How to Search for Keywords that Bring in the Most Traffic

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How to search for keywords? In the old times, the marketer’s goal is to create content that could bring the audience to watch them on television, read them in magazines/newspapers, or listen to them on radio stations. Today, digital marketers compete on people’s attention. If you have a business whether small or big, if you don’t have traffic (high-quality) on your business or website, your business is doomed.

Website owners and online business owners always work on improving their SEO using a system or an SEO tool that can improve their online visibility and improve their CorewWeb Vitals to rank in Google search results. As you can see, we’re already in the digital age and most businesses today are shifting to the online world, competing for people’s attention.

“Today it’s not about ‘get the traffic’ – it’s about ‘get the targeted and relevant traffic” –  Adam Audette.

Why is high-quality traffic so important?

High-quality Traffic is the backbone of your online business, your business offers or products are all useless if they don’t reach any customers. Most digital marketers use a certain technique to get as much high-quality traffic as possible. I always mentioned high-quality traffic, but do I mean by this? When I say high-quality traffic, these are traffic that is highly targeted with research. High-quality traffic is audiences that are highly targeted according to their pains, pleasure, dreams, frustrations, interests, expectations, wants, demographics, and more.

To be able to target an audience properly requires knowledge and skills and a proper system to help you target the right audience.

How to search for keywords and why this is important?

Google has already received 360 billion searches this year and still counting. (Source: impact plus)

With this number of Google searches, don’t you agree that it is so perfect for our business to be seen on the front page of Google’s search engine page result? Imagine how many thousands or millions of potential customers see your product offers as they search for a certain keyword in Google! That is why choosing the right keyword for your offer or content is very crucial to rank in Google SERP.

Keyword research is very important and is required before you even launch your online business. Keywords are not only applicable to Google though but it’s also applicable to all platforms, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc

Before starting a blog site or blogging business, or creating your online store, or eCommerce site, or any other business website, you first need to do keyword research. That’s how you understand more your market. And you’ll be able to understand your target audience as well, you’ll be able to know the answers to these questions:

What do they want?

What’s their main problem?

What are their issues?

What are they struggling with right now?

What do they need to learn?

What are they seeking answers for?

What are their pains?

What are their pleasures?

What are their fears?

What are their frustrations?

What are their dreams?

What makes them happy?

What makes them sad?

What excites them?

What troubles them?

And many, many, more. . .

That’s how important keyword research is.

How do you search for keywords that bring in the most traffic?

There are many ways to do keyword research. You can utilize the Semrush tool to research for a focus keyword that you can use in your content. In the image below, I have searched this keyword ‘How to Search for Keywords’, keyword does not necessarily mean 1 or 2 words, it can be key phrases or a question. In doing keyword research, you have to ask yourself first, ‘How do I usually search in a search engine when I need something or I need answers to my questions? What do I type? And also consider how your audience or target customer is gonna search for a thing or answers in search engines.

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In doing Keyword Research these are the things you need to look for:

  • KD (Keyword Difficulty) – Make sure the keyword difficulty is not that high because the higher the KD you’ll find it hard to rank with that keyword because there is a lot of competition. The best KD score is between 30% – 70%. (Source:
  • Volume – This is the average number of monthly searches for this keyword or key phrase for the past 12 months. You have to make you that the volume is high, which means there is demand for that keyword or key phrase.
  • CPC (Cost per click) – This is the average price in  $ advertisers pay for a user’s click on an ad triggered by the analyzed keyword. A high CPC means someone is paying high for the keyword, It only means that keyword is valuable and competitive.
  • Competitive density – The level of competition between advertisers bidding on the analyzed keyword within their PPC campaigns. Competitive Density is shown on a scale from 0 to 1.00 with 1.00 being the most difficult to rank for.

Also, here are other practical ways to research for your keyword or key phrases:

Google search

How to search for keywords using Google search?

Just type in the word of the word then space then type in letters  from a-z

For example, I want to search for the keyword – ‘FB Ads’

Just search in Google FB Ads a, FB Ads b, and so on. . .


How to search for keywords with

You can also utilize this free tool, and just search your keywords, key phrases, or questions and you’ll find a list of what people are searching for.


How to search for keywords with Youtube search?

If you’re doing some videos on Youtube and wanted to rank for keywords on youtube, you can try to also use Youtube’s search option.

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Now that you already have your focus keyword, you can now create high-quality and engaging content that’s keyword-rich. However, this is not yet enough to rank in for your chosen keyword. You will need to optimize your blog/article, your pages, and your website.

When writing a blog or article, whether if it’s a how-to article or an informational article, you will need a tool that will check If your blog/article is highly optimized for SEO. One of the most recommended SEO tools that’s been used by over  2 million professionals to improve their website search rankings is AIO SEO or All in One SEO

The good news is this #1 SEO tool was just recently integrated with the #1 Google Analytics tool which is MonsterInsights. You can have SEO-Focused Google Analytics data with this integration.

