How To Make Life Easier With WPForms And Zapier?

So, how do WPForms and Zapier makes our life easier? Learn how WPForms and Zapier integration can save you a lot of workloads and allows you to focus more on your major tasks.

More than 4 million professionals use WPForms for their websites and also to install WPForms that can effectively boost their leads. That is why when it comes to contact forms, WPForms plugin is immediately recommended by website builders, website designers, professionals, business owners, and others.

So, in more than 5 years of the industry since it launched in 2016, WPForms continues to deliver a seamless service to online businesses. This includes continuously improving their service to make our Website forms even better and we can further improve our lead and sales conversion.

One of the ways WPForms to further improve its service is to integrate WPForms with various apps or tools that can really help us, especially for those who want to increase revenue or increase leads.

In this WPForms and Zapier Integration, it will be easier for us to create small tasks and automate them. As a result, the work will be easier, we will be more efficient, we will be more productive, and we will be able to focus more on the important jobs.

This will have a huge impact, especially on the yield of the company or business, because we save more time, effort, and money with the same result.

Let’s get to know Zapier first!

Zapier is an automation service provider that will help you automate some of your jobs so you can focus on important work.

With Zapier, you can connect your WPForms to over 3000 applications to automate, thus reducing your workload.

You know, in today’s world, automation is a battle.

That is why every company is also engaged in automation, including WPForms.

To start your automation with WPForms and Zapier, create your WPForms account first, click here.


What are the coverages of WPForms & Zapier Integration?

The integration between WPForms & Zapier can make your life easier because in just a few clicks you can easily create some important items in your work or business. Over 3000 applications can be integrated with WPForms for optimal time and effort savings.

Here are some of the integration between WPForms & Zapier

Each time there is a new WPForm entries, it will be automatically sent to your specific Google Sheet Spreadsheet. This saves your time especially if you want to see all your entries listed in one place. 

Whenever there is a new WPForm entry, Zapier will then create & update your lead contact for you. This will help you track your leads for more sales conversions.

This is another lead generation process, so, whenever a WPForm entry is in place, Zapier will record your new lead in Salesforce.  

In Zapier dashboard, you can create a zap either on the left button ‘make a zap’ which is located on the upper left side or you can click the ‘create zap’ at the center of the dashboard.

Search for WPForms in this area, our Trigger is WPForms new form entry.

Sign in to your WPForms account. Then click on the add action field.

Search in Salesforce in this field. You will be asked to log in to your Salesforce account. 

Fill out this form to finally create your lead generation process with Zapier. You will be given multiple options in the Salesforce object button and the parent campaign, it should be your ‘Trigger Step’. After filling out the form, click on continue.

Once there a new entry in your WPForms, zapier will automatically sends a notification in your Slack Channel.

If your user fill out your WPForms and submit it with a date and time in the field, Zapier will then create a Google Calendar event at the time and date your user put in. This is very efficient for client booking forms, appointment request forms, event submission forms, and more.

Sample Set up. 

In ZAPIER DASHBOARD, type in WPForms in the ‘Connect this APP’ button.

Type Google, then choose Google Calendar.

In this button, select a ‘trigger’, that would be New Form Entry’ if someone inputs information in your WPForm.

In this button, you will be given an option or choice as to what you would want Zapier to do after a user enters information in your WPForms. 

After choosing your Action, click on Try it button below.

Sign in to your WPForms account. 

After signing in to WPForms, you will be asked to sign in to your Google account. Then click continue.

Just fill out the information, then click continue. Zapier will create a Google Calendar Event using the date and time the user entered in your WPForms. 

Lastly, you can then test your creation. 

You can also integrate WPForms with Trello. Every time there is a new WPFroms entries, Zapier will add these entries in your Trello Board, and Trello creates a card out of it where you can assign these cards to your members with a to-do list on it. This is efficient for project management.

With Zapier, you can save all your WPForms file uploads in you Google Drive. When a user uploads something in your WPForms and submitted it, Zapier will automatically save those file uploads in your Google Drive.

A new WPForms entry is made and Zapier will automatically copies the entry and put it in your Google Spreadsheets.

you can create page post, page photo, page video, & change page profile photo whenever there’s a new WPForms entry is made. 

Sample set up.

In your Zapier Dashboard, just click on ‘make a zap’ at the upper right corner, then search for WPForms in the Trigger box field.

Click the + sign below the box, then in this ‘Action’ form, choose Facebook Pages.

In the Choose app & event, choose Facebook Pages.

Choose an Action Event in this box. Just scroll down and you will be shown multiple choices. 

Sign in to your Facebook account.

Just click continue as

Choose the Facebook page where you want Zapier to post.

You can then set-up an action. Once you fill out the necessary information you can then click on to continue. You will then routed to the testing page. 

After you connect WPForms with Hubspot, whenever there is a new entry in your WPForms, Zapier can create some task to Hubspot such as, add contact to list in Hubspot, add contact to workflow in HubSpot, Create associations in HubSpot, Create calendar task, Create company in HubSpot, Create deal in HubSpot , Create deal deprecated in HubSpot, Create engagement in HubSpot , Update contact in HubSpot, Update product in HubSpot, Update deal in HubSpot and more.

You will be able to create and send invoices, create projects, create estimates, add payments to invoice, and more.

Click the ‘Make a new zap’ button.

Search for WPForms as your Trigger. Trigger event should be New form entry in WPForms.

Search for Freshbooks, this is where your going to connect your WPForms. 

Choose an event in the box, you will be given options.

After choosing for an action event. Click continue

You will be asked to log in to your Freshbook account and just click on allow for the pop-up. Click continue.

Just fill out this form then click continue at the bottom. You will be routed to the testing area where you can test your integration. Zapier can now create an invoice in your Freshbooks.

You can connect many more or integrate more with WPForms using Zapier Integration. This will definitely make your life easier using this integration. Just go to WPForm first and create your account. After creating your account with WPForm, go to to create your account with them.

To learn more about WPForms and its powerful features, check out this blog on the 7 power features of WPForms. 

Using this combination of  WPForms and Zapier Integration, you can automate almost every task in every apps and tool available to increase your leads and sales conversion. Automation is really important as it plays a big role, especially in our marketing activities and strategies. It’s been used by almost all digital marketers because it’s already proven that there is an increase in their leads and sales conversion with marketing automation.

Check out some interesting facts about marketing automation: 

✓ According to the latest statistics, the Marketing automation industry net worth is estimated at $ 6.87 Billion last year, 2020. And it is forecasted to soar up to $ 19.66 Billion in 2026. (source)

✓ On average marketing automation have increased sales productivity up to 14.5%  and 12.2 % reduction in marketing overhead. (source)

✓ And 80 % of marketing automation users has seen an increase of their leads with the use of marketing automation tools and software. (source)

✓ 77 % have an increase in their conversions with marketing automation. (source)

✓ At least 63 % of  digital marketers said that they will increase their marketing automation budget soon. (source)

✓ 91% of digital marketers said that its very important to use marketing automation as it is crucial on the success of their online marketing activities. (source)

It is so easy to integrate WPForms with other useful apps and tools. In just a few clicks you can start automating your WPForms with the help of Zapier Integrations. This partnership is just the best, both applications are so easy to use and very convenient.

With WPForms and Zapier Integration, you can now focus on your major job because small tasks are being automated and with the help of WPForms and Zapier Integration, our lives at work or at business are becoming easier.

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