How To Record Every Email Sent From Your Website

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Why it is important to track & record every email?

How To Record Every Email.

Most email marketers and lead generation strategists struggle because some of the emails that are supposed to be sent from their WordPress website to their prospects inbox are forwarded directly to the spam folders and some are not even delivered.

There are only three major goals every email marketer possesses, 1) To deliver their emails direct to their prospects Inbox, 2) For their emails to be opened by their prospects, and 3) To convert these prospects with their email copies.

But as an email marketer how can we achieve these goals if our WordPress websites are not even sending emails to our prospects or even if it sends, it’s still being routed to the spam folders. According to a recent study, the average email deliverability rate was 79.6% across various email marketing platforms tested as of Feb 2020, and 20.4% of all emails either go to spam or remain undelivered, this is way higher compared to the data from previous years in July 2019 in which the spam/undelivered rate is 16.3%. 

This will have a tremendous effect on your email marketing campaign and could potentially decrease your sales conversion rate. 

This is why it is important to track and record every email sent from your Website to check if your emails are being delivered to your target prospect. It is also important to record every email date and time when it was sent and if it was sent to the correct recipient. When you know that some of your emails are not delivered, the last thing you want to do is to fix your email delivery system. 

Your best email delivery tool to record every email and prevent spam emails

WP Mail SMTP is the #1 SMTP(Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) which is a product of WPForms and used by over 2 million websites to fix their deliverability issues, it can also help you improve your email deliverability and to prevent your emails from going to the spam folders of your prospects. If your email campaigns are sent straight to the inbox of your prospects your email has a high chance to be opened and seen by your prospect and you’ll have a high chance to be able to convert them.

Would you like to increase your sales conversion rate?

Well, of course, it’s not only the email deliverability that can contribute to your sales increase, there are many factors too, such as your email campaign system, your email copy, your offer (if it’s compelling), and also your targeting of prospects (if you’re targeting the right person in your campaign). Nevertheless, each one of these factors contributes to an increase in sales.

Using WP Mail SMTP, you can:

And you can track these data using WP Mail SMTP:

And you can set up SMTP using these mailer options:


This information will allow you to review your emails it was optimized properly, if it was an effective email campaign, if you’re using the correct subject lines, if you’ve attached a document in your email, and so on. This is very important when it comes to your email marketing strategy because you can improve and optimize your email campaigns using this information to be able to convert your prospects.

How To Record Every Email Sent using WP Mail SMTP

After you install WP Mail SMTP on your WordPress website, just go to settings and email log. 

From the email log tab, tick the box for Enable Log then click save settings, this will keep a record of the basic details from all emails sent from your website.

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Now after enabling your email logs, you can now start viewing all your WordPress email logs on the same spot, Email Log Tab! If you can see under the Subject Tab, those are hyperlink, you can click them to see more details of each email logs.

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It’s pretty simple to set up WP Mail SMTP and it’s very easy to use as well, that’s why it is loved by many website builders and website owners because of its super fast and super friendly interface. And it’s very helpful in every email marketing campaign too.

Imagine how many sales you could lose in every undelivered email and spammed email. And imagine how many wasted high-quality leads if your email campaigns are not even seen by these prospects. 

So, if WP Mail SMTP could prevent your emails from being sent to spam folders, and if it could deliver 100% of your emails directly to your prospects inbox, would it be worth your investment?

And if WP Mail SMTP could help you track and record every email sent from your website, isn’t it helpful in your email marketing strategy to optimize your email and work on converting your high-quality leads? 

If you’re not happy with your email campaign result then will you be willing to change your old ways and instead use a system that is more effective in converting more leads using an email marketing system with the right tool and a right implementation.

So, let's go back to the three major goals every email marketer possesses;

1) To deliver their emails direct to their prospects Inbox

– Using the WP Mail SMTP WordPress plugin, you won’t have to worry anymore about any spammed emails, this tool will deliver all your emails directly to their inbox folder.

2) For their emails to be opened by their prospects

– If you want a higher open rate of all your emails, you will need to work on your email subject lines to snatch your prospect’s attention. You can learn from other successful marketers subject lines, or if your niche is something you’re part of, you can analyze those emails that you received from the past and think why you’re prompted to open it.

3) To convert these prospects with their email copies.

– There are only a few ways for you to convert your leads into a buyer. First, you need to have a compelling email copy with an irresistible offer! And make sure you are presenting your offer to the right audience. How would you identify the right audience? Well, by doing in-depth research on your audience and targeting them properly.

Now, if you want to skyrocket your sales conversion rate from your email marketing campaigns, you will need a proper system to implement your email campaigns and the right tool to improve your email deliverability and to track and record every email sent from your website. In order to achieve all this, you will need an SMTP for your emails, WP Mail SMTP is the most recommended SMTP and is used by over 2 million websites to records their emails and to improve their email deliveries.

Alongside WP Mail SMTP, you can also utilize WPForms for your contact forms or any kind of form to generate more leads, for more information on the WPFORMS plugin you can check my article explaining how WPForms can generate more leads to your business and the different type of forms you can use with it.

Another effective plugin you can install on your site is Optinmonster, it could boost your conversion rate using their effective popups and coupon popups. Optinmonster has the most sophisticated popup templates which are proven to boost conversion rates. Lastly, MonsterInsights is the best plugin for analytics, which you can use to analyze the data of your visitor and your web performance and to optimize them using the real-time insights from MonsterInsight. 

Using these tools/plugins together with  WP Mail SMTP gives you great potential in improving your lead generation techniques and email marketing strategy that only comes down to one goal, and that is to increase the sales/ROI.


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