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What is brand awareness

Brand Awareness. When people start to notice your brand on social media or any other platform and start to follow you, subscribe to your channel or newsletter, and start searching for you on Google, Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, & Tiktok, it only means that you’re improving your brand awareness.

Business Brand awareness is something most brand owners, business owners, digital marketers, and social media marketers want to achieve in today’s era especially now that almost all of us are digitally consumed. We are living in a generation where technology is everywhere, even before we go to sleep and as we wake up we are so attached to each of our gadgets. 

Digital marketers are constantly improving their digital marketing strategy to increase brand awareness of their products or business. There are a couple of brand awareness campaign they have been utilizing which includes social media engagement, social media live events, giveaways, promos, community interactions, forum interactions, making videos on Tiktok and Youtube, and many more compelling offers and tactics to either become viral or just increase brand awareness.

2021 Statistics on Brand Awareness

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The first thing you need to increase your brand awareness

 If you are a business owner who wants to have brand awareness for your business. You first need to have a website where you can bring your audiences to visit. You need a website so that your followers can look you up on Google, read your about page, your contact page, your contents, and most importantly what you do and what you offer to them. Basically, a website is a necessity, so that your prospects could easily see your products or offers on a Landing page or Sales page.

However, before launching your business website you have to have a secure and reliable hosting service. Bluehost is one of the highly recommended reliable web hosting services across all online communities with 99.98 % guaranteed uptime, free domain, free automated backup, free CDN , free SSL Certificate, and a 24/7 hosting support.

Having a professional website for your business will also give you that authority in the market, you’ll increase your brand awareness, and more and more people will trust you because people tend to check a business’s website first before they make a purchase. They check your homepage,  about us page, product page, and more. By being aware of your business, being aware of what you offer, and what solution you offer, you will gain your customer’s trust and loyalty.

I highly recommend Bluehost because it is also the #1 most recommended web hosting by WordPress to start a website and you can start a website with them for only $2.95/month with FREE Domain but you can also check out this list of other best web hosting providers at a very good price.

You need content to attract your target audience and to get online visibility!

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Getting a website for your brand awareness

Bluehost has served more than 2 million websites online and is the number 1 recommended web hosting service by WordPress. The importance of having a website is that it can further build your brand and you can ensure reliability in your business.

Having a website will increase your opportunity to have brand awareness in the online business world. It’s one of the best strategies to increase your brand awareness and survive the online visibility war. Many digital marketers today have been competing just to get attention from people because, without attention from people online, your business will be dead!

Online Attention is a necessity in your business especially today where almost every person hangs out in their social media accounts. That’s why marketing strategies have been evolving nowadays, we have viral marketing strategies, content marketing strategies, social media marketing strategies, and other digital marketing strategies. Therefore, if you want to survive in the online world, you’ll need to increase your brand awareness.

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Getting a website with Bluehost

Bluehost package inclusion: 

✓ For as low as $2.95/month

✓ 99.98% Uptime Guaranteed

✓ FREE SSL Certificates – You can keep personal information, e-commerce transactions and other sensitive data safeguarded with encrypted connections.

✓ FREE Domain registration – This is good for 1 year.

✓ Web hosting

✓ 24/7 customer service

✓ Domain manager – Bluehost domain manager makes it easy to update, transfer, purchase, and manage your domains in one place.

✓ Resource protection – Even if there are other websites on the shared server, your site’s performance stays protected and unaffected.

✓ Scalability – Start with what you need and move to more powerful options as your website grows.

✓ Google Ads -You’ll get a $100 Google Ads credit when you spend your first $25 (valid for new Google Ads customers located in US/Canada) and Give your first campaign an extra kick.

Bluehost also offers a very affordable price with its hosting service, for as low as $ 2.95/month you can have your own website for your business.

Bluehost packages: 

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Disclaimer: This review contains my Bluehost affiliate link which may provide a small commission to me at no cost to you. However, they are the number one tool I wholeheartedly recommend to anyone looking to start and monetize a blog or website. 

How to monetize your website and increase brand awareness

✅ Blog Site or Blogging Business. You can buy a website through Bluehost and you will get a FREE Domain name of your choice. To choose your domain name, it has to be according to your chosen niche. So, think multiple times before deciding your domain name for your website. To monetize your blog site, there are two ways to do it.

