Easy Tools and Speed Hacks to Boost WordPress Site Vitals Score

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What is a Vitals Score (Google Core Web Vitals)

Vitals score or Core Web Vitals is initiated by Google to provide a report which will show our actual vitals score,  how our pages perform or if we’re providing a great user experience on our users. Google has an estimate of 200 metrics to measure our Vitals score which is crucial for our website to rank in search engines. 

The Core Web Vitals are the subset of Web Vitals that apply to all web pages, should be measured by all site owners, and will be surfaced across all Google tools. These Core Web Vitals are important for your page’s Google ranking. (source)

Core Web vitals score main metrics includes:

Vitals score is measured with these three Core Web vitals metrics.

1)  Largest Contentful Paint – It measures your pages loading performance.

2)  First Input Delay – This measures the Interactivity of your pages.

3)  Cumulative Layout Shift – This measures how Visually Stable your pages are.

With the latest update on Google that will take effect this May 2021, these Core Web Vitals will be part of the new Google’s “page experience signals” ranking. In this new update, Google’s Core Web vitals will be included in other existing search signals which are: mobile-friendliness, safe-browsing, HTTPS security, and intrusive interstitial guidelines.

The new update on Google’s algorithm,  ‘Page Experience’ is just one of so many factors Google used to score our pages for rankings. There are around 200 factors that Google has set as metrics for our Vitals score. 

That’s why these Core Web vitals are important if we want to rank on Google’s search engine results page. Your site’s Google vitals score is one of the factors that will let you rank in Google’s search engine. 

Here are some interesting statistics you might wanna know.

✓ There are 4.66 Billion active internet users worldwide as of January 2021. (statista.com)

✓ There 3.5 billion smartphone users in the world in 2021. (oberlo.com)

✓ In 2021, there are 2.14 Billion number of digital buyers. (oberlo.com)

In 2020 the retail eCommerce sales worldwide was 4.28 trillion US dollars and e-retail revenues are projected to grow to 5.4 trillion US dollars in 2022. (statista.com)

47 % of all purchases are done online. (thinkwithgoogle.com)

✓ 63.54% of internet users used chrome browser. (Statcounter.com)

✓ 64% of smartphone users expect pages to load 4 seconds below. (websitebuilderexpert.com)

✓ 74% of mobile users will leave your website if it doesn’t load within 5 seconds. (websitebuilderexpert.com)

✓ For an eCommerce site that’s making $100000 a day, every 1-second page delay could possibly cost $ 2.5 million in sales lost every year. (neilpatel.com)

✓ In search engine market share worldwide, Google has the highest market share with 92.24% as of April 2021 (gs.statcounter.com)

✓ 39% of people will stop engaging with a website if the image will not load or if it takes time to load.  (sweor.com)

✓ 8 out of 10 users will stop engaging in content that doesn’t display well in their devices (sweor.com)

✓ 50.81% of overall global traffic is coming from mobile devices.  (financesonline.com)

✓ 94% of small businesses ‘ websites are mobile-friendly. (sweor.com)

80% of consumers says that they’re willing to pay extra for a better user experience in a website (UX planet)

There are several factors for Core Web vitals & how Google ranks your site.

1)  Mobile-friendliness. Google’s Vitals score will determine whether Google will rank your site or not. They have to check if your pages are mobile-friendly and if it’s optimized for mobile devices. Google’s main point is for users to easily find relevant and high-quality results that are optimized in their devices.

2)  Browsing Safety. Core Web Vitals will also have to check if your site or web pages are safe to browse. Do your web pages and website protect users from potential threats while browsing your site? Google will make sure that users will be protected by these deceptive sites/pages, harmful contents, malware, unwanted software, and harmful/uncommon downloads.

3)  HTTPS security. Another factor Google will be measuring in your site is the HTTPS security of the site which is I think almost every site has already migrated in.

4)  Intrusive interstitial guidelines. This is another factor that Google will measure for the page ranking, these guidelines will determine if your site will help users find and access content easily using whatever device they have. Google’s main point here is for users to find relevant and high-quality content easily in search engines.

They also looking for a site where users can find it easy to read contents in a site especially on a mobile device. Intrusive interstitials are pop-up ads or banners that can block the main pages or main content, thus affecting the user’s navigation in your content. Just make sure that the ads or banners used do not cover the main content or the entire screen of your device.

5)  Domain Authority. To increase the domain authority you must create high-quality content that others can link to, increase your on-page SEO score, you have to improve your internal links, monitor and remove any malicious websites linking to yours, & improve your website speed.

6)  Keyword Optimization. Doing keyword optimization involves in-depth research on a keyword, its keyword difficulty, search volume, paid difficulty, & CPC.

