Affiliate Marketing Business: How to Start with the basics in 2021?

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What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate Marketing Business is a type of marketing in which you will have to promote a product/s or service using an affiliate marketing business link and once a customer purchase a product or service using your unique affiliate marketing business link, the affiliate marketing business or the program will pay you a commission whether it’s a percentage or a fixed rate. 

Many people have tried and tested affiliate marketing business and a lot of them have succeeded in the affiliate marketing business. We have found the majority of affiliate marketers give up during their first to the second year of their affiliate marketing business because they are not doing it right. 

By the end of this blog, you will learn how to start an affiliate marketing business starting with the basics, choosing the right web hosting for your affiliate marketing business site, picking the right plugins and software to install on your affiliate marketing business site, writing a blog for your affiliate marketing business, the process of optimizing your affiliate website, and finally launching for your first ever affiliate marketing business website

How much commission are we getting from the affiliate marketing business?

Affiliate commission depends on the online retailer or the affiliate program, some of them pay a fixed price and other companies will pay a percentage commission. For percentage commissions, the higher the price of a product, the higher the commission. That’s why it is always helpful to read their terms and conditions first to be aware of their policy. You might wanna check out this: 55 Best Affiliate Marketing Programs Earn actual money 2021.

Why businesses are offering affiliate programs?

Most businesses today are offering affiliate programs because it is good for leveraging your business and it is cost-effective. It is a strategy that’s already proven to be effective.

Facts about Affiliate marketing business

✓  Affiliate programs generate 15%–30% of all sales for advertisers. Merchants have seen an average of 23% of their revenues coming from affiliate marketing. (Authority hacker)
✓ 15% of the total digital media advertising revenue is attributed to affiliate marketing, (Business Insider)
✓ The Affiliate marketing business is a massive global industry, by 2018 it was worth over $ 12 billion (source: IAB)
✓ Most of the Affiliate programs contribute 30% of revenue for the companies. (source: bloggingx)

Here's the reason why you should start your affiliate marketing business as soon as possible?

The global estimation of affiliate marketing is $ 12 Billion, that’s billion. So, there is real money in affiliate marketing as long as done right. 

✓ U.S. affiliate marketing is expected to rise to $ 8.2 Billion by 2022.

80% of brands have affiliate marketing programs. (Source: Mediakix)

One of the famous affiliate marketers is Pat Flynn whose affiliate business is successful, earning from $8000 – $ 10000 per month.

We also have Tom from Onlinemediamasters who went from $20k to $150k of annual income in less than three years.

Another successful affiliate marketer Doug Cunnington has made $ 70k in 2017 in just one niche website.

40 percent of all marketers consider affiliate marketing a crucial skill. (Source: BloggingX)

79 % of marketers use affiliate marketing to engage with their customers. (Source: Get Cake)

There’s over 65% of affiliate marketers generates their traffic through blogging. (Source: Awin)

65% of affiliate marketers used social media to connect with their customers. (Source: Master Blogging)

ShareASale holds the largest share of the global affiliate marketing market of about 55%. (Source: Appsero)

Affiliate marketing is responsible for 16% of total global e-commerce sales. (Source: Fetch Profits)

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Isn’t it amazing?

The question is how did they do it? If they can do it, then I believe you can do it too.

Before you start your own affiliate business, there are a few important things you should carefully think about.

How to start an Affiliate Marketing Business?

Step 1: Deciding your Niche for your Affiliate marketing Business!

One of the common mistakes most affiliates do is that they tend to consume their focus by trying out all kinds of niches until they get tired of the amount of work they do with all sorts of things and they get burned out and eventually give up!

Some affiliates do multiple niches, have done all the work, have gone through all sleepless nights, they write blogs of multiple niches for their affiliate links, they spend long hours in front of their laptops/computers all day and night, their backs ached, their heads ached, but still no results, no output. That’s when they give up and that is why 95% of affiliate marketers fail because you’ve done all the hardwork and yet you didn’t get the results you’ve wanted.

