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How to start a blog with GreenGeeks Quick Launch Tool

How to Start a Blog? Your passion to write might just be your next big thing and learning how to start a blog might be difficult at first but if done right, it will definitely pay off.

If you want to start a blog as your start-up online business, you can definitely do that! Blogs are not yet dead! People still enjoy blogs and you can corporate your blog with your brand or online business as well. As an example, you can insert your sales copy in your blog just make sure it is somehow relevant to your topic.

Almost everything we eat is ordered online through food delivery apps. Most of our electronics and appliances are also ordered online. Our make-up, clothes, sweatshirts, jackets, and even rags were ordered online. 

That is why almost all businesses today have switched to the online market because there is a lot of money online. With just one click, you can reach almost millions of customers online.

But if you want to start an online business, your system should be in order so that you can easily earn money online or your business. One of the requirements for you to be able to easily build a business online and be easily recognized by your customers is to have a website.

Why website?

Here’s the advantage of having a website if your want to start a blog

  • The total average of google searches in every second is 63000. In a year it’s more than 1.9 trillion searches worldwide. (source)
  • There are about 91% of people who search the web to find any information. (Source)

  • About 75% of users says that they do judge the credibility of a website according to its website design. (Source)

  • 47% of people will expect your website to load for at least 2 seconds. Your website better be fast. (Source)

  • And 86% have said that they will check the information of the product/ services on the homepage of an eCommerce website. (Source)

To start a website, you have to choose a great web hosting service. Now, what are the criteria of great web hosting?

  • Price
  • Disk Space
  • Do they have FREE Domain?
  • Traffic metered or unmetered?
  • 24/7 Support?
  • Uptime
  • Response
  • Speed

Become part of a Big change with greengeeks!

Get 99.9 % uptime and very reliable web hosting and you'll become a HERO and be part of a change in today's era! 300% of GreenGeeks Web Hosting is powered by Renewable Energy to lessen the carbon emission into our planet's atmosphere and for every web hosting registered in GreenGeeks, a tree will be planted. How'd you want to save the Earth?

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Why Greengeeks?

Greengeeks is an eco-friendly web hosting provider. There are a lot of factors why you should consider Greengeeks as your web hosting provider. 

Greengeeks has been recognized by the United States Environmental Protection Agency because of its commitment to help the environment from the damage brought by too much carbon emissions. In fact, watching online videos alone can generate up to 300m tonnes of carbon dioxide a year, and that’s about 1% of global emissions. (source)

A company like Greengeeks saw this problem and they immediately take action along with the CEO & Founder of GreenGeeks, Trey Gardner. They address this problem by exposing the issue and by creating a web hosting service that not only offers the best service to consumers but also helping the environment through a partnership with Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF) in Portland, Oregon, a Green-e Partner.

Greengeeks purchased Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs), a market-based instrument that allows Greengeeks to have ownership of 1 megawatt-hour of electricity from a renewable energy source. The energy credit that the Greengeeks received from a renewable energy source through RECs was put back into the grid. As their commitment to the environment, Greengeeks have recovered energy for at least 3 times what they have consumed.  Get GreenGeeks now!

Greengeeks power features!

If you are in the field of online business, you can take advantage of the great features of Greengeeks web hosting service.

The convenience of the Quick Launch tool:

This era is considered the busiest era with a lot of things going on online. That is why everyone is looking for convenience right now and most of them prefer time-saving options wherever they go and whatever they do.

People nowadays prefer convenience when they deal with online transactions.

Check out these statistics below:

According to statistics, 63% have said that they prefer online shopping because it is convenient. (Source)

76 % of shoppers said that they used their mobile phones when shopping because it’s time-saving. (Source)

97% of consumers said that they have abandoned their cart because of inconvenience on their online experience.  (Source)

It is important to offer convenience to our customers when they have to deal with online transactions on your website.

6 Easy Steps to build your website and start a blog with GreenGeeks Quick Launch Tool!

Greengeeks has a great feature called the ‘Quick Launch Tool’, where you can easily build your website with a quick click.

With Greengeeks quick launch tool you can easily click and choose WordPress, wordpress+woocommerce, or Weebly, whatever you want.

After you choose your content management system, the Greengeeks Quick Launch tool also allows you to easily click and pick the theme you want, and voila! You are now ready for your website!

Easy right?

Greengeeks Quick launch tool is designed for their customers’ convenience with just a few clicks away.

You don’t even have to be tech-savvy to build up your own WordPress website with Greengeeks Quick Launch Tool.  It is convenient and fast with GreenGeeks Quick Launch Tools.


For as low as $2.49 per month with no hidden fees and a 30-day money-back guarantee, you can start building your website for this low amount.

Isn’t it practical, not only you can help out our mother nature, but you can also save a lot for your business online.

Amazing Speed:

Greengeeks has a 99.9% uptime guarantee and giving its consumers a faster page loading time. Backed by their speed technologies LiteSpeed, LSCache, MariaDB, HTTP/2, PHP7, and a free CDN.  

Here are the results :

✓ Global average speed of  118.6 ms  (source)

✓ Average uptime of 99.96% with an average response time of 305 ms (source)

✓ Average speed of 178.6 ms in Canada.  (source)

✓ Average speed of 118.6 ms in US. (source)

Disk Space:

Greengeeks offers unlimited Disk Space with their ecosite Pro and premium plan. For Ecosite lite they offer 50 GB!

Another feature GreenGreeks offer to start a blog:

✓ Free Domain name for 1 year for all plans

✓ Free SSL for all plans

Includes Cloudflare CDN for all plans

Offers unlimited email account for Ecosite pro and Premium plan. For Ecosite Lite they offer 50 accounts!

Greengeeks offers unmetered bandwidth or unmetered traffic for all plans!

Greengeeks offers advanced security for your website

Their security features include SSL Certificates, have regular backups, and offers ID protection.

GreenGeeks has its own WHOIS domain privacy protection, to protect your domain information from anybody who can access it through WHOIS.

Become part of a Big change with greengeeks!

Get 99.9 % uptime and very reliable web hosting and you'll become a HERO and be part of a change in today's era! 300% of GreenGeeks Web Hosting is powered by Renewable Energy to lessen the carbon emission into our planet's atmosphere and for every web hosting registered in GreenGeeks, a tree will be planted. How'd you want to save the Earth?

Choose GreenGeeks now!

Get your business a reliable web hosting provider!

Start your Blog & Build your Business with GreenGeeks


Overall, Greengeeks web hosting offers a lot of features that have tremendous assistance to your business’s website especially their Quick Launch tool that offers a lot of convenience to all website builders or business owners who want to build their own website. Its user-friendly interface allows you to quickly create your WordPress website in a matter of few seconds. And given its technology, your website’s overall performance will give convenience to all visitors and eventually captivates audiences from all over the world which is an advantage to your business.

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