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Page ranking, no matter what sector you are in blogging, Ecommerce, B2B, B2C, digital marketing, online retail store, dropshipping, and more. There is no other purpose but to rank our pages or websites in the Google search engine. Because we can get millions of potential audiences if our web pages are in the top 10 on Google. Google is now one of the leading search engines in the world, every day they process over 3.5 Billion searches ( All SEO experts, online business owners, online entrepreneurs, and more are focused on how to rank in search engines.

Google has a lot of metrics to use for the website’s page ranking, so now let’s identify the top 13 significant metrics for our page ranking. But before we can improve our page ranking, of course we must first know the status of our webpages or website. It is very important that we have a page insights tool that can provide realtime, detailed, and accurate data or insights for our website or web pages. With the use of this, we can find a good opportunity to further improve our strategy, especially in optimization or SEO.

For every website, it is a requirement to have a Google Analytics tool, and when it comes to Google Analytics there are so many plugins or tools available online, the question is whether the data provided by other Google Analytics plugins is real-time? Are they accurate? and Are these data true? We will identify not only the top 13 significant metrics for our page ranking but also the Google Analytics plugin you can use and its features.

Page ranking significant metrics with ExactMetrics

1)   Organic TrafficGoogle looks at how valuable your website and web pages are If it provides value to your users and visitors and If it solves search queries entered by Google users and visitors.

So Organic traffic is very important because it is based on how many users or visitors of google find value in your web pages. If your organic traffic is high, the domain authority will also increase and the page ranking of your website will also increase.

2)  Mobile Traffic and mobile-friendliness One of the new updates to Google’s algorithm today is how mobile-friendly your website or web pages are. As of 2021, there are approximately 3.8 billion people using smartphones today. (

So, Google has taken steps to ensure that the websites and web pages displayed on their platform are 100% mobile-friendly. So if users have a good experience navigating your web pages using their mobile devices, of course, there is a 100% possibility that they will come back to your website, especially if they’ve seen value in it and if they didn’t experience any issues with your site.

This is one of the things that can increase your page ranking, mobile traffic, and mobile-friendliness rankings. So it is very important that you can monitor your organic traffic, mobile traffic, and the behavior of your audiences so that you can easily analyze and optimize your website or web pages.

You can install the Google Analytics plugin on your WordPress site to get accurate information about this, you can install the Exactmetrics plugin.

 ExactMetrics is the most popular Google Analytics WordPress plugin right now and as of this moment it has served over 1,000,000 website, that used Exactmetrics to helped their online business or businesses improved its ratings and improved its conversion rate.

The tool Exactmetrics has a Universal tracking tool where you can see the detailed analytics of each user or visitor of your website. You can find out with Exactmetrics what kind of operating system your visitor is using, is it android or ios, windows, Samsung, windows phone, and many more.

You can also check in Exactmetrics Universal tracking tool the number of your visitors, the percentage of your returning visitors and new visitors, and the device breakdown like how many have used mobile devices, tablets, and desktops. You can also find out in Exactmetrics universal tracking reports the detailed number of visitors in a certain country or area and the top referral sources of your visitors.

And unlike other analytics tools that don’t have accurate data, Exactmetrics has a technology that can identify a single user even if he or she uses multiple devices. This is to prevent incorrect data analysis and to avoid doubling of recorded data from your users/visitors and make sure that Exactmetrics is giving accurate and true data reports.

3)  Bounce rate – Bounce rate increases if your visitor visits your site and then leaves, without clicking any further. A high bounce rate percentage is bad for your site because that indicates that people are not finding any value in your site and this will affect your SEO as well as your conversion rate. You have to make sure that your user can stay engaged in your website or web pages to fall under the bounce rate threshold because this will help your page ranking, Google Analytics tools like Exactmetrics will give you insights into your bounce rate status and the threshold of a better bounce rate.

4)  Average Duration on-site – this is the average number of minutes of a visitor to stay on your web pages, if the average duration of your website is low it means that your visitors did not see the value of your website and they will not stay on your web pages. Make sure your content is of high quality so that your visitors can see the value of it. The standard average duration of a website today is 2-3 minutes ( 

So keep the average duration on your site in good standing because it will help in the ranking of your web pages. You must be able to monitor your insights and get accurate data from your Google Analytics tools.

5)  # of pages per visit if usersHere Google can measure how effective your content or website is and whether your visitors and users engaged with your web pages, this is a very important factor in your page ranking because it will be the basis of your engagement metrics.

With Exactmetrics, you can immediately know if your users/visitors are engaged on your website or web pages because exactmetrics reports real-time when it comes to bounce rate, average session durations and page views. It is very important that you know this right away so that you can take immediate action to correct and optimize your web pages to further improve your engagement metrics.

6) Page Speed  – One of the things that can make your website rank in search engines is the speed of your site, only 2 seconds load time is recommended by Google ( So it is very important to optimize your website well so that you can rank in search engines

 Exactmetrics’ Site Speed ​​report will immediately show your website’s site speed performance in accordance with Google’s standards/criteria. You can also see in the Exactmetrics site speed report your server response time, how long it takes for visitors to interact with your page, and what are the methods for you to further improve your Core Metrics which is a requirement of Google to rank your site. To get more details on how Exactmetrics reports your site speed, you can visit their site directly here.

7)  Click-through-rate (CTR) – It is the number of impressions that resulted in a click. Let’s say an ad, or email in SERP result, the more people clicks on those, the higher CTR % you’ll get. It is one of the metrics that Google will rank you for.

With the recent survey on the average CTR the website can get, the result is between 3%-5% on average.