It all boils down to your system or strategy and If you’re doing it right.

That is why it is important to only focus on one niche. Give all your energy and all your focus on one niche.

This is the hard part: Choosing your niche for your affiliate marketing business!

Though it is helpful to choose your niche in accordance with your passion, you have to also consider a niche that will generate an income. What is the new trend today? Because you can’t lie in a niche where the trend goes downward, that’s bad for business. You have to choose a niche that has an upward trend. I believe that the reason why we enter this business is that we want to earn extra bucks or maybe earn a stable, passive income that will eventually pay our bills and feed our family. 

So, even If we start off on our ‘passion’ If we’re not getting any income, it’ll still lead us to demotivate that’s why we give up. But If we focus our energy on a niche that will eventually generate an income, our passion will follow.

So, choose a niche that can attract high-paying clients or high-end customers. 

Tip: You can choose a niche where you’re already a part of or a Niche where you have already spend some of your money and a Niche where you have already spend an enormous amount of your time. 

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Once you decide on the Niche for your website, you can then proceed to step 2.

Step 2: Get a website and choose your Domain name for your affiliate marketing business!

In choosing your web hosting service, you have to make sure that the web hosting service is reliable and has built its reputation in the web hosting industry. I highly recommend Bluehost. Here’s why:

Bluehost has been established in terms of providing web hosting services and powering over 2 million websites. They offer the ultimate WordPress platform and it is the #1 recommended web hosting solution by WordPress.

Once you sign-up in Bluehost, you will be given these benefits:

✓ FREE SSL Certificate Included

✓ 1-click WordPress Install

✓ Microsoft 365 available

✓ 24/7 Support

✓ Auto Updates

✓ Money-back Guarantee

✓ FREE Domain Name for 1st year. After a year, you can choose to renew your domain name directly from Bluehost. You can also buy your domain name from another web hosting company or domain registry company, you can try Namecheap, its cheaper and easier to manage.

note: as an affiliate of Bluehost, I earn from qualifying purchase using this link, with no cost to you.

To learn more about creating your own blogging business, you can check my blog on how to create a website in a very easy way and how to start an online blogging business with just a website!

There are also other affordable web hosting providers where you can get your website, please check the list here. The list includes shared web hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated server hosting from different companies. All these hosting services provide reliable hosting with powerful features. 

Now some of these web hosting providers offer free domain name but some do not so if ever you want to buy your own domain name here are the multiple platforms where you can buy your domain name, check them out.

1 )  Namesilo – Their prices and support are really great. Its features include cheap registration charges, free of cost domain parking, FREE WHOIS Security for life, domain transfer, privacy protection, ease-of-use integrations, and a user-friendly panel. 

2 )  Namecheap – I choose Namecheap personally because they are easy to set up and convenient. The company offers free WHOIS guards and privacy and the price is also cheap. The company also has fast, friendly, and helpful support services. 

3 ) Netim – They not only offer domain name registrar but also offer web hosting and email solutions at a very good price. This company has managed more than 180,000 domain names and they offer free services once you register a domain name with them. Click here to register.

4 ) – Offers affordable rates for both shared and VPS hosting plans. It is an ICANN-accredited domain registrar that also provides web hosting, email, website builders, SSL certificates, and web solutions. Go to domain registration by clicking here!

Tips on choosing a Domain name for your affiliate marketing business: (these tips are highly recommended and it’s already proven)

  1. Stick with .com
  2.  The domain name has to have your focus keywords in it.
  3. Make it as short as possible.
  4. Choose a domain name that is  easy to spell and easy to pronounce
  5. It should define your brand
  6. No hyphens, numbers, and doubled letters
  7. Check if its available and not trademarked. You can check your Domain name if it’s available in Bluehost, Godaddy, Shopify.
  8. Think for long term.