7)  Website Structure. One factor that Google will rank you for, your pages should be grouped according to their related content, make sure your pages and subpages can be easily crawled by search engine crawlers. 

8)  Bank links. The more backlinks you have the better, it’s an advantage for your domain to have a better domain authority and to rank.

9)  Page Speed. The search engine will also rank you for website speed, the faster your web pages, the easier it for the search engine crawler to crawl your website.

10)  User experience – Your website needs to be easy to use and easy to interact with. It all comes down to the quality of your pages if your users find value in your web pages. Is your website accessible to your users? Is your web content useful to your users? Search Engine crawlers will identify if your website or web pages have the best user experience. 

11)   Chrome User Experience. There are 2.65 billion internet users who use Chrome as their primary browser. Google will also rank you for Chrome user experience, make sure your web pages are optimized for chrome browser and how interactive your web pages using chrome browser.

12)  High-quality content. If you want to rank high in Google search engine, you must create a high-quality content that provides relevant information to your readers, you have to be viewed as an expert in the field your writing, your readers must find value in your content, it should help your readers find answers in your content, it has to be credible and well-written.

13)  Total blocking time. A good total block time should be no greater than 30 MS. There are several ways to improve our site’s total block time, we can eliminate render-blocking resources, reduce server response times, removed unused CSS, and more. (source)

These are just a few metrics out of approximately 200 to score your site for page ranking. So, it is really important that we know this information and we have a page insights tool so that we know where our website is positioned in the ranking, and if there is something we need to improve, we can improve it immediately. 

Millions of content creators or bloggers compete with each other just to be in the top 20, top 20, top 5 of the search engine. That’s right because Google receives more than 7 billion search queries every day.

What are these speed hacks to boost your WordPress Site Vitals Score and the necessary tools to use.

1)  Lazy Loading.

This will force the images to load as the user scrolls down to an image on your site. WP Rocket is a powerful WordPress plugin that lazyloads your images in a smart way. They will only load your images or iframes when it is needed to load or when a user is about to see them, in this case, it can save bandwidth

WP Rocket can also minify your CSS and JS files that help to speed up your website. See more info on WP Rocket here.

2)  Reduce Javascript execution.

By removing unused Javascript and minifying or compressing these Javascripts, it’ll help speed up your WordPress site, which in turn boosts your core web vitals score. WP Rocket can also minify your CSS and JS files that help to speed up your website.

3)  Improve your server response time.

 It is important to choose a hosting provider that is reliable and has a stable server. It is highly recommended to upgrade your hosting plan to have a better performance.  Liquid Web has the best managed dedicated server and the best-managed VPS server that’s being monitored by their level 3 technicians 24/7. 

You can also try Bluehost, they offer the most reliable and best shared hosting plans with a stable server as well.

4) Images should be Optimized & compressed.

 There are multiple plugins to optimize or compress your images for better loading pages and a faster website. You can try Reshmush.it plugin. It is a free WordPress plugin that helps to optimize and compress your images.

5) Remove unused CSS.

Excess CSS can slow down your website so it is advisable to unload or remove any unused CSS file. You can install Asset Cleanup to unload your excess CSS file. 

6) CDN (content distribution network) Services.

It is important to get CDN services on your WordPress site to help speed up your website. Some CDN’s offer caching services, optimization on images and videos, it can also minify your CSS, Javascript, and HTML code.  Sucuri is one of the popular WordPress tools that offer CDN services, check out their features here. Another CDN tool is Cloudflare. You might wanna check this out as well.

7) Browser Caching.

Caching in your website improves its speed and performance, as it can reduce the bandwidth being used, speed up the loading time and in accessing the data, and it improves user experience. There are a lot of amazing caching tools to power load your WordPress website: Sucuri, WPRocket, LiteSpeed cache,  Autoptimize, and more.


8) Break Some pages.

You might wanna consider breaking some long posts into pages or if you have a page with a lot of posts or comments, you might want to break them into separate pages, this will help crawlers to crawl your web page and improve your google ranking. You can also use plugins that lazy load comments.

9) Make sure your texts and fonts are readable on any device.

Your font size and font style can also affect your Google ranking, make sure you choose the right font and right size of your texts. You have to make sure as well that your content is readable on every device.

10) Your Interstitials should not block important contents.

One of the main factors that Google will measure is how high-quality your content is, your Intrusive interstitials should not block your main content to ensure that users can get the best user experience in your site.

11) Choose the right WordPress theme.

Your choice of a WordPress theme can make or break your site because it does matter when the Google search engine crawls your site. When you choose a WordPress theme you have to make sure it is lightweight, fast loading has the best user experience, and allows you to disable some unused feature that slows down your website. 

One of the best themes in WordPress right now which is also fast and lightweight is Astra and OceanWP.  You can also try DIVI, Neve, or Hestia. To learn more about each theme, you can check out:  How to start a WordPress Blog

12) Only activate necessary plugins.

