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Introduction on Google Page Speed

Google Page Speed. One of the main dilemmas most businesses endure today is their Google Page Speed. Google Page Speed is everything in every website, it could affect your page user experience and it could affect your conversion rate as well. It is basically one of the determining factor if a customer is happy in their interaction with your website or not. Your Google page speed can either make or break your website/business. Since the update on Google’s mobile-first indexing. Google Page Speed in both desktop and mobile devices is more important than ever.

Website load time and Page load time are dependent on these factors, image sizes, video sizes, page type, file sizes, web hosting server/hosting, coding, hotlinking, plugins, and other tools. 

In the recent data, Google Page speed was determined to be highly impactful on businesses and website’s conversion rate and customer loyalty.

See these recent statistics about Google Page Speed

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Update on Google's Algorithm

Last June 2021 Google updated their algorithm which is Google’s Page Experience Update that added Core Web Vitals as the new ranking factor in the search engine. And one of the main metrics that affected our CoreWeb Vitals is Page Speed or Google Page Speed.

In this blog, Speed Hack to Boost Vitals Score, there are 4 main metrics which was added to the 3 main metrics that Google will rank your site for:

3 main metrics are:

1) Largest Contentful Paint – It measures your page loading performance.
2) First Input Delay – This measures the Interactivity of your pages.
3) Cumulative Layout Shift – This measures how Visually Stable your pages are.

4 new metrics added includes:

  • Mobile-friendliness
  • Safe-browsing
  • HTTPS security
  • Intrusive interstitial guidelines

Just an FYI, Google has over 200 metrics that they use to be the basis of the site’s Core Web Vitals.

In this new update, if your website passes the Core Web Vitals Score, it is more likely to be shown at the top of Google’s search engine which will give you a massive opportunity to reach millions of potential customers or clients. You see, Google is the most visited website in the world as they process on average 63,000 search queries every second, with over 5.6 billion searches every day and a shocking over 2 trillion searches every year in the entire globe, this statistic is based on the 2021 data. (source.

Imagine how many opportunities you’re losing if you can’t rank high on the Google search engine. This is the main reason why large companies are paying more to improve their site’s SEO and hiring skillful SEO specialists to work with their website to rank in Google. And some companies are even paying high on any SEO tools that could help them improve their Core Web Vitals to ensure that their website will rank and be part of SERP’s top 20, top 10, or top 5 results.

Google Analytics tracking script could slow down your site's speed

Google Analytics is being utilized by millions of businesses and website owners because it provides important data about your customers, website visitors, target audience, prospects, and your site’s overall performance. 

The data or insights brought by Google Analytics Tools are widely used especially by online/digital marketers, social media marketers, eCommerce sites, and online stores. These data are needed to analyze the behavior of online consumers, shoppers, website visitors, their interest, their shopping behavior, their demographics, your websites performances including (bounce rate, average session duration, click-through rates, visitor engagements, visitors behavior and characters, and more.)

These data or insights could help marketers improve their marketing strategy, advertising strategy, and content marketing strategy. By understanding the behavior and interests of your audience, their pain and pleasure, you could properly target your audience, could create the perfect messaging for them, and gives you a high chance to convert them into buyers. This is how important Google Analytics tools are. One of the most popular Google Analytics tools or plugins is MonsterInsights, which is widely used by over 3 million professionals to grow their businesses.

In order to record these data with Google Analytics, we use a Global site tag (Gtag. js), a script tag that we have to add to our site/HTML pages to enable the tracking of the data or events from our site. 

By definition, Gtag. js is a JavaScript tagging framework and API that allows you to send event data to Google Analytics, Google Ads, Campaign Manager, Display and Video 360, and Google Marketing Platform. Gtag.js is designed so it’ll be easier to send data to multiple Google products just by adding a code to your website so that you no longer have to spend hours of configuring tags on your site. (Source:

For example: 

  1. Universal Tracking
  2. eCommerce Tracking
  3. Affiliate Link Tracking
  4. Forms Tracking
  5. SEO Score Tracking

For a typical website they might have installed these 5 different script tags just for Google products. Gtag.js however will streamline the website tagging for you, it will put multiple tags for Google products in one place and you can send data to multiple tools at once without separating the tags. (Source:

However, heavy Javascript can affect your google page speed as it can cause additional kilobytes on your page. 