Note: In Bluehost, you can transfer the following Domain extensions to them: com, net, org, us, co, info, and biz. Make sure your domain is not expired. Avoid transferring your domain within 45 days of a domain that has been recently renewed, or you could lose that renewal year.

We use affiliate links in our content. This won’t cost you anything but it helps us to offset the costs of paying our writing team. Thanks for your support!

How to transfer a Domain name to Bluehost.

  1. Prepare your Domain – Send a transfer request to the registry. You need to update your domain settings with the current registrar.
  2. Review Contact Information – It is important to update your information especially the email address, much better to use a public email address like Gmail so that Bluehost can easily contact you with important information during the transfer.
  3. Disable Privacy – One requirement during the transfer process, anyways, you can always re-enable them afterward.
  4. Update your name servers – You need to update your name servers to point to Bluehost. Use the following nameservers: NS1.BLUEHOST.COM and NS2.BLUEHOST.COM. (this is an indication that your site is hosted by Bluehost) Don’t make DNS changes during the transfer process. Your new DNS settings will begin to propagate as soon as you save your changes. Usually, it will take 24-72 hours to complete.
  5. Unlock Domain – To make it available to transfer
  6. Get your EPP Code(also known as Authorization code or Auth code) – This will be provided to you, this serves as a uniques password for the domain. Copy this code and log in to your new registrar(Bluehost) to initiate the transfer. Note: Before doing the transfer, make sure you assign the domain. Click here on how to assign a Domain name and on how to initiate the transfer.

(source: Bluehost)

Other benefits that you can get in Bluehost upon signing up are:

1)  WordPress Hosting –  Bluehost has focused its hosting service on WordPress. It’s optimized for WordPress sites. It is even the number 1 recommended web hosting company by WordPress, the second is Dreamhost, and the third is Siteground. WordPress only recommended three hosting partners.

2)  Best Uptime – It is important to choose a web hosting with consistent uptime and Bluehost has that. A test was conducted and during the 12 month period, Bluehost surpasses a benchmark with an average uptime of 99.96%. (source:

3)  Fast page speed – A fast website means more traffic. Another test was conducted for Bluehost’s page loading time and it has an average result of 688 ms. It isn’t bad for its price.

4)  Big enough storage – Even if you choose their shared hosting plans, it still offers loads of storage

5)  Great Bandwidth – Bluehost will not limit the traffic on your website.

6)  Bluehost offers a cheap price and solid security features. Bluehost has FREE SSL Certificates, FREE CDN(Cloudfare), multiple CMS integrations, and has additional eCommerce plugins

If you want to start your own affiliate business, start off by getting a website and web hosting with Bluehost.

There are also other alternative of Bluehost where you can get your website hosting service:

If you want to learn more about these web hosting, I have created a few reviews. Here are my articles about this web hosting: 

So, you already have your Domain name and a web hosting service, it’s time to create your website. Install necessary plug-ins, themes, software, etc.

Step 3: Install WordPress, install your theme, and install plugins for your affiliate marketing business site!

Log in to your Bluehost account and install WordPress

In Bluehost,  you can install WordPress with just one click away from your cPanel. Once WordPress is set up, you can now log in as admin to your WordPress account. If you’re in the Bluehost dashboard in the upper left corner, you can click the My Sites or in your browser, you can type in your URL then add /login or /admin or /wp-admin at the end of your URL.

Choose your theme.

There are a lot of preferred themes depending on your niche. They are easy to use with a modern design. These themes are very responsive as well and it works with any page builder. There are also a lot of free templates in OceanWP. If you want to try this FREE WordPress theme you can install it directly to your WordPress Backend or go directly to their website.

However, you can also try these amazing WordPress themes that are best for affiliate sites and other Niche Sites:

Install plug-ins.

These are the highly recommended WordPress plug-ins if you’re into affiliate marketing:

This plugin is the most user-friendly contact form plugin for WordPress. You need contact forms so that your audience will be able to contact you. 