Plugins can add more weight to your website files so it is better to remove those plugins you’re not using and only activate the necessary plugins for your site. And as much as possible, only use lightweight plugins, which are simple and fast.

13) Use third-party apps for Videos and Audio. Uploading videos or audios directly to your WordPress site will take up a lot of storage and bandwidth thus affecting your site speed. MonsterInsights plugin is compatible with Vimeo.

14) Convert images into a next-gen format. An optimal format of images will speed up your website even more without losing its itquality. WebP is the next-gen format on an image that is 34% much smaller than JPEG & PNG. 

15) Eliminate render-blocking resources. These render-blocking resources are the static files(HTML, CSS, Javascript files), when you receive this kind of notice in your Page Insights Tool, it means that until these critical files are processed, your site will stop downloading images or any visible part of your content.

 This can affect user experience and your Core Web Vitals score. To eliminate render-blocking resources, you have to minify CSS and Javascript, postpone the loading of your Javascript, and combine your Javascript and CSS. (source)

16) Reduce your sites redirects. 

Redirects does not really affect your sites SEO and it is a must of you always update your content and you have to make some redirects on some URL’s but it might cause trouble if you’re having a lot of redirects error in your site audit and it could affect your page ranking.

Basic tools to improve your Core Web Vitals Score!

• Page Insights Tool
• Google search console
• Lazy loading tool
• Optimize and compress images tool
• Optimization Tool
• Security Tool
• CDN Services
• Caching Tool

MonsterInsights Site speed report is an awesome Page Insights tool in every WordPress Site.

Monsterinsights is the #1 Google Analytics WordPress plugin that has served over 3 million professionals, website builders, website owners, businesses, and more. It helped them succeed more in the online world.

In today’s era almost all digital marketers, SEO strategists, online marketers, content creators, entrepreneurs, and more are striving to keep up with the pace of digitalization.

You better always be advanced and updated on the flow of your website or business’s website.

Therefore, MonsterInsights is ready to provide real-time reports on the status of your website, issues of your pages, do’s and don’ts to rank your website in the SERP, and recommendations to increase your Google’s Core Web vitals score even more.

What are power features of MonsterInsights.

Analytics tracking 

Universal TrackingMonsterInsights universal tracking tool can easily detect real-time users or visitors to check the traffic count of your site. It also allows you to see which device your users are using, What’s best about this tool from MonsterInsights is that it gives you real-time data and an accurate one, which you can use as leverage to study your users/audiences.

Outbound Link Tracking – using this outbound links tracking you’ll be able to see if your visitors are clicking your outbound links(links where to send your audience). This is helpful especially to those doing affiliate marketing business, they can easily track their affiliate links status/ performance.

Google AMP Tracking – Using this tool you can easily set up your Google Analytics tracking for Google AMP. Google AMP is important in your Core Web vitals to score because it makes your pages more mobile-friendly, fast loading pages, and improved user experience with mobile devices, this will in turn improve your Google Core Web vitals 

Focus Keyword & SEO ScoreTracking  – Using these Monsterinsights features, you’ll be able to see your focus keyphrases from Yoast. You can easily identify how much traffic you’re getting with a certain keyword or key phrases, you can get ideas on its related keywords, you can also see which keywords are not getting any traffic yet, so, you can improve and optimize those keywords, and easily track your Yoast SEO scores with MonsterInsights.

Category, post type, & tag tracking – Using this feature on Monsterinsights, you can easily track which category or post types/content types of your site that is getting a lot of traffic and which topics gathered the most engagements from your audiences.  Using this information you can get to know your audience better and you can also use it to your advantage to improve and optimize your next content.

UserID and Logged-In user tracking – With these Monsterinsights features, you can easily track your user’s behavior on your sites like how many sessions your users are browsing, what they are doing on your website or web pages, if they have had a problem with your website or web pages, which page they have the problem on, and much more. Using this information, you will be able to act faster on the problem and resolve it. You can also see in my logged-in user tracking who is logged in and who is not.

Scroll Tracking – Here you will know the scroll behavior of your audience on your web page, you will know which page they lost interest in, lost interaction and what percentage they only scrolled on your pages.

Affiliate Link Tracking– This will be very helpful especially for affiliate marketers, it will make it easier for affiliate marketers to track affiliate links and make their work easier.

Check out this blog on How to start an affiliate marketing website and the 55 best affiliate marketing programs you can join online.

eCommerce Tracking – One of the power features of Monsterinsights is e-commerce tracking, wherein a little while you can integrate eCommerce tracking of google analytics in your WordPress stores, in your Woocommerce store, easy digital downloads, LifterLMS, and member press.