Before diving into the details of the integration, let’s check first why All in one SEO is the #1 SEO tool used by most website owners.

All in one SEO’s Focus Key Phrase

After you install All in One SEO in your WordPress plugin, you can enter your focus keyword or key phrases in the All in one SEO Focus keyphrase field, the plugin will automatically provide insights about your focus keyword.

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You can also get additional key phrases by clicking the button below, All in one SEO will automatically give you key phrases related to your focus keywords.

You will also receive page analysis from All in one SEO, as shown below.

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All in one Seo TruSEO Scores On-Page Analysis

Once you install All in one SEO on your WordPress site, you will start receiving an in-depth analysis of your on-page optimization efforts using TruSEO features.

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This feature from All in one SEO will give you actionable insights or checklists that will help you optimize each page of your site and to rank high on your focus keyword/s.

And because TruSEO will analyze deeply your on-page optimization, TruSEO will check each part of your post and pages if everything is good and optimize. These are the common areas to check for an SEO:

  • URL/Slug
  • meta description
  • title tag
  • Length of Title
  • alt image
  • canonical URL
  • Length of SEO Title
  • Keyword at the beginning of SEO title
  • Post Headers(H1,H2,H3)
  • Introduction/Content
  • Internal/External Links
  • Content’s Length
  • And readability

TruSEO also provides smart tags on the SEO title and meta description, these tags are important because these are the first ones that people will see first in search engines or when you share your link on social media. Your SEO Title and meta description will determine your CTR (CLICK-THROUGH-RATE).

Additionally, click-through rates also apply to email campaigns, I have a list of email subject lines that are proven to have high click-through rates so that you won’t have to worry about your emails not being open by your prospects or your emails not converting. Just enter the information below.

Monsterinsights + All in one SEO integration

MonsterInsights is the # Google analytics WordPress plugin and also one of the powerful plugins that could help you improve your Core Web Vitals, which is one of the main factors to help you rank in Google search engine page results. Using the MonsterInsights plugin, you can easily get all the insights necessary for the growth of your business regardless of what niche you belong to and to get detailed insights about your target audiences that you could use to optimize your website, improve your product offer, and optimize your marketing strategy. 

MonsterInsights Custom Dimension is one of many features of MonsterInsights that will show you useful data like SEO score and other data such as most popular authors, best publication times, popular categories, tags, Yoast focus keywords, etc.

With  MonsterInsights + ALL IN ONE SEO integration, SEO score reports are now much more in-depth, detailed, & comprehensive. It is now more SEO-Focused custom dimensions because All In One SEO focus keywords and TruSEO on-page analysis scores will be added to your MonsterInsights Google Analytics data.

This will give you all the necessary information to optimize your site and gather the most crucial data in your online business in one place. 

You can take advantage of the benefits brought by this MonsterInsights integration with All in One SEO. MonsterInsights update will not only speed up your website because this integration can also put more focus on improving your site’s on-page SEO. Both page speed and SEO scores are crucial to boost your Core Web Vitals score and to rank your website in search engines. And since MonsterInsights is the #1 google analytics tool, you can also use these analytics insights to further improve your site’s performance and optimize your business’s offers.

You can use the data and the detailed insights that MonsterInsights will provide in order to optimize your marketing campaign and strategy, improve your messaging in your offer to attract more audience and increase your conversion rate, and gain more loyal customers to your brand. 

To learn more about MonterInsights features and page speed updates, you can check them here.

You can also check here the power features of All in One SEO and its TruSEO on-page analysis feature to improve your site’s SEO score and rank higher on the Google search engine.

Disclaimer: This review contains my MonsterInsights affiliate link, All in one SEO affiliate link & other affiliate links which may provide a small commission to me for every sale generated on this link at no cost to you. However, they are the number one tools I wholeheartedly recommend to anyone looking to improve their google page speed, improved their sites performance, and improve their SEO score to rank # 1 in Google search engine.


Finding the right focus keywords or keyphrases doesn’t have to be that difficult. With all the resources you have, you can pick the right and optimize keywords for your content. 

Resources:  Semrush,, Ahrefs, & Ubersuggest

You might wanna learn from this in-depth guide on  How to start a website and a blog, I have also covered here the on-page and off-page SEO checklist. 

After you find the right focus keyword for your blog or content, you can install the Monsterinsights plugin and integrate this with AIO SEO tool to give you the most comprehensive SEO-Focused analytics report for your site and contents.


This post may contain affiliate links and I may earn a small commission from qualifying purchases on these links at no cost to you.

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