WPForms has two versions:

The free version has great features such as basic forms such as:

✓ contact form and

✓ feedback form

Premium version offers a lot of great features such as:

✓ Accepting payments

✓  Letting users submit posts from the front-end

✓ Conditional logic

✓ Multi-page forms

✓ File uploads

✓ Email marketing subscriptions

✓ Creating surveys and polls

✓ Accepting user registrations or creating a custom login form

If you want to access all the amazing features of WPForms, you might as well get their Pro version.

img src="affiliate-marketingnew.png" alt="affiliate marketing business"

Recommended to read: 7 Power Features of WPForms plugin – Review 2021

2) Exactmetrics

One of the best Google Analytics plugins for WordPress. Google Analytics is one of the best assets in your business. Exactmetrics can easily add Google Analytics to your site. It’ll show you all the important data and stats on your website. You will learn more about your visitor’s online behavior and it can track where your traffic is coming from. The data gathered can be used to optimize your site, your marketing strategies and refine your sales funnel. 

It has a free version, however, if you want your business to benefit from its other amazing features you can upgrade to the pro version. You can avail of Exactmetrics special offer and get 50% OFF your upgrade. This is used by over 2 million websites and is the most popular Google Analytics plugin for WordPress.

3) SEO Press

 Every website needs an SEO Plugin to help optimize your website for search engines. Search engine optimization plugins will analyze the readability of your blog, it will help you correct your keyword density, meta description, target keywords, URL Focus keywords on URL, Focus keyword in the first 10% of your content, Focus keyword on your SEO Title, and more. SEOPress is one of the best SEO Plugins in 2021 because it is lightweight and fully featured. It won’t slow down your website and it has everything you need for your SEO. Go to SEOPress!

4) Optinmonster

You need to have an email list builder plugin for your website so that you can convert your visitors into email subscribers and you can still connect with your visitors even after they visit your site. This will help build relationships between your business and your potential clients. OptinMonster is the most popular lead generation and conversion rate optimization software in the market today with multiple high-converting templates and an Exit-intent technology that converts abandoning visitors into subscribers and customers. And for more information about how to boost your conversion, you might wanna check this out!

5) Elementor

One of the best page builder for WordPress  It is a free plugin but they also have a PRO version where you can enjoy amazing features. Elementor is easy to use drag-and-drop page builder plugin with a lot of free and amazing features to use on your pages. You can design and customize all you want with ease.

6) WP Rocket

The best caching plugin for WordPress. Why do we need a caching plugin? It can help speed up the load time of your website. WP Rocket is the easiest and user-friendly caching plugin with a happiness score of 92% based on 2311 ratings from their customers.(source:

The alternative for WP Rocket is Autoptimize.

7) Sucuri

This is the best WordPress security plugin in 2021. Sucuri has a free WordPress security plugin, they also have a PRO version with great benefits. Sucuri is a cloud-based platform for every site which is a great option to keep your website safe from any attacks. Sucuri monitors your site’s security activity, file integrity, scans any malware remotely, and has effective security hardening.

Alternative for Sucuri is: Cloudflare

8) Pretty Links

One of the most popular affiliate link management plugins for WordPress. Pretty links allow you to easily add links to your WordPress posts, you can also create short and customized affiliate URLs for your social media post, podcasts, and cloak links.

You can also try its alternative Thirstyaffiliates. It’s also one of the best in organizing and managing your affiliate links on your affiliate website. It can easily manage your affiliate links, link cloaking, and easily insert affiliate links.

9) Semrush

This is one of the highly recommended digital marketing toolkits for every website, it helps your site with SEO, content marketing, competitor analysis, keyword research, PPC, link building, rank tracking, social media marketing, and a lot more. Semrush is an all-in-one platform to help your business with digital marketing strategies.