Here you will know your conversion rate, the total number of transactions, total revenue, the total number of add to carts, the total number of removed from cart items, product performance, and average order value. 

Enhanced Link Attribution – 70% of Small Business B2B Websites Lack A Call to Action. (source) With this MonsterInsights feature, you can more easily find out which call to action button or link gets the most clicks, the call to action button is very important because it is one of the factors that increases conversion rates.

Forms Tracking -With MonsterInsights’ forms tracking feature, you can easily track the leads and registry entries of your forms. and here you can also see the conversion rates of your forms, using the forms analytics report. your forms tracking is faster and easier with Monsterinsights.

MonsterInsights plugin can also be integrated to multiple tools and plugins:

• WooCommerce

• Easy Digital Downloads

• All WordPress Form Plugins

• WPForms

• Formidable Forms

• Gravity Forms

• Ninja Forms

• Contact Form 7

• Shortlinks by Pretty Links

• MemberPress

• LifterLMS

• ThirstyAffiliates

• Google Adsense

• Google Optimize

• Facebook Instant Articles

• CookieBot

• Cookie Notice by dfactory

• Custom Privacy Regulation Solutions

• GiveWP

• Restrict Content Pro

You will also receive the latest updates and real-time reports from MonsterInsights regarding the performance of your site or web pages. You will know immediately what the issues are and will also let you know what to do with the issues of your website or web pages.

 MonsterInsights Reports: 

Analytics Overview Report  – Here you can immediately see the browsing sessions of each of your audience, how many pageviews you have, what is the average total duration of all sessions, your bounce rate, what percentage of your new and returning visitors, what devices are used of your visitors, where your visitors come from, the top referral websites and the top posts and pages of your site.

Email Summaries  – you will get reports in your email on all the important metrics and your website’s performance  every week.

Publisher Report – Here you can see what your top landing pages are to further improve your number of engagements, top exit pages for your abandonment rate, top outbound links to see more opportunities to increase your income, top affiliate links , top downloads, and the demographic reports of your audience such as age, gender and their interests.

Behavior Report – In this behavior report from monsterinsights you will learn how your visitor found your website and what keyword or keywords theyve entered in the search engine, you’ll also know who referred them and what theyve click on your site.

Forms Report – Here you can see the total impressions of your forms, total conversions of your forms, and which of your forms are converting the most so you can optimize even more. Using this information, you can easily track and optimize your forms to increase your leads and boost your sales conversion. To get high-quality and optimize forms for your site, you can try the WPForms plugin. 

Custom Dimensions Report – This report shows which authors are able to generate more traffic, what post types get the attention of the audience, what categories are the most trending, you can also see the SEO scores of your blogs here. , and what focus keywords are more popular with search engines.

Real Time Report – With Monsterinsights real-time reporting, you can immediately see your active visitors and what they are doing in real-time on your web pages, you can also see your top pages, top referral sources, traffic demographics and much more. It will provide fresh data every 60 seconds.

eCommerce Report – you can see your conversion rate here so you can improve your sales funnel, you can also see the number of transactions, your total revenue, the top products, top conversion resources, how many hours or minutes the customer spends before can order you and much more.

Popular Posts – Using Monsterinsights  popular post reports, you can see which post gathered more engagement and traffic and you  can leverage this to get more traffic on your site

Search Console Report – in the search console report of Monsterinsights, you can see the top google serch terms and optimized content, the number of clicks to find out the interest of your audience, you can also see your click-through-ratio so you can improve your seo even more, and the average results position so you know which part worked better and so you can focus there

Site Speed Report – Here you can see your overall performance score, you can also run an audit to see the response time of your server immediately, you will also know here how far it will take for your visitors to interact with your site and you will also know here how Google Core Web vitals can improve your site’s ranking

Contextual Insights – Monsterinsights will notify you about your website’s performance and gives you insights on how to grow your business. 

Other reports from MonsterInsights

• PDF Exports
•Customizable Dashboard Widget
• Page Insights in Admin Bar
• Audience Demographic Report
• Individual Post & Page Report
•Access Control for Custom Reports
•Headline Analyzer
• Customizable Date Ranges
• Content Report


The competition is fierce today especially in online marketing, and it is very, very important that we have real-time and accurate information related to our website so that we can easily estimate what to do to further improve our page speed, SEO, backlinks, domain authority, user experience, mobile-friendliness, page experience, and much more. These are just the basic metrics of Google to measure our page rank.

With MonsterInsights, you will be given clear reporting on the speed of your website or site speed report of your website, it is also important to provide you with real-time reports related to the issues of your pages, and recommendations to further increase Core Web Vitals You score. With the power features of MonsterInsights, you can more easily anticipate critical issues due to its real-time reporting and you can easily analyze your website and your audience using their tracking tools.


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