1)  Increase your brand awareness and apply to an advertising platform to monetize the traffic of your site.

You can try Adsense, PropellerAds, and so on. For a more comprehensive guide, you can check on these blogs on how to create a website in an easy way and How to start an online business with a website.

2)  Increase your brand awareness and list your products in your website or you can create a landing page/sales page to list your offer/services.

If you want to try a dropshipping business, eCommerce, or maybe digital products selling or coaching services. You can list all your products, offers, and program on your website. You can even start a membership site if you sell educational products, like video tutorials and webinars.

Increase brand awareness with Guest Blogging and Blogging with Medium.

Guest Blogging. It’s one effective way to increase brand awareness. It allows you to Guest blog to another website, you can link your site to them, and you can post your author’s information on their website. By doing so, you could improve your site’s domain authority and visitors from that other site will see your profile and your brand and they might as well visit your site and subscribe to your newsletter. One thing to remember before applying to Guest blog on a certain domain, make sure your guest blogging to an established website/domain, how to check on this?

✓ Check on their domain authority. Domain authority between 40 and 50 is considered average, between 50 and 60 is considered good and over 60 is considered excellent. (

✓Before you quest blog to a certain website, make sure that your niche or your topic will interest their audience.

✓ Before you reach out to the owner of the website or their guest blogging in charge, make sure you research their content first and come up with an interesting topic that they have not covered yet. You can use these emails templates when you’re doing outreach for your guest blog.

To check the domain authority of a website, you can enter its URL here in Semrush. If you want a list of email templates that you could use for your outreach on guest blogging, I could send it to you, just enter your details here.

Free Blogging with Medium. Medium is an online publishing platform with over 60 million monthly active users. If you want to increase your brand awareness, you can start off by writing an interesting topic that is relevant to your niche on Medium. This is another way to let people know about you and your brand by writing to over 60 million active users on Medium. 

FREE Email templates to use for Guest Blogging Outreach! Where should I send it?

✅ Affiliate marketing Site. With affiliate marketing sites you can write an article, blog, product reviews, and product comparisons of the affiliate products(physical or digital) or services you’re promoting, and once your audience or visitor clicks your affiliate link and successfully registered or purchased that product or services, you will then receive a commission from the affiliate company. 

You can buy a website through Bluehost and you will get a FREE Domain name of your choice. There are multiple Affiliate programs you can apply as an affiliate marketer, one is Amazon affiliate program, Fiverr affiliate program, Shareasale, live chat partner program, Cloudways affiliate program, Sendinblue, Greengeeks affiliate program, and even Bluehost has an affiliate program too and a lot more affiliate programs you can join.

Promote your affiliate marketing products and increase your brand awareness

There are two ways to promote your affiliate products or services: 

1)  Create informational content/blog about the product or services or programs of your affiliate programs. That’s why it is important to have a website where you can create your own content about your affiliate products. Once you have your contents live, you can share them across all your social media accounts, social media groups, forums, and you can engage with your groups like Fb groups by commenting when someone asks something that is relevant to your topic, you can give them your link and let them read it.

How to maximize your social media accounts:

✓ Create  Pages (eg FB Pages)

✓ Create Groups (eg FB Groups)

✓ Join Fb Groups or other social media groups

✓ Join Community (eg Reddit community)

✓ Connect with other entrepreneurs/brand influencers (connect with them on IG, LinkedIn, FB, Twitter, Snapchat, Whatsapp, Viber, and more)

✓ Engage with your social media community or groups. Always be active. Answer questions and share your knowledge.

2)  Share your affiliate links directly with your customers. You need to always check the rules of your affiliate programs if they will allow you to directly send your links to your customers without having to go through a landing page. But some affiliate programs allow this tactic. Once you joined other FB groups or other social media groups, there are always people who would ask about your niche, so it is your chance to answer their questions along with your affiliate link. Some people would ask about product recommendations,  if you are an Amazon affiliate of Involve Asia affiliate, you can always share your best product link with them.

✅ Paid membership sites. There are some loyal audiences who are willing to pay to your paid membership site just to continuously receive updates and stories on your site. You can also set up a paid membership site for your exclusive webinars, video tutorials, checklists, exclusive blogs, exclusive updates, and more. Once you provide them the best content, stories, blogs, and tutorials that they will find valuable, people will sign up on your membership site. So long as you provide them the value they need, they will stick to you.