10) Livechat

It is a free chat support software that you can use for your website. Easy to use and you can easily add live chat features to your website. It has a customization ability to a lot of things and it has the ability to be available on multiple users or multiple apps that are helpful for your company’s productivity.

11) Shared Counts

One of the best social media plugins is the Shared Counts. It is a fast and easy-to-use social media plugin.

12) Insert Headers and Footers

This plugin is so easy to use when you need to add codes to your header or footer. Just install this plugin and you can then start inserting codes without having to manually edit your header.php or footer.php files. The good thing about this plugin is that you can easily add codes and delete codes if it’s put in the wrong place or if it’s not the right code.

13) WPML

If your website is catering to a lot of places all over the world, then you will need this plugin. It is a WordPress Multilingual plugin that allows you to translate your WordPress site into multiple languages. It is an easy and user-friendly tool.

14) Disable Gutenberg

This plugin is a must for me because it restores the classic WordPress editor and the edit post screen, which makes it easy to design your website.

15) Envato Elements

I always install Envato elements plugin because it has a lot of free templates, designs, blocks, and features that I need to design my website. It’ll be easier for you to design multiple websites and pages because it has multiple ready-made templates for you, with graphic templates, audio, video. Posts, and more.

16) Really Simple SSL

 SSL(Secure Sockets Layer) is a security protocol and Really Simple SSL plugin allows your website to operate under HTTPS protocol, once you install this plugin it will then change your site’s URL from HTTP to HTTPS which will convert your site into a more secure site.

17) Post Grid

Post Grid is a free WordPress plugin that you can use to display your posts or pages in a grid. Another alternative for this is the Elements Grid.

18) Image Optimizer

 Is a free and the best image optimizer in WordPress, its function is to optimize your site’s images to reduce your page load time and increase your website’s speed. The faster the speed of your site is, the more visitors coming in.

19) WP Mail SMTP

WP Mail SMTP is the #1 SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) WordPress plugin, it’s the main function is to ensure that all emails sent from your WordPress website will not go to the spam folders of your prospects because it could affect your open/click rates and your sales conversion rates as well.

20) AliDropship

Alidropship is the #1 dropshipping plugin for your dropshipping store so that it would be easy for you to import products from Aliexpress to your online store and the Alidropship plugin also has many features that will help you with your business. It is compatible with WooCommerce themes, all your products, pricing, sales, profit, traffic stats, and orders are available and managed within one single control panel. For more features of this plugin visit Alidropship here.

Alright! So, you have your website,  Domain name, also you have installed your WordPress and chosen your theme, and installed all important plug-ins. Next is to design your website!

Step 4: Designing your affiliate marketing business website!

Designing a website is easy. You can design your website from scratch, it is as easy as drag-and-drop or you can also use the free templates available. Add some graphics to your site, if you want you can design your own graphics in Canva. For me, Canva is the best editing tool because it’s easy to use and there’s a lot of amazing features, free tools, free images, free templates, and it’s very convenient. You can check my Youtube videos for more tutorials. Click this link here.

Step 5: Write a Blog!

There are different sections when writing a blog and it is important to take note of these sections and what are the things you need to remember upon writing your blog. You have to make sure that you’re writing with SEO in mind.

1) The Title or Main Header (SEO)

 Your title should be tag as H1 and should only be used once per blog since it identifies your main topic. (Well you can use more than one H1’s but it’s not recommended) When writing the title of your blog you have to put your focus keyword in there. That’s why it is really important to do some keyword research first before writing your blog. Use keywords that don’t have a high level of competition and make sure you analyze the keywords you’re using. 

The best tool to search and analyze keywords is Ahrefs. It is also important to put numbers in your blog title because it has a high click-through rate. Numbering your blog title includes the year and if you’re doing some list of certain things.  For example 13 Best Laptops (2021). I choose the odds number at the beginning of my title because odd numbers are clickable than even numbers, thus, improving your search engine ranking.