In the search console report of Exactmetrics, you can see here what is the status of the click-through-ratio of your website, it is very important so you can know how you can easily take action as to what to do to further improve the SEO and page ranking of your website

8)  Top Exit PagesExit pages are the last pages a user visits before he or she closes your website or before he or she leaves your website. It is important that we know this data of exit pages because here we can get to know our customers or audiences better, especially if you are in the eCommerce industry, we will know the online behaviors of customers and what paths they have taken on your web pages before they exited.

Using exit page data makes it easier to optimize your website to increase your website’s conversion rate even more.

In Exactmetrics under its publisher’s tab, it will show the reports of your top Exit-pages, with this Exactmetrics data on exit pages, you have the opportunity to further optimize your web pages to reduce the abandonment rate and increase the conversion rate of your website even more.

9)     On-page SEO scoresOne of the very important factors for you to rank in search engines is the On-page SEO status of your web pages, Google identifies through on-page SEO if your content is relevant to your website if the search queries entered on its platform are relevant to your website, and more. So it is very important that you have a very good On-page score for your age ranking.

One of the powerful features of Exactmetrics is SEO score tracking where you can see the status of your Yoast SEO score. It’s important to know if your URL, title, meta, and so on are optimized. They need to be optimized to help lift your website in the search engines.

10)  Keyword Rankings The better the ranking status of your keywords, the more traffic they receive, and the more it pulls them up to # 1 in the search engine, the easier it will be for your website to rank. So if you want to rank in search engines, understand the keyword position and aim for keywords with low keyword difficulty, high search volume, and a very good CPC($).

So, it is better to track and know the status of your keyword rankings, so that you can immediately optimize your web pages. With Focus keyword tracking by Exactmetrics, you will know immediately which of your content is performing well in search engines, here you will be given the opportunity to optimize your performing pages and correct other pages that do not perform.

11)  Crawling Errors  –  There are many site audit tools that can be used to crawl your website, including Ahrefs, SEOptimer, Semrush, Ubersuggest, and more. And it is also very important that we prioritize fixing crawl errors. There should be no broken image, broken links, redirects, 404 page, 5XX page, 4XX page, Orphan page,  and so on. Because it is important in your sites page ranking.

12)  Number of pages indexedThe Number of pages indexed is important in order to rank your website in search engines. It is very crucial that the crawler does not have difficulty crawling your web pages, make sure that the important pages are not blocked by the robot.txt and make sure that they crawl smoothly and all the important pages on your website are indexable.

13) New vs. Returning VisitorsIt is important to know the ratio of your new vs returning visitors and to know how many returning visitors you have because this will be the basis of how effective your marketing is and how effective your contents are. Once your visitors see the value of your brand you’ll eventually gain a lot of returning visitors and this will help you in your page ranking. 

With the Exactmetrics plugin, you can know the ratio or percentage of your new visitors vs returning visitors in their dashboard. In the overview of exactmetrics, you will find there real-time and accurate data reporting of exactmetrics.

Google uses over 200 metrics to score on each website for page ranking. The ones I mentioned above are just a few of the important metrics that can help in the ranking of our website.

Using  Google Analytics tools or plugins we’ll be able to immediately know important data/insights and we can further improve our digital marketing strategy, SEO strategy, lead generation strategy, content marketing strategy, and much more.

It is super easy to connect Exactmetrics to your website!

After installing Exactmetrics on your WordPress site, once you activate it you will see this. Just click on Launch the wizard.

You can choose your category: Business Websitem Publisher(Blog), or Ecommerce.

Click on connect Exactmetrics to connect your Analytics account.

If you have multiple subdomains, you can choose here which site you’d want Exactmetrics to connect to.

Exactmetrics will show you its recommended settings, please see below, then just click continue.

Exactmetrics gives insights that are in great detail and very helpful for the success of our website. Check for more information on Exactmetrics here.

It also has many more powerful features and integrations with other tools.

See Full features of Exactmetrics for your page ranking

✓ Universal Tracking – 

✓ Enhanced Ecommerce Tracking – 

✓ EU Compliance (GDPR Friendly)

✓ Google Analytics Dashboard 

✓ Page-Level Analytics – 

✓ Custom Dimensions

✓ Real-time Stats

✓ Affiliate Link & Ads Tracking –

✓ eCommerce Tracking –

✓ Outbound Link Tracking

✓ Enhanced Link Attribution

✓ File Download Tracking

✓ Scroll Tracking

✓ Forms Tracking

✓ Google AMP Tracking

✓ UserID Tracking

✓ Logged-In User Tracking

✓ Author Tracking

✓ Post Type Tracking

✓ SEO Score Tracking

✓  Published Time Tracking

✓  Category Tracking

✓  Tag Tracking

✓ Focus Keyword Tracking

✓  Telephone & Email Link Tracking

✓ Media Tracking

✓  Hash URL Tracking

✓ Custom Events Tracking

✓ Popular Posts

And you can also integrate Exactmetrics with these tools:

✓ WooCommerce

✓ Formidable Forms

✓ WPForms

✓ Ninja Forms

✓ Easy Digital Downloads

✓ Gravity Forms

✓ MemberPress

✓ GiveWP

✓ Restrict Content Pro

If you want real-time and accurate performance data of your website or web pages, Exactmetrics has technologies that provide accurate and true insights into your website. The more accurate and real-time the insights are, the more we can prevent any loss in leads and sales conversion because real-time and accurate insights give us opportunity to immediately improved and apply our strategy whether SEO, digital marketing eCommerce marketing, content marketing, or whatever it is we can easily and quickly analyze the data and take action to optimize more our website. 

Bonus Tips!

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