How to monetize website using WPAdCenter Plugin by WPeka

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How to Monetize Website with WPAdcenter plugin Features

How to monetize website? This is what most people with websites used to search for in Google. But what is really the best and easy way to monetize your Website? By the end of this blog, you will discover how to monetize website and learn the tool that helps you manage your website ads.

WPAdcenter plugin by WPeka is the #1 WordPress plugin that helps you manages your Ads across your website, WPAdcenter plugin by WPeka has a lot of amazing features you can utilize for your website Ads without compromising your website speed. Let’s get to know WPAdcenter plugin by WPeka.

When the pandemic erupted last year, many businesses closed, especially traditional businesses because they did not have enough knowledge or a robust online system for their business. Many have also been able to adjust and have saved their business, they just entered the online world and that’s it, until now their business is still standing.

There is a lot of shift now in the online business, the former traditional business, now they have an online store and others are really making a lot of money in their online stores or online business. So if you don’t want to be left behind, you have to shift right in the online world.

Why businesses are shifting in the online world? Because there are so many opportunities online, if before entrepreneurs advertised on television, now they already used Youtube, or Facebook, or Google. Because you can reach many audiences in the online world, you have the potential to reach millions of audiences on online platforms.

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So most advertisers today are already advertising on Google, Facebook, Youtube, APPS, Social media platforms, and more. According to the study, the average ROAS (Return on advertising spend) of Google Ads is 200%, or for every $ 1 spent on advertising, it earns up to $ 2. So many advertise with Google ads, actually leading Google ads on advertising platforms, followed by Facebook and Instagram, third is BingsAds, and so on. (source:


And one of the most popular sources of income today online Ads. And the Blogs site is the top website that monetizes Google Adsense.  For every 1000 views on your blogs, Google Adsense will pay you $ 2, what if you have millions of views, you also earn thousands from Ads alone, your possible sales to your audiences are not included if you have affiliate links. (source:

But of course, if you do Ads on your website, you need an ad management system, Why? Because when you recklessly display ads on your website without an ads management system, you can lose viewers by being annoyed with your ads that are not in place.

One of the most reliable ads management systems is the WordPress WPAdcenter plugin by WPeka, one of the great features of WPAdcenter is that you can manage your Google Ads and Banner Ads and you can place them where you want them to be placed. 

The WPAdcenter plugin by WPeka is also a lightweight plugin, meaning it won’t affect your website’s speed and it will protect your site from slowing down due to ads. There is a tendency for ads to slow down the speed of our websites, so if there is no proper ads management system, your website’s performance will be really damaged, especially the page experience and user experience scoring which is very important in ranking your page on Google search engine.

Introduction: WPAdcenter plugin by WPeka

WPAdcenter plugin by WPeka can be integrated with major ad platforms such as Google Adsense, Amazon Advertising,, and other popular platforms. This will give you the opportunity to increase your Ads earnings through your website. 

In the WPAdcenter plugin by WPeka, you can also utilize many of its advanced features, one of which is Geo location-based ads where you can target your audience using their specific location, it is effective if you want to target audiences in a specific location or place.

WPAdcenter plugin by WPeka also has Ad block detection, it is an Ads Technology that can prevent ad-blocking software so that you can still deliver your message to your target audience. Ad Rotation technology, WPeka’s WPAdcenter plugin also has a feature that allows you to set up your Ads, especially when you have many Ads because you can’t display more than one ad in your account. That’s the reason to rotate your Ad.

AMP Ads or Accelerated mobile pages, most online users use mobile devices, so it is better that your ads or banner ads are optimized on all devices especially on mobile devices. With the AMP ads feature of the WPAdcenter plugin by WPeka, it will ensure that the ads that are displayed on your website are optimized using mobile devices or even any device. Please check this out for more information on WPAdcenter features.

You also have the option to schedule the display of ads on your website, with the WPAdcenter plugin by WPeka you can insert your ads in any pages or posts using only widgets, blocks, and shortcodes/codes. You can also see the status of your website’s ads, the performance of each ad, you can also see here what ads are performing and what are not and you have the opportunity to optimize your campaigns.

All these amazing features can be accessed under one platform with the WPAdcenter plugin by WPeka for only $ 19/year which is already a very good price, you don’t have to install or download another add ons plus they also have amazing support available all the time to assist you or help you if you encounter problems setting up your ads or managing your ads using the WPAdcenter plugin by WPeka.

It’s also easy to connect your WPAdcenter to Google Adsense, it’s easy to integrate them and it’s also easy to set up the ads you want to display on your website.

WPAdcenter plugin by WPeka features:

✓ Fast and easy setup
✓ Simple and interactive interface
✓ Flexible Ads Placement
✓ Display banner image ads
✓ Google AdSense Account Integration
✓ Display ads from any ad network (Amazon Shopping Ads,, DoubleClick (DFP), Ezoic, InfoLinks, Tradedoubler, Awin, Getyourguide, The Moneytizer, and more)
✓ Create unlimited ads
✓ Schedule Ads
✓ Manage Ad Rotation
✓ Detailed Statistics and Reporting
✓ Script Inserter
✓ Custom Alignments
✓ Place ads in Template File
✓ Ads.txt
✓ Adblock Detection
✓ Random Ads
✓ Ordered Ads
✓ Custom Banner Sizes
✓ Signup 3rd Party Advertisers
✓ Location-Based Ads
✓ AMP Ads


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There are many ways to earn online, you can check out my blog “How to start an affiliate marketing business in 2021” where you can earn up to $ 4000 per day with your affiliate programs and if you are just starting out building your online business you might wanna check out my blog on starting your own blogging business.

Google Ads is just one of the ways to make money on the website while you are just writing blogs or content, product reviews, product comparisons, and more. So it is better that you have an Ads management system like the WPAdcenter plugin by WPeka that is all around in managing your Ads and earn big from your advertisers. Just visit the WPAdcenter website.

So, how to monetize website? If you want a passive income on the internet you have to get a website from the best web hosting providers and you have to start a website, once you got a website you can monetize it with Ads using Google Adsense and you’ll need an Ads management WordPress plugin WPAdcenter by WPeka. 

Are you ready to monetize your website? 

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