2) Subheader H2 (SEO)

This should be tag as H2 and make sure you put your focus keywords in there too. H2 is the subheader of your main header which is H1. It is important to improve the readability of your website. Keep in mind that your H2 should indicate the content of your next section.

3) Subheader H3 (SEO)

The H3 subheader should not be above H2 and should not be below H4-H6. This section will serve as a support of your Subheader 2 or H2, it will also improve the readability of your site and make sure that your subheader H3 has your focus keywords as well.

4) The URL (SEO)

Make sure your unique URL has some of your keywords too and make sure it is not too long. Always maintain the <75 characters in your URL/Permalink. Take note that your URL doesn’t have to be your exact blog title, you can tweak that with the right keywords in it as long as it doesn’t go beyond 75 characters.

5) Meta Description (SEO)

When you write your Meta description make sure you include your focus keywords in there and make sure it is compelling. Because it is the first few words the audience will see in the search engine. So, make sure it has your keywords, it is compelling or intriguing, and it shouldn’t go beyond 160 characters.

6) First 10% of your content (SEO)

At the beginning of your blog, use some of your keywords in the first 10% of your content, it helps with your SEO.

7) Numbering and Bullet points

 It is important to put some numbers in your blog. In the title as I’ve written above, odd numbers at the beginning of your title and the year, in the end, tend to be clickable. Make sure to number the steps or list some steps you’re putting in your blog. You can also put some bullet points of the listings of services or benefits. It will not only improve the readability of your site but also has an advantage in your SEO.

8) Put Table of Content and and Anchors in your Content to improve user experience

After writing your blog, you can also add some engaging questions at the end and put comment sections below to encourage your audience to interact and engage in your blog. You can also ask them to comment below for any suggestions. And don’t forget to link to your own web post and web pages this will improve your domain authority. Don’t forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel to get more updated tutorials.

Now that you have written your blog, it is now time to add your affiliate link.

img src="AFFILIATE-MARKETING3.png" alt="how to start an AFFILIATE MARKETING business"

You can also add some graphics or images to your site to make it more engaging and fun. Create some of your own graphic design and add it to your site, Canva PRO is a great tool to edit some images, very easy to use and it has a lot of amazing features too. It is also an advantage to attach some videos, maybe a tutorial video if you need to guide your readers through a video, and it’s likely to be recognized by Google too.

Step 6: Adding your Affiliate marketing business Links

You can put your affiliate links in the header or footer or may be embedded in the content. Some affiliate programs offer a banner, you can insert this banner on your page. It can be in the sidebar, header, and footer.

In affiliate marketing, you have to put some disclosure in your blog stating that you’re earning a commission in every successful purchase of your affiliate links. Some affiliate programs have already prepared standard wordings for the disclosure. You can check their agreements page to see their standard disclosure statements or you can create your own. 

For example:

• Note: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

• Disclosure: We use affiliate links in our content. This won’t cost you anything but it helps us to offset the costs of paying our writing team. Thanks for your support!

• Disclaimer: This review contains my Bluehost affiliate link & other affiliate links which may provide a small commission to me for every sale generated on this link at no cost to you. However, they are the number one tool I wholeheartedly recommend to anyone looking for the best web hosting and tools to set up their online business for success.

Another thing with regards to links, especially when you’re referencing your information to another site or article, it is important to include the link of that information you are referencing.

When you add images, graphics, images in your blog make sure to optimize it. In your WordPress media library where you can find and add a photo, make sure you put some focus keywords in your image alt text, title, caption, description, and also your file name should have the focus keyword in it.

img src="AFFILIATE-MARKETING4.png" alt="how to start an AFFILIATE MARKETING business"

Step 7: Optimize your affiliate marketing business site!

Now that you’re done writing your blog. You can then start optimizing it. It is important to optimize your website to improve your user experience score and site speed. One of the very first thing you need to consider to ensure the optimal performance of your website is by choosing a web hosting and web server. Bluehost is highly recommended in terms of giving the best website performance and a reliable services.