This is one issue that most website owners struggle with because they’re losing customers and sales because of a slow loading web pages.

How to improve your google page speed?

As discussed above, Google Analytics tracking script can slow down your page speed but what if there is a way to fix this issue without a need if any coding skills? 

MonsterInsights update to boost up your site's page speed

MonsterInsights is the #1 Google Analytics  WordPress plugin and is used by over 3 million website owners and professionals to help them get the most detailed, accurate, and real-time data or insights that is needed especially by digital marketers to optimize and improve their marketing and audience targeting strategy.

Once you install MonsterInsights on your website, you can easily set up your Google Analytics. MonsterInsights analyze the issue with Google Analytics tracking script that could cause slow page speed on websites, so, MonsterInsights has updated their plugin’s script loading into a newer and faster version. Though their plugin’s script loading is already fast but with the latest update, it is way faster to load the script to ensure that Google Analytics tracking scripts will no longer slows down the site’s google page speed.

MonterInsights also updated its performance add-on feature and they have added an option to host your gtag.js script locally on your own server. It could mean that if you host your gtag.js locally, the default process would be like this, if you implement Google Analytics in your website, every page load will have to request at least one external file from the Google server and it could cost so much time. But with this new update from MonsterInsights, you now have the option to host your gtag.js on your local server which is actually more efficient.


Using this latest update from MonsterInsights and by hosting your gtag.js locally, you could shorten the load time of your website by minimizing the external resources that your website has to load including Google Analytics JavaScript files, Facebook Pixels JavaScript files, Google Fonts, Images, CSS & JS files by Ads, files from embedded social network accounts including Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter, and files from embedded videos external resources like Youtube and Vimeo. 

Additionally, MonsterInsights performance addon features will automatically fetch the latest gtag.js file from Google every 24hrs to make sure it’s up to date.

These recent update from MonsterInsights will not only speed up your web pages but it also helps you improve your Core Web Vitals score which you will need to pass so that Google will rank you in their search engine page results. 

Ranking in Google’s search engine page result (SERP) is the ultimate dream of almost all business owners and website owners because there are a lot of opportunities you could get in ranking as number 1 in SERP, you could reach thousands to millions of people who are constantly searching in Google. This will apply to all niches, including blog sites and eCommerce sites. 

Easy way to set up MonsterInsights WordPress plugin in your website

Just follow these steps. MonsterInsights plugin has both a free version and PRO version, both are amazing but with PRO Version you can have access to all amazing features from MonsterInsights and you could use these features to get the most detailed and most comprehensive insights, real-time accurate data tracking, and useful information to get to know more your audience. This plugin also helps you improve your site’s performance including your Google page speed, click-through rates, your eCommerce site’s performance, analyze your leads generation, and many more features. 

Step  to set up.

Install MonsterInsights plugin to your website.

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Here we go! Your solution to boost your site speed and improve your google page speed. What you really need to improve your page speed without compromising your best Analytics Tool is to utilize the MonsterInsights Gtag.js local hosting option. By doing this, you could shorten your page load time and speed up your website.

You no longer have to worry about your conversion rates or your visitor’s page experience. Also, Google will reward websites that load faster and your site will have a better chance to be on top of the search engine results page. If you want to learn more about MonsterInsights PRO features, just click the button below.

Disclaimer: This review contains my MonsterInsights affiliate link & other affiliate links which may provide a small commission to me for every sale generated on this link at no cost to you. However, they are the number one tool I wholeheartedly recommend to anyone looking to improve their google page speed and improved the performance of their sites.

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