion rates
  4. Most business owners and marketers don’t have a system to track down their emails, so they’re having a hard time checking if the emails were sent or not, or if it has been delivered, or if it was sent to the right prospect.

By the end of this article you will find out how to scale your business using effective email templates for your campaign, the best email marketing tool to help you out in optimizing your emails, and finally, you’ll find out the best SMTP plugin (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) to fix your email deliverability issues, to check on your email logs, to track if your emails were sent or not, it was sent the right recipient or prospect.

Follow this system to help you with your email marketing campaigns:

1)   Use optimized email templates in your campaign. Check them out on

2 Utilized email marketing tool to automate your email campaigns.

3)  Create compelling email subject lines that will increase your email opens or click rates.

If you a copy of my list of the words to use and to avoid in email campaigns. I have over 600 lists of words, just click the button and I’ll email you my copy. I can also give you a copy of my 30 attention-grabbing email subject lines you can use in your email campaigns.

4) Use an email delivery system to make sure your emails are being sent directly to your prospect’s inbox folder and not in the spam folder. Because most marketers struggle about their emails being put in the spam because it can decrease your email opens and you won’t be able to convert your prospects. Your thousands of email lists will be useless if that happens.

5) Always check and track all incoming and outgoing emails. You will need a system or email logs that’ll help you to easily check them for you.

What is WP Mail SMTP?

WP Mail SMTP is the Most Popular WordPress SMTP and PHP Mailer Plugin. This WordPress plugin will help you out with your email deliverability issues, such as emails being sent to spam and with the help of WP Mail SMTP email logs, this plugin will also allow you to track your emails if it was delivered or not, what time it was delivered, or if it was delivered to the correct person, recover lost emails, and more.

Here are the details you can monitor using email log features of WP Mail SMTP:

  1. Email Status (Lets you know if it was sent successfully)
  2. Date and Time Sent
  3. Subject Line
  4. Recipient Email Address(es) (including CC and BCC)
  5. From Email
  6. Number of Attachments (for multiple attachments form where your users can upload multiple attachments like .doc, .ppt, .pdf in your contact forms) 
  7. Mailer Options Used
  8. Additional Technical Details (such as content-type, MIME, etc.)
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Using this detailed information on your email logs, you can immediately work on improving your email campaigns & notifications, and by tracking which emails did not deliver you can actually prevent issues like losing your customers and working on the problem as soon as possible.

Do you see the importance of checking your email status? Your email list can either make you or break you! Now without a proper implementation of the system, regardless of how huge your list is if you don’t track them or check on them, it will be useless, especially if your emails just ended up in spam folders.

WP Mail SMTP will also allows you to manage emails sent by WordPress:

  1. Comment Notifications – Manage emails sent when comments are published or awaiting moderation.
  2. Site Admin Email Change Notifications – Manage emails sent when the site admin’s account has been changed.
  3. User Change Notifications – Limit emails triggered by password changed/reset, email changed, and more.
  4. Personal Data Requests Notifications – Control emails for data requests and data removal actions.
  5. Automatic Update Notifications – Manage emails sent by the core automatic update process.
  6. New User Notifications – Toggle emails sent to both user and site administrator about new user accounts.

After you install WP Mail SMTP on your WordPress site, just Launch setup wizard to configure the settings, see the steps here to configure: 

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If you’re using Gmail as your mailer, here’s your guide on How to Set Up the Gmail Mailer in WP Mail SMTP.

For your contact forms or any kind of forms to use for capturing emails from your subscribers, you can install the WPForms plugin on your WordPress site, it is the #1 forms builder used by over 4 million website owners. Here’s to get started with WPForms. This is one way to generate more leads to your business.

Another effective way to increase your leads and to build up your email list is to use coupon popups on your website, you can check my article on how to create an effective coupon popup to generate more high-quality leads for your business, check it here. How to boost conversion rate like crazy using coupon popups! 

To create amazing and lead-generating popup forms on your website check out: Optinmonster!

Most digital marketers today focus more on email marketing because emails are one thing that most prospects believe to be a more professional way of dealing with any business transactions compared to just sending DM’S on messenger. 

And the fact that billions of people open their emails every day gives an opportunity to all marketers to present their offers via email copies. 

And tracking your email is more important to check if your emails are sent successfully, the time & date it was sent, and you can finally review the emails you’ve sent, from subject lines to a number of attachments. 

Here are the options you can get from WP Mail SMTP:

img src="email-logs2.png" alt="email logs in wordpress and email tracking"

Here is your checklist to have an effective system for your email campaign:

 ✓ Optimized email templates

✓  Email Marketing Tool

✓  Attention-Grabbing Subject Lines

✓ Compelling Email Copies for your Product/Offers

✓ And finally Email Delivery system, SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol)

If you get this correctly you won’t worry about your email open/click rates because first, you will deliver your emails directly to their inbox not in the spam, with the use of the SMTP plugin, you be utilizing an attention-grabbing email subject lines, you will be creating compelling email copies for your offer, and you will have a system to track your email performance and review your email copies using a WordPress plugin WP Mail SMTP and its email logs.


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