Internal Linking – If you have an older post you can send your readers to your older post which is related to the blog.

It is also important to do some backlink audits on your site because it is one of the factors that will rank your page. Semrush is a perfect tool to check your backlinks.

Connect your site to Google search console. It is a free tool designed by Google to help your website maintain its performance by monitoring your sites search traffic, provides data on your sites number of impressions, clicks, and position in google search. Basically, Google Console will help you get your content on Google and analyze data to improve your sites performance.

Connect your site to the webmaster tool. This is also important for your site’s SEO and helps your ranking in search engines. It provides you relevant data about your site and an effective strategy to help your site improve its SEO. Webmaster tools provide data such as search queries, analyze keywords on your site, any crawl errors that Google encountered while crawling your site, and summaries of the sitemaps.

Enable Robots.txt – This will allow you to tell the search engine which pages on your website to crawl or not to crawl.

Use caching technology to help speed up your website – There are a couple of caching plugins that you can use such as,, WPRocket, Sucuri, Autoptimize.

Set up CDN(Content Delivery Network) – This is important to increase the speed of your website. CDN is a network of geographically dispersed servers, it works by providing alternative server nodes for users to download resources such as static contents (images or Javascripts). Once an audience visit your site, the node closest to your audience’s area will deliver the static content, therefore, giving a shorter distance for the data to travel from your website to your audience’s. 

This gives a reduced latency to your site, therefore, providing a great user experience. Not only this but CDN will also prevent your site from crashing especially if there is a surge of traffic in the web.With CDN, your website will have an edge in terms of high-level optimization.

Make sure you optimize the size of the images on your website. You can use plugins like or WP Optimize to compress and optimize your images.

Minify JS and CSS files. You can use plugin WP Optimize to minify your CS and CSS files.

Utilize your plugin – Set up some plugins properly to optimize your site. Utilize your caching plugins. Minify your Javascript and CSS files, if you set up Cloudflare on your website there is an option to minify your Javascript and CSS files. Make sure to remove the unused plugins because they will add up to your load time.

Remove plugins that you don’t need and use

Cleanup your Database. Any WordPress that you’ve install before and uninstalled now could still remain in your database files. You need to clean up your database to reduce the size and speed up you website. You need to go to your Cpanel > MySQL Database or PHPMyAdmin file > you can see your database table > then delete the unused table especially from your uninstalled plugins.

Now you have done optimizing.

Congratulations, you are now ready to launch your first affiliate blog with your affiliate links!!! I have prepared an actionable checklist for you on How to Launch a Blog Site in less than 10 days! Just enter your email so that I can send it directly to you!

Where should I send you the Checklist?

Get your free checklist on How to Launch a Blog Site in less than 10 days!

img src="AFFILIATE-MARKETING5.png" alt="how to start an AFFILIATE MARKETING business"

In starting an affiliate marketing site, you just need to join some affiliate programs and start earning some extra bucks every time you sell an affiliate product.

There are a lot of Affiliate Marketing Business programs you can join and earn commissions from. Each affiliate programs have different rules and policy. That is why it is important to read their terms and conditions. Some affiliate programs offer a fixed price commission and some offer a percentage commission. Depending on the affiliate marketing business program, some of them give a high commission rate or percent earnings.

Here are the different types of affiliate marketing business programs:

1) Pay per sale (physical or digital products)
2) Pay per click
3) Pay per lead/ Pay per sign up
4) Pay per Free trial Sign-up

In affiliate marketing once done right, you will definitely get some results. You just have to focus on a certain niche and give all your effort and concentration on that niche. Once you’re familiar with the basics, achievements will follow. Just don’t give up and believe in yourself that you can do it.

Launching your own Affiliate business site is not enough, to get more audience to your site and to build your affiliate business brand you need to promote your site by utilizing different digital marketing strategy. Find out these 6 different digital marketing strategies to build your brand online.


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