To invite people to your membership site, you will have to work on your brand awareness by giving them free live events on your social media account (eg FB Live event), you can also give them free short eBook, free webinars, free checklist, free blueprint, free templates, free swipe file, free system, free trial, free 7-day action plan, and so on. Doing this tactic, will not only increase your brand awareness but you will also generate more leads because for them to receive your freebies they will have to give you their email address in exchange for the freebies you’re giving them.

✅  Dropshipping Site. If you love to promote other people’s product/s you can create your own Dropshipping site and start listing products on your site. Here are the steps before you start your own dropshipping business: 

Research the market. Research products you want to promote. There are many platforms and ways to find out which products are the best to sell on your dropshipping site. You can check on Trendhunter, they always post updates about the new trends for a week, month, or day. Amazon Movers & Shakers, you will see products in movers and shakers that are going up on the trend.

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Amazon Best Sellers, you can also check the best-selling products on Amazon Bestseller items and find ideas on which products you would like to list on your dropshipping site. Aliexpress Best Sellers, you can search the product on Aliexpress and it will show you which items/brands is selling the most then you can use an extension so that you can easily import Aliexpress product directly to your Dropshipping store. (eg extension is WooCommerce Aliexpress Dropshipping Extension).


Build your dropshipping site. To build your dropshipping site you will need to have a reliable and fast website that can handle large quantities of photos, eCommerce plugins and tools, and many visitors. Because Dropshipping online site will require quite an amount of photos for your products, WordPress theme, and plugins to install in your dropshipping site, plugins that will handle your payments and security, and you will need a reliable and fast website to handle thousands of monthly visitors because once you’ve worked on your brand awareness, people will be visiting your site constantly.

 I highly recommend Bluehost web hosting to get your website, they have 99.98% uptime guaranteed and a free domain, you can check more features here. You can also check on other web hosting providers that also offer high uptime, high bandwidth, and other best features at a very affordable price, check the lists here. If you’re a beginner in dropshipping business, you can start off by listing your first 20 products so that you won’t be overwhelmed. But make sure you gradually add more and more products to your online store so that your customers will continue to visit your online store. The more high-quality products you list, the more people will get attracted to your store.

Once your customer purchased and paid from your site you can then place the order in your chosen dropshipping supplier’s platform. Always check their policy or rules especially their MOP or mode of payment and their return policy. Also, make sure you choose your dropshipping supplier carefully because nowadays there’s been a lot of scams roaming around the internet and they target those people who are new. 

Start promoting your dropshipping site or the link to your products. You can utilize Facebook Ads to promote your dropshipping site/product link, it is one of the most effective ways so that your product offer really reaches your target customers. Follow me on Youtube, because I will be creating an in-depth tutorial on Facebook Ads. There are a lot more ways to promote your dropshipping site or product link, please check on my blog on Content marketing strategies and digital marketing strategies. 

✅  Brand Site. If you have your own brand, might as well get your own website. Why? To build your credibility as a business and for people to trust your brand/business. Because in a website, you can put an about page that explains what your business is all about and what you can offer. You can also feature all your products and services on your brand site and let your prospects visit your website to check for your offers.

 In building your own brand site, it’s not necessarily physical products, well if you have a physical product on hand it is really important for your to build your own brand website. If you don’t have a physical product, you can start and build your brand with digital products or start your own coaching business. You can get a website from Bluehost or other web hosting providers and start working on your brand awareness.

Whatever niche your working in, you can increase your brand awareness and online visibility long as you have a proper marketing strategy for your content,  product, or your brand. Please check these out for your guide, Content Marketing Strategy & Digital marketing strategy 2021.

If you’re serious about getting that online visibility or brand awareness for your business? You will definitely achieve your goal and you can showcase your brand or business or programs on your website. Having a website can give you an advantage in the online world because you can do a lot of things with the website in your business. You can create content for your brand and start content marketing, you can improve your SEO and start ranking on Google search engine’s top 10, and start reaching at least part of the 5.6 billion searches per day on Google.

Get your own website, build your brand with your website, and start earning with your site